Bucs fire Jagodzinski

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.

The move was announced moments ago, and only minutes after we called the team’s P.R. office to explore rumors that Jagodzinski had been dismissed.


We had received a couple of uncorroborated tips that Jagodzinski was being let go.  But since we’re now quasi-journalists, yours truly called One Buc Place, asked for the P.R. office, and inquired about the rumor.  I was told that the team “doesn’t have anything on that” at the present time.

And then, literally within minutes, the press release was e-mailed.

(We’re not saying we were lied to.  We’re just saying that they’ve apparently got some fast typists in Tampa.)

Quarterbacks coach Greg Olson has been promoted into the job, and he will continue to coach the quarterbacks.

The reason for the move isn’t known.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter speculates that there was friction between Jagodzinski and Olson, and that Jagodzinski perhaps wasn’t on board with the decision to name Byron Leftwich the starting quarterback.

48 responses to “Bucs fire Jagodzinski

  1. Isn’t this the guy who left Boston College hoping for the Jets job? The Cowpokes could use another head coach.

  2. WOWSER! This is a curve ball from the left fieslt bleachers. Relpaced with the QB coach??
    What is Raheem thinking? Jag did not loke the Lefty decision and Raheem made him pay the piper.

  3. Olson wanted to go interview with the Chiefs for their vacant O coordinator job – so the Bucs promote him and can Jag?
    Looks like the Pirate ship just hit the reef – again.

  4. WTH!?! What on Earth happened?!? I thought everything was going fine. You know that this is a very bad sign. So far Raheem Morris’ administration has seen indecision with the QBs, changing of the very successful defensive scheme, and now a right-before-the season firing of the offensive coordinator.
    Sheesh. I hope there are least some hot girls seated near my new season ticket seats.

  5. I posted on a different article that I thought the broncos may end up as the worst team in the NFL this year, It looks like they will have company.

  6. Chapter 1 in the handbook of “How To Totally F Your Team Before The Season Even Starts”.
    I believe the Chiefs have a signed copy as well.

  7. bahaha what the hell is going on? i was interested in seeing what this dude had, at first i didnt believe we were gonna go 4-12 but now that seems more realistic. i wonder who is going to replace him? knowing bucs management i wouldnt be surprised they brough back les, or shula from the old days and we can just kick 2 field goals a game

  8. Man this team is in disarray.. This move will not help or inspire more tickets to get sold.. Blackouts coming soon.

  9. First Boston College fires him for talking to the Jets, and now this…..He should have just stayed where he was and stopped looking for greener pastures. That said, BC cut off their nose to spite their face, they’re going to be awful this year, so are the Bucs for that matter.

  10. WOW…Thats great!! Fire your OC a week before your season starts. Brilliant!!! Not that the Bucs stood much of a chance at having a good season but now they are screwed. Raheem you are a retard! First you pick Fat Albert and Arnold Jacksons love child as your QB and now this. What you talkin bout Morris? Maybe 0-16 is possible.

  11. It may be time for JJ to look into another profession. The guy obviosuly thinks more of himself than his employers think of him.

  12. wow… Bucs just went from possible 3-13 season to 0-16.
    oh no…. WE suck again …but then again we’ve sucked since 2003.

  13. We’re not saying we were lied to… We are indirectly implying it.
    As you cultivate sources maybe you can get someone in the Bucs organization besides the PR folks who are always the last to know anything.

  14. This is an incredible impending train wreck. Their first six games are against Houston, Dallas, NY Giants, Carolina, Green Bay and New Orleans. With that offense, they could be 0-6.
    Wowsers! At least the fans can go to the beach on Sundays. Hope that defense is really good.

  15. what was the point of hiring him, then firing him, i think he was doing a good job here, and i agree with him, Leftwich shouldnt really start, oh well, hope the best for Jagodzinski, the Bucs fired him WAY too soon and that is after Boston College fired him just because he had one interview, big deal, if he interviewed with a college team then complain, but every head coach has to try their luck in the nfl, hope Jags goes somewhere soon.

  16. It will be interesting to seem if the next round of coach hirings swings back to more established (i.e. re-treads) given the problems Tampa Bay and Denver seem to be having with hiring younger coaches before the season even starts. Not to mention, Oakland’s experience with Lane Kiffin (which had to do with Old Al as well)
    Every coach under 35 is not Mike Tomlin…

  17. Sheesh. I hope there are at least some hot girls seated near my new season ticket seats….
    In RayJay there is always something to look at, if you can’t stand what the Bucs are doing on the field. In the stands or the Bucs Cheerleaders, there is plenty of eye candy.

  18. Mike, I’m schocked that being the first class reporter you are that Tampa Bay blew you off. I would recommend you stay connected to John Clayton, Adam Schefter and maybe Jamie Dukes so you will be first with the news or rumors. I’m sure Favre had something to do with this and it will break up the Buc’s team.

  19. Florio, way to cover all the bases spelling his name both Olson and Olsen. I guess this way you’re guaranteed to get it right once.
    Being a journalist myself, I know that the first thing they emphasize in school is never to spell someone’s name wrong.
    In law school, on the other hand, I’m sure they teach you to leave yourself an out. And to at least be somewhat correct…sometimes…

  20. BC was going to be awful with or without Jagz. Their best player came up with cancer and they have no quarterback. Things aren’t as easy without Matt Ryan around.

  21. “perhaps” wasn’t on board with Leftwich as starter? He was FURIOUS. Morris was sabotaging the “competition” and McCown still won the job. Morris is a joke.

  22. “Is this a black thing?”
    Sorry, no, in all seriousness, the idea that Jags got fired for not going along with the decision to input Byron Leftwich, an otherwise marginal starting QB, as the Tampa Bay Bucs starter for the 2009 season is quite absurd when considering the mediocrity behind Leftwich at the position in overachieving Luke McCown (ignore the fact that overachieving is usually meant to signify some sort of attribute or positive quality, the guy overachieves despite his lack of ability) and rookie green-horn, Josh Freeman.
    (Editor’s Note: Look at that, I managed to include all that in one big run on sentence, with a blurb in paranthesis to stretch out my reasoning even more, just like my hero, Mike Florio!)
    I’m just joking Mr. Florio, I think you do a great job, and I consider myself very fortunate to be getting paid $15/hour at my job to read news articles/opinions on Profootballtalk.com and provide my view on certain matters pertaining to current events in pro football, the greatest present-day sport in the vast land we call America!
    (Damn it, I did that run-on sentence thing again. Maybe I’ll get offered a job at PFT.)

  23. In RayJay there is always something to look at, if you can’t stand what the Bucs are doing on the field. In the stands or the Bucs Cheerleaders, there is plenty of eye candy.
    Yeah, I’ve been a season-ticket holder since ’95, but I just moved closer for the time this year. With my old seats, I basically sat near trailer trash. I think there was an actual above-ground pool in my section.
    At least now I’m closer to the cheerleaders. 🙂

  24. Offensive coordinator has to be the most thankless job in football. You are constantly second guessed by fans and media, and head coaches routinely throw you under the bus to quell internal dissent or buy themselves another year.
    DC Viking makes a good point. I don’t think it is any coincidence that the three franchises who decided to go with young, unproven head coaches (Denver, TB, KC) are all off to very rocky starts. It blows me away that guys like Schottenheimer, Billick and Gruden are coaching free agents, yet flavours of the week like McDaniels, Morris, and Haley get HC jobs.

  25. When asked about the the execution of the offense the deceased John McKay stated “… I am all for it.”

  26. First year head coaches canning their offensive coordinators a week before the season starts. Has anyone ever seen this let alone twice in a season. Its unbelievable to do that this early. I am not sure either coach survives the entire season with decisions like that.

  27. Let’s hope for Bucs fans that the “indecision” is really just careful “decision”. Let’s see how the season unfolds before we grade Raheem & his staff/organization. I mean, you have teams that had no coaching movement we know damn well somebody should’ve been fired!! See your team & think…

  28. How appropiate that they get to wear their throwbacks a couple of times this year because it’s going to feel like 1977 again. Good thing they ran Gruden out of town.

  29. Wow, I don’t blame Jags for all of his troubles, but I think Morris is going to miss a trained OC. Tampa will go 2-14 and won’t even have the benefit of drafting the best qb next year, they wasted this years pick on that one. dumb move. I am just really mad because as 49er fan i would have like Jags and Gailey for OC, and now they are available.

  30. When asked about the the execution of the offense the deceased John McKay stated “… I am all for it.”
    John McKay was apparently pretty funny even after he died. Did they dig him up for that quote?

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