Giants not pursuing Brandon Marshall

When we posted an item earlier today regarding the presence of a plane at a Denver-area airport bearing a Giants logo on its tail, our primary goal was to avoid getting 200-plus e-mails regarding the presence of a plane at a Denver-area airport bearing a Giants logo on its tail. 

And we fully expected someone to eventually report that the Giants aren’t interested in “Baby Plax.”

Thank you, Mike Garafolo.

Garafolo, of the Newark Star-Ledger, reports that the presence of the plane in the town where Brandon Marshall currently plays football was merely a coincidence.

Garafolo also reports that the Giants don’t even own a team plane.  Ditto for the Mara family, co-owners of the club.  Garafolo says the Tisch family has a plane, but that it isn’t known whether the plane has a Giants logo on its tail.

So, apparently, the presence of the plane in Denver should not be interpreted as evidence that the Giants have re-developed a taste for turdish wideouts. 

11 responses to “Giants not pursuing Brandon Marshall

  1. so basically this is the world’s most obnoxious bumper sticker? i wonder if the owner even knows the complete tizzy he sent the cities of Denver and New York into over the last 12 hours.

  2. It was Cornell Mustard, in Denver, with the private Jet…
    Seems too much like CLUE to me… and all too ironic not to be somewhat true…

  3. Thank god, no reason in the world for the giants to pursue another head case wr. Plus with all of the high draft picks already on the roster it doesn’t really make sense to sign anyone new. I think the only chance of that passed when they used a #1 and #3 in this years draft.
    Here is there recent draft history at wr:
    #1 Nicks
    #3 Bardeen
    #3 Mannigham
    #2 Smith
    #2 Moss
    That’s 1- #1, 2 #2’s and 2 #3’s in the last four years… there had better be 2 starters in that group somewhere.
    For better or worse, they already have their starters on the roster.

  4. Calling it now: Mike Tannenbaum had a Giants sticker put on the company Jet so he can travel around and make crappy trades without drawing so much heat.

  5. Hey, if Denver is having a fire sale, no reason not to check it out. Bowlen let Cutler go at a cut rate discount, maybe he’ll let Marshall go for far less. Never hurts to ask.

  6. Marshall and Crabtree both go back to the draft and get taken in the 7th round in 2010. Go Heywerd-Bey!

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