Moonshine will have company in Tennessee today

As it turns out, Matt “Moonshine” Jones (maybe we should change his nickname to “Cocaine, Allegedly”) isn’t the only former Jaguars receiver who’ll be working out for the Titans today.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, Jerry Porter will get a tire-kicking, too.

Per Wyatt, the trifecta will be completed by Samie Parker, who like Porter once was a Raider.

Porter was a big-money pickup by the Jags in 2008.  They cut the cord on him after only one year.

The Titans are looking to bolster a receiving corps that still needs help, despite the arrival of Kenny Britt via round one of the 2009 draft.  Free-agent acquisition Nate Washington has a bad hamstring, and he probably won’t be available a week from tonight, when the Titans take their Terrible Towel-hating team to Pittsburgh.

15 responses to “Moonshine will have company in Tennessee today

  1. Are all you tony dungy haters happy?
    Matt Jones got his shot like we all knew he would.
    Let’s hope this overrated underachieving bum doesn’t screw this chance up

  2. The Titans will be loving the towel after they get the butt whoopin on Sept 10th. Nate Washington knows. That is why he is faking the hamstring injury. I can’t wait.
    You knock-off Oilers

  3. Holy crap the Tacks must be in BAD shape at wideout to bring these bums in.
    Well, Matt has some potential. Just make sure to warn the field prep guys. They’re gonna be wondering where the lines on the field went.

  4. Last year in J’ville Jones had 65 receptions and Porter had 11.
    If I had to sign one, it would take me about half a second to make the decision. Coke-stained credit card and all, Jones is the better option.

  5. Hated Matt Jones in Jax and going to hate him in Tennessee. Why the dont they trade for Roscoe Parrish? It would solve there receiver and returner issue.

  6. Dancin’ Reg would make a fine addition to the Titans. Or the inevitable remake of Dance Fever starring Deney Terrio.

  7. I’ve talked to Matt Jones before…
    He is as dumb as you would assume he would be…
    But hey, no one is accusing NFL players of being (at all) intelligent.

  8. i like matt and hope he excels this year wherever he ends up. he’s a pretty boy with or without the pornstache. but even i have to admit this is funny:
    ‘Just make sure to warn the field prep guys. They’re gonna be wondering where the lines on the field went.’

  9. Yeah, the Steelers are gonna beat the Titans… just like they did last year, right?
    Oops… that’s right. Pittsburgh got their arses handed to them last year, didn’t they?
    Pittsburgh’s got their hands full being distracted by Toothlessberger’s legal troubles…

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