Pacman cooked his own Canadian goose

Thumbnail image for pacman_moose2.jpgPoor, poor Pacman.

As it turns out, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers didn’t pull the plug on pursuing Pacman Jones because he might have had trouble getting into Canada, but because of Pacman’s recent performance on USTREAM.

According to Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun, the Tuesday night video, which Jones announced in his most recent Twitter entry, prompted the Blue Bombers to drop Pacman.

Don’t throw no dollars at me,” Jones said while shirtless and flexing.  “If you want to throw somethin’ at me, throw
me an NFL contract, man.”

Friesen describes the video as “so
disjointed you couldn’t help but wonder if the guy was actually
jointed, if you know what I mean.”  (We like these Canadian writers.)

“I’ve got a clause in my contract, when I get a call from an
NFL team I can go over,” Jones said.  “I actually got two calls today, so
if they tell me tomorrow that Pacman’s back, that’d be a bummer for all
my Winnipeg fans.”

Friesen points out that, when the video began, Jones announced he’ll be playing in the UFL. 

“Go to the UFL and do my thing and get ready for a playoff run in the NFL, you know what I’m sayin’?” Pacman said.

Someone then called Pacman and told him that he actually would be playing for the CFL, not the UFL.

Now, he’s playing for the NoFL, and as always he has only one person to blame.

66 responses to “Pacman cooked his own Canadian goose

  1. I heard that the UFL stated they have zero interest in Pacman.
    If that is true, things are pretty bad for Jones. The UFL is desperate for “name” players and if even they aren’t willing to consider signing him, I’m afraid his next stop is probably pro wrestling for the WWE…

  2. Why does the phrase “idiot savant” come to mind when I hear about this guy?
    Wonder if this is the kind of guys Rich Rod will be getting to bring Michigan off life support.

  3. NoFL? You’re kidding me Florio. That is soooo lame. How about “Clearly PacMan is in a league of his own.”

  4. Geez. Someone needs to tell this clown to just shut up, take the money and be grateful someone else is willing to take the risk on you, you worthless POS. Seriously, without football there’s no way he’d amount to anything much more than a burger flipper or a ditch digger.

  5. If that’s a picture of Pac-Man there, I’m calling up Sarah Palin and telling her to shoot the S.O.B! ; )

  6. delusional and stupid….he should go wait with Maurice Clarrett and Lawrence Phillips for another chance at the NFL

  7. Its a gigantic disappointment sometimes to see our love for sports providing a national stage for retarded individuals such as this man to speak on.

  8. WELCOME TO THE “RUIN WHATS LEFT OF YOUR CAREER SHOW” STARRING….PACMAN JONES & STEPHON MARBURY….TODAYS TOPIC- DOING MULTIPLE BONG HITS AND GOING ON USTREAM….f*ckin idiots. Pacman, I absolutely hate you, so I am glad you did this and cost yourself another contract. This dudes IQ has got to be in the “special” range, and I am being serious. I cant wait until he holds up a convenient store, or a bank, or whatever he does next, because I see a long jail term coming for Pacman, regardless of what he does, because he can do it all- hahahhahahahahahaha. MORON!!!! i actually respect Marbury, he was just keeping it real, but as Dave Chapelle pointed it out, keeping it real can go terribly wrong.

  9. Vick did dumb stuff, but not trying to put his life together. Jones did dumb stuff, and CONTINUES to do dumb stuff, and hasn’t put his life together.

  10. “# Steeler4life says: September 3, 2009 12:15 PM
    That’s a Dallas Cowboy for you?”
    Er, since the Titans drafted him and he played their far longer than Dallas, I think you should be saying, “That’s a Titan for you?”, but any chance to display your deepseated Cowboys envy, right?

  11. He brings the true meaning of Ignorance Is Bliss. He’s so stupid that he doesn’t know he’s stupid. Go figure!

  12. Seriously… this guy has got to be the dumbest effing re.tard to ever grace this planet. Once his money runs out… which it will… he will be back in the ghetto selling drugs and hopefully gets shot.
    What a complete piece of trash and waste of space. F U Pacman.

  13. Pacman just wont learn will he. If people are still willing to pay you to pay football. shut up and take the money. Pacman needs to start paying some1 to think for him, because he do it on his on.

  14. Pacman is such a dumbass loser he gives black people, white people, brown people, yellow people, red people, polka dot, striped, checkered and plaid people a bad name. Someone needs to shoot this retard and put us out of our misery. You can’t blow Pacman’s brain’s out because he has none-what a loser! P.S. Pacman as far as a job is concerned you’d better get used to saying “you want fires with that”!

  15. I am looking into my crystal ball, and seeing big things for Pacman. Hold on, its a little blurry, wait, its getting clearer, its Pacman standing next to Barrack Obama. Obama is appointing him as the Czar to athletics……. Because someone this stupid, could only find a job in BO’s cabinet. Because McDonald’s wouldnt even take him…… I can see it now…
    “Pacman, why hasnt the healthcare fiasco, I mean reform, been passed?”
    “Well”, Pacman begins, “The Republicans are assholes…..”

  16. Really puts in perspective how bad the Cowboys misjudged the entire situation.
    When last seen, PacMan was being flagged 15 yards for a personal foul in that tight 44-6 game that prevented the Cowboys from extending the consecutive playoff loss streak to 3 years in a row.
    Now Pacman will have something in common with the 2009 Cowboys, they will both be watching the playoffs from home.

  17. “Seriously, without football there’s no way he’d amount to anything much more than a burger flipper or a ditch digger.”
    Burger flipping and ditch digging is an honest living. I seriously doubt that Pacman is capable of that. I forsee a life of crime for him once his on field chances run out. Hopefully I’m wrong but I doubt it.

  18. His friends probably just tell him making videos like this is cool.
    Its sad cause its so easy to get a second and third chance in sports, all you have to do is humble yourself, admit that everything you done before was wrong, say the rights things, and stay ready to prove yourself on the field when you get that chance.
    But this guy doesn’t have the brains to even do the things he needs to do to get that third chance.

  19. i’m starting to wonder if this guy has the brains to actually breathe on his own.god almighty.

  20. It’s obvious from some of these posts that people’s expectations for Pacman is just plain stoopid! He should get a paper route and work his way up to fast food.

  21. This guy hasn’t done a thing football-wise, in like two years, but he’s still providing the giggles. Gotta love it!

  22. Does anyone have access to Pacman’s Wonderlic scores? I’m really curious. Could it possibly be the first negative score ever?

  23. @ Big Ben Rapistburger
    You, sir, are gem. Your insightful political commentary has made my day. Please continue spreading the truth through your well-reasoned, biting satire. Have you considered writing a column for RCP or maybe joining Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight? Please keep us updated, we wait with bated breath.

  24. I’m amazed that he can breathe on his own ? If brains were chocolate he wouldn’t have enough to fill an M&M

  25. I’m guessing the guy heard it all as “wonder lick” and skipped the test for some babe. I think he’ll either be in prison in two years or on a reality show called “Wasted Lives”.

  26. Riinnnggggg:
    Agent: “Seems we’ve got a bit of a problem, eh, Mr. Jones”
    PJ:”Whatchumeantheydumpedmyass, its the f..n CFL, Imeanshit, holdonaminute………..dam, the teeth girl, dam, pay attention….no I wasn’t talkin to you…yo, they have football in Italy?

  27. “Does anyone have access to Pacman’s Wonderlic scores?”
    According to my extensive research (Google), he scored a 7 which is just below imbecile and just above Vince Young. So, he’s got that working for him.

  28. If this knucklehead had ANY brain cells to begin with, they’ve long since been toasted away. Now all he can do is hope for a phone call from the producer of “Sitting on the Couch in the Basement Eating Cheetos with the Stars”.
    Meanwhile, elsewhere, Jerruh Jones can’t figure out why his guest house STILL smells like reefer.

  29. I gotta know where this fool went to “college”.
    Let me guess: Major in Business Administration with a minor in Communications?

  30. Geees,
    This is one dumb ass mofo. He will be in jail soon, give him another year or two. He is headed straight for the Big House. I as a Black Man am embarrased and ashamed that someone of this Ilk is repping our Nationality. Wow just looking at this clown and we all feel a little less intelligent.
    He makes Stupid look like it belongs in the Mensa club..

  31. this guy is just a stupid ass. Wonderlick scores dont mean a thing,, there are plenty of Hi Wonderlick Score QB’s and other players that are riding the pine or not even in the NFL today, Wonderlick didnt do squat for them, This fool is just Dumb at Life period.

  32. So many here would give their left nut to have the God given ability to play in this league….and then have to watch this assclown flush it away. What a loser!

  33. Bill In DC says: September 3, 2009 12:50 PM
    “# Steeler4life says: September 3, 2009 12:15 PM
    That’s a Dallas Cowboy for you?”
    Er, since the Titans drafted him and he played their far longer than Dallas, I think you should be saying, “That’s a Titan for you?”, but any chance to display your deepseated Cowboys envy, right?
    I’ve heard a lot of people ragging on the Falcons for Michael Vick’s reinstatement, too, Bill.
    Must be that Eagles envy, huh?

  34. Life just ain’t fair – somebody THIS STUPID gets to label himself a “professional”, and make lots and lots of money
    Even if only for a while …

  35. Life just ain’t fair – that someone THIS STUPID gets to call himself a “professional” and make lots of money … even if it’s only for a while…

  36. I think it is amazing and awesome that this guy is so F’ing stupid he didn’t even know what leauge he was going to be playing in.
    Oh and by the way Pacman you sucked with the Cowboys. *fumble* *penalty*

  37. “But let me tell you something, folks: You can’t fix stupid. There’s not a pill you can take; there’s not a class you can go to. Stupid is forever.”

  38. what a complete idiot. i’m glad he is manifesting his idiocy so publicly, letting all know to steer clear of him.
    for a brief second, twitter was successful in something.

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