Stafford fails to impress in final audition

Depending on what you read, all Matthew Stafford had to do Thursday was not screw up too badly, and he would be the team’s Week One starter.

He may have screwed up too badly.

Stafford left a scoreless game in the second quarter after completing five of nine throws for 81 yards, one interception, and one lost fumble.  [UPDATE: As many readers have pointed out, Lions receiver Keary Colbert fell on the pick.]  Stafford was sacked twice. 

There were some positive moments. Stafford threw a beautiful would-be 34-yard touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson, but the play was nullified by a holding penalty.  Bills first-round draft pick Aaron Maybin got to Stafford for a sack/fumble four plays later.

Daunte Culpepper missed the game with a toe injury and his status for next week is unclear.

24 responses to “Stafford fails to impress in final audition

  1. Stafford looked good. The INT wasnt his fault as “I cant catch a pass” Colbert fell down on the throw. And your boy Maybin damn near got pancaked by Pettigrew!!!

  2. The interception wasn’t his fault. The terrible Keary Colbert slipped on his route. The guy should have been cut weeks ago.

  3. Here is the actual quote from “But three plays later, a pass on third-and-10 — intended for Keary Colbert, who slipped and fell on a comeback route — was intercepted by the Bills’ Reggie Corner at the 21-yard line. Stafford made the touchdown-saving tackle at the Detroit 27 after a 52-yard return by Corner. Nice to not mention that the WR fell down on the play.

  4. You can’t tell the whole story by just the 5-9 with a pick and a fumble stat line. Since when does a QB get blammed for the fumble when the blind side end get a free run at the QB? On the INT the WR fell down, giving the defender a free ball to pick off. Then there were two extremly catchable balls that were just dropped by the recievers. If you actually watching, Stafford should have completed 7 of 9, the sacks were not on the QB for holding the ball too long, defenders were giving a free pass at the QB.
    Mark my words: Stafford will start for the Lions week 1 and Culpepper will not make this team.

  5. I dunno, looked pretty solid as a rookie QB. He once again showed his cannon of an arm. You didn’t mention he would have had a 99 yd TD pass to Calvin Johnson had he not stepped out of bounds.

  6. I actually watched the game and this article is WAY off base.
    On Stafford’s first drive, he was 4/4 and should have had a TD to Calvin Johnson but it was called back for holding. He was perfect up to that point.
    Immediately after, Jeff “The Human Turnstile” Backus lets a guy go right by him and Stafford gets stripped by the defender.
    On the next drive, Stafford is driving again and Keary Colbert slipped on a timing route, resulting in an interception.
    He wasn’t perfect, but he looked good. Again, this article is garbage if you didn’t watch the game.

  7. I don’t know… I was still kind of impressed. You could put Peyton Manning on our team and it wouldn’t change the outcome all that much. Reality is, playing behind our line is a tough job, unless you check down every play like Culpepper does.
    Fix the mistakes by the line and he plays great. Let him take his licks this season and get the boy some o-line help in the offseason/draft.

  8. I didn’t see the game, but when your OL has a rookie QB on pace to finish a game with 6 sacks, the problem runs a lot deeper than QB.
    It might be wiser to play the backup in the regular season until the OL can get their act together…

  9. not to be a stafford apologist, but long time turn-style LT jeff backus got whooped, causing stafford to fumble from the blind-side hit, and receiver keary colbert fell off his break on the int – but i guess the true measure of success in the preseason is statistics… do you happen to remember what his 40 time was florio? that might help in your evaluation of him…

  10. Well the Lions coaching staff tried their hardest to give him the job, their play calling during the preseason made that obvious. But Culpepper has something to prove and came into camp in the best shape since his Vikings days. I hope he leads the Lions to 5-7 wins and gets a real shot to start somewhere after this season. The NFL gives up on people too quickly in my opinion.

  11. This just continues to show that rookies — with very few exceptions — are not ready for the starting QB job in the NFL. I don’t care if it’s the Detroit Lions and they need someone to center their franchise around. Quite frankly, if I’m the Lions owner, my franchise is Calvin Johnson, not Matthew Stafford. Stafford looks troubled, terrified and tormented (Thank you Wheels!). He looks like he’s playing his first HS game all over again. With all due respect to Daunte Culpepper, the Lions better start looking at playing Dan Orlovsky or look at some veterans on the free agent market, OR trade a couple of picks to pick up a QB because Stafford is NOT — I repeat, NOT — the answer in Detroit.

  12. i apologize florio, i now realize it was rosenthal that wrote this and linked the ever knowledgable detroit reporter…

  13. After seeing Matt Stafford playing from his backside like Jon Kitna, Joey Harrington and the other Detroit QB’s of the past… I seriously think the Lions need to start Daunte Culpepper all 16 games this year and then draft a LT in next years draft…
    Our line has more holes in it than Swiss Valley Farms’ Swiss Cheese… but the cheese has an excuse… bacteria… the Lion’s.. pathetic.

  14. That’s not really a fair headline.
    What’s more appropriate would be:
    “Lions have only 1 competent receiver on roster”
    “Should Casey Fitzsimmons be #2 receiver in Detroit?”
    I cannot believe, after so many drafts, CJ is the only receiver capable of catching a pass.
    I think the other 8 receivers went to the Bill Schroeder school of pass-catching.

  15. Yeah, the implicationg that Stafford failed to impress today was way off base. He was actually making terrific throws and if it weren’t for the left side of that line today the number would have reflected such. While the line worries me, I still think they need to start Stafford. He’s the best quarterback and he’s ready, there is never a time in the NFL where you hold back playing your best players because you’re afraid of them getting hurt, unless it’s Week 17 and you’re making the playoffs.

  16. Stafford was nothing special. Remember this everyone: The Lions played their starting offence, the Bills had their entire 2nd team defence against them.
    Your starters should dominate the opponents backups!

  17. Stafford plays for the LIONS. For all we know, he could be the Steve Young of the BUCS. You can take the QB out of the crap, but you can’t take the crap out of the QB.
    Vulgarity would have been better. PG13 or bust on this site.

  18. Ok JaredAllen69:
    At least we don’t have a 40 year old washed up QB who’s throwing is falling off his body that we had to beg to come as our starter. By wee 6 you will be begging for Sage (HA) Rosenfels to come in and try to save your season. Oh yea you should have lost to the worst team in history twice last year. So how do you think you will do this year honestly. You start out 4-2 then go 2-8 after losing twice to the Lions like you should have last year had the refs not screwed on two PI calls that never happened and gave you the game. Your Offense is incapable of scoring more than 13 points so you better hope that defense holds up all year.

  19. The Lions will have a good year for them with Bellpeper as QB. I see them going 5-11. That’s a real good year for the Lions. In next years draft they will be picking early in the first round again,

  20. Dan Noon,
    That comment was moronic, especially the part about how Orlovsky should start for the lions… Do you watch football? He’s not even on the team anymore… Anyway, Stafford, Kevin Smith, Calvin Johnson, and Brandon Pettigrew are going to be a great core of young guys that will make the lions very competitive in a few short years (as long as they smarten up and do something about their O and D lines).

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