Bears running back Kevin Jones to miss season

Bears running back Kevin Jones has suffered another devastating injury. 

The backup to Matt Forte will miss the entire 2009 season with a torn ligament in his ankle suffered on Thursday night

After a solid start to his career, Jones has now sustained a Lisfranc fracture in his foot, a torn ACL, and now this ankle injury.

His recovery period will take up to ten months.  Jones re-signed in Chicago in March, and is due $1.15 million in base salary in 2010.

With Jones out for the year, Chicago will roll with Garrett Wolfe and Adrian Peterson as Matt Forte’s backups.  Peterson looked unlikely to make the team before, so it’s possible the Bears will be watching the wire for running back help.

17 responses to “Bears running back Kevin Jones to miss season

  1. Adrian Peterson was always making the roster, Gregg. He’s a Lovie favorite for years and the team never considered not keeping four backs.
    They will most likely scan the waiver wire for depth but they won’t consider this a desperate need.

  2. Man that’s sad to be hit out of bounds and get a season ending injury. Kevin was just coming back into form only to be injured again. Well, at least AP will get some reps now because he deserves it.

  3. My pal from Va Tech guaranteed me he would be “the man” The NFL. His picture then should be on the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” with James Dean, Elvis and Jerry Garcia.

  4. I’m surprised you guys are not pimping Shaun Alexander to the Bears yet. Or even a trade of Jamal Lewis to the Bears. I’m sure it is coming soon though.

  5. Man, this Vikes fan is really sorry guys! I hate seeing injuries to any team. I’ll talk a lot of shit to you fellas over the season…but never over injuries. Good Luck A Peterson!

  6. The Chiefs will be cutting a good back.
    Out of Jamaal Charles, Dantrell Savage, and Jackie Battle, someone is getting cut.
    All 3 backs have looked pretty good. All 3 can definitely contribute to a solid rotation.

  7. Benard should be getting cut from the Browns soon, if that’s any consolation at all. Bogus late hit, and he should be fined for it.

  8. mashoaf- Shaun Alexander is more washed up than an old sponge. I’d rather the Bears go after a RB who’s been a casualty or just use AP and Wolfe like last season.

  9. Why in the world did he jump prior to getting hit? That jump resulted in him landing awkwardly and causing the injury.

  10. It really is a shame for Jones. When he was at VTech he was very dynamic. In his first year with Detroit he was very explosive. I even called him the 2nd-coming of Barry Sanders. It really sucks how his career has panned out. I really hate to say that it is too late for him. His career is over.

  11. I said it before and I’ll say it again.
    It was his own damn fault. Why on earth would you jump, apparently for no good reason, out of bounds.
    Two observations on this:
    1. It’s the frickin preseason and you’ve made the team! Chill out a bit Captain America.
    2. If you’re going to run your heart out, RUN out of bounds! Don’t leap, skip, dance like a mary, or moon walk out of bounds…you’re likely to injure yourself.
    Frickin idiot.

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