Belichick characteristically evasive regarding quarterbacks

With the Andrew Walter project lasting roughly a month, the Patriots are down to two quarterbacks:  Tom Brady and Brian Hoyer.

So will they pick up a third one, or will they stand pat with an undrafted rookie free agent from Michigan State?

If the team learned anything last year, it’s that they need to be ready in the event something busts on Brady.

Still, coach Bill Belichick was characteristically evasive regarding the possibility of picking up a third quarterback during a Friday conference call.

“I’m not sure,” Belichick said regarding the subject of a third quarterback.  “We’ll have to wait and see what our different options are, not only what players are available in one way or another, but also in terms of how we want to manage our roster.  There are so many moving parts to the process, with different positions and with the overall makeup of the team, and looking at the 45-man active roster, and the different players that might or might not be available throughout the league.  So I’d say it’s a possibility, not a certainty.  We’ll just evaluate it on a case-by-case basis as to how we feel the best makeup of our roster this year will be.”

Belichick downplayed the possibility of having seventh-round receiver Julian Edelman, a converted quarterback from Kent State, pull double duty.

“He’s worked as a receiver and as a returner and we feel like that’s really his position,” Belichick said.  “That’s where he’ll continue to get most of his work and he needs it there, too.  You’re talking about converting a guy to that position in the National Football League.  There [are] a lot of things that he needs to learn and practice — and he works hard, don’t get me wrong — it’s just the volume.  I would see him more at those other positions than at quarterback.”

The Patriots continue to be linked to Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley, and Belichick deflected a question regarding whether the Pats have been in communication with Philly.

“We have conversations with every team in the league this time of year,” Belichick said.  “That’s just part of the communication and that’s what time of year it is with personnel.”

Bottom line?  The Patriots undoubtedly will be adding a quarterback with starting experience to provide depth on the team’s depth chart.  Whether the new guy is A.J. Feeley or someone else remains to be seen.

18 responses to “Belichick characteristically evasive regarding quarterbacks

  1. Damon Huard. Just released, played for the Pats a couple of years backing up Brady so his learning curve will be short. A good backup with a lot of starting experience.

  2. Is there any way that Belichick can accidentally draft Tom Brady in the sixth round again?
    That is the extent of his quarterback expertise.

  3. Blogging about just about anything BB says (and I am a huge Pats fan) is pretty much a waste of time and bandwidth. He rarely, if ever, says anything that will give you any insight as to what the Patriots are planning.

  4. Schefter said:
    “Hoyer was impressive in the Patriots’ regular-season finale against the Giants, and the Patriots are not expected to trade for or sign another veteran QB.”
    Before ESPN replaced his story with an AP one.

  5. … but I thought it was the terrible Raiders system, abysmal line and disarrayed front office that was to blame for Walter’s poor play?
    Even the Messiah couldn’t “develop” him?

  6. Seems to me that the league is so blown away by Belichick’s eye for players that they’ll jump on players the Pats let go. That creates a problem for BB in that he’d ideally not like to show his hand and wait for teams to cut players he’d like so he can scoop them up before the deadline. But I think teams are wise to this and it forces BB to indicate via trade request which players he’s interested in. Once that’s done these teams might be motivated to keep those players. Which means that the likely teams BB is going to poach are those who are overstocked at QB. TJack or Feeley seem to be at the top of that list.

  7. bonecity7 says:
    September 4, 2009 8:28 PM
    Ranks right up there with yours, Uncle Leo!!
    I’m sorry, wouldn’t want to get in an argument with such an intellectual giant such as yourself!

  8. rumors either Feeley, Huard, Griese, even Garcia… whoever it is they will have had to have experience starting.

  9. Feeley sucks, but is definitely out in Philly. He’s the 4th QB in Philly, so he will be dealt.
    Brady goes down , they are screwed.

  10. Citizen Strange says:
    “Is there any way that Belichick can accidentally draft Tom Brady in the sixth round again?
    That is the extent of his quarterback expertise.”
    Umm….. They went 11-5 last year with another previously unknown QB who is now KC’s $63 million dollar man. Try again genius.

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