Lions-Bills one-liners

After a mixed performance that saw his teammates let him down on several occasions, Lions QB Matthew Stafford proclaimed himself “extremely confident” heading into the regular season.

Rookie WR Derrick Williams fumbled a punt and has failed to impress the Lions with his return skills during the preseason. 

Lions CB Chris Roberson may have made the team on the back of a performance that featured an interception and fumble recovery.

The Bills offense turned in another lackluster performance to close preseason.

Said Bills coach Dick Jauron, “A lot of decisions are made, and they’re not real difficult, but some
of them are difficult
.  They’re competing for us and for
a job in the league. There was good hitting out there, some guys
playing hard because they took it to heart.”

Bills DE Aaron Maybin forced a fumble on a sack, his second sack in two preseason games.