Ravens try to coax Willie Anderson out of retirement

On Thursday, PFT speculated that the Ravens could be interested in former draft pick Tony Pashos, now of the Jaguars, as an option to shore up their depth at offensive tackle.

It turns out, they have been looking at a player with a lot more experience in the league.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens tried to gauge whether right tackle Willie Anderson would consider returning to the team after “retiring” in May.

Anderson tweeted about the news:  “Just had to inform Raven’s coaching staff and manangement that for now I’m staying retired.  They’ve been in talks with me since May about coming back. I wanted to come back too!”

It sounds like Anderson would consider returning if the team is in a serious bind.

“Not saying that down the line if they need [me], I won’t come back. I know I can play for 3 more years so who knows what may happen down the line,” wrote Anderson.

Coach John Harbaugh and the Ravens already successfully convinced Derrick Mason to “unretire” early in training camp.  The team clearly isn’t comfortable with its backup situation behind Jared Gaither and rookie Michael Oher.

17 responses to “Ravens try to coax Willie Anderson out of retirement

  1. The Knock-off Browns can bring back Brian Sipe, Ozzie Newsome, or Eric Pruitt. It won’t matter. The AFC North belongs to the Steelers.
    Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. With Willie Anderson staying retired the Jags should send Pashos to Baltimore for a 4th and give that 4th to the Vikings for T. Jackson.

  3. Steeler4life, I wonder how long that has been? It is Mike or Greg Pruitt or did you mean Eric Metcalf.
    Terry Boneshaw

  4. You mean this guy can’t decide whether he’s retired or not? And now he’s just going to waltz onto the team without sweating out training camp down in the trenches with the boys?
    I’m warning you, this is gonna cause a schism.

  5. When your team is constantly having to convince players to unretire… well let’s just say that rebuilding is just around the corner

  6. The Ravens are lucky to have a little depth in a pinch without having to waste a roster spot.
    Anderson and Stover are known commodities.
    And although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, they can still serve a purpose. Don’t you go dying on me, Willie!

  7. Steeler4life………we shall see….we shall see……
    As I awlays say, the 2 greatest games every year are between the Ravens and the steelers!! I expect the same this year. I am only hoping for different outcomes.
    I am guessing Flacco will just stay in Miami to play in the Pro-Bowl after he wins the Superbowl this year…….

  8. The fact that the stealers have dominated the division for 10 straight years doesn’t mean your fans aren’t retarded. See Lakers and Red Sawks fan

  9. I’m surprised Mike Brown hasn’t tried the same thing, except his approach would go a little something like this, “Hey Willie, I know I low balled before cutting you last year, but let’s let by gone be by gones, how about you come back and play another year for the veteran minimum?”
    I can just imagine next year without a salary cap or floor, everybody who makes a lot (on the Bengals) will get cut and they will try to resign for pennies on the dollar, heck, they’ll field a team entirely of 1st or 2nd year players, just imagine all the money they would make considering the TV revenues are shared, Mikey would be in Hog Heaven!!!

  10. “…# Ravenmaniac says: September 4, 2009 1:27 PM
    I am guessing Flacco will just stay in Miami to play in the Pro-Bowl after he wins the Superbowl this year…….”
    Are you forgetting? The NFL in its infinite wisdom, not only moved the Pro Bowl out of Hawaii this year, they rescheduled it during the usual “off” week BEFORE the Super Bowl.
    Not to worry. Flacco won’t be boarding a plane to either.

  11. Thanks Flacattack! Nevermind…he is not allowed to play in the ProBowl since he has to play in the Superbowl!

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