Rod Hood gets cut again

This is not a week that cornerback Roderick Hood will look back fondly on.  In the span of five days, he’s been cut by two NFL teams.

The Browns dropped him Monday, and the Bears cut him Friday, just three days after they signed him to a one-year deal. 

Hood reportedly struggled in Chicago’s preseason game Thursday night, and the team’s lack of cornerback depth wasn’t a good enough reason for the Bears to keep him.

5 responses to “Rod Hood gets cut again

  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess.
    Let’s hope it works out, and that Bowman’s becomes a beast back there this year–assuming he stays on the field.
    Peanut needs to stop being Peanut *brittle*, too.

  2. Jeeez..if he couldn’t get into that lineup it’s time to pack it in. Dewey will be on here soon explaining in his poetic prose, (wearing out his Roget while doing it,) exactly why this happened. Although the Dewsterwound is far more comfortable as a hater than as a Bear’s apologist!

  3. Irony: Hood’s struggles in yesterday’s preseason game happened while playing against… The Cleveland Browns.
    As much as he’ll probably try to forget this week, I’m sure Rod Hood’s gonna have some pent up anger against the Browns, as they basically cut him and proceeded to cause his following release from the Bears.

  4. Who will pick Rod up? He’s a deserving young player (an Auburn boy…WAR EAGLE) He needs to put himself out there.

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