Stewart, Beason say they will be ready for opener

Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart — sometimes called the Daily Show — has been a daily disappointment throughout Carolina’s training camp.

The promising second-year player has barely been on the field over the last month because of an Achilles injury.  The trend of missing practice goes back to his rookie year, and it has continued this offseason, where he has participated in a total of eight days of football activities, going back to OTA and minicamp season.

Stewart, however, says he’ll be ready when the Panthers open their season next Sunday against Philadelphia.

“The timeline is to play against Philadelphia,” Stewart said after sitting out Thursday’s preseason finale. 

Even more important for the Panthers, linebacker Jon Beason says he’ll “absolutely” be ready to go for the opener. 

Now all Carolina needs to do is find some defensive tackles to keep blockers off Beason or the Panthers’ rush defense could be in for a long season.

13 responses to “Stewart, Beason say they will be ready for opener

  1. Beason is just starting to run this week from his injury.
    It’s more like he’ll be active…ly looking on from the sidelines.
    Eagles 315 Panthers 4 (because who the hell knows).

  2. Sheep, don’t hate on Leonard. The times he was in the game last night, he was a beast. He commanded a double team and actually got penetration on a few snaps. While he was in there, every run play had to bounce to the outside. Is he Haynesworth? No, but definitely an improvement.

  3. @ SaintsBucsFalconsSUK
    How dare you parodize my username you unoriginal bastid! That’s right, bastid! That’s even worse than a bastard, I think it’ll catch on one day in the English language. Here’s another something for ya: September 20, 2009
    Falcons 27 Panthers 13
    Go look for some more defensive tackle help, you bastid.

  4. Carolina could easily be the most dissapointing team this season: the toughest schedule in the NFC, a defense full of holes, and a sloppy, injury-prone QB who tends to throw picks.
    Seriously, they’re schedule is a nightmare. With the exception of the two games vs/ Tampa and the home game against Buffalo, every team they play is a playoff-projected team.
    Carolina will finish in third place at 6-10. John Fox will be replaced by Bill Cowher. Cowher will be given GM powers too, after the current GM is fired for trading a 2010 top-10 pick away to the Niners for Everett Brown — Mike Mayock called him a “one trick pony” who only has a speed rush and can’t play the run.

  5. Kevin from Philly says:
    September 4, 2009 1:39 PM
    Still waiting for the rest of the “threeteamsFromtheNFCsouth SUK” posters.
    I’d rather see one that has all 4.

  6. @ SaintsBucsPanthersSUKk
    How dare you parodize my username you unoriginal bass-turd! That’s right, bass-turd! That’s even worse than a bastid, I think it’ll catch on one day in the English language. Here’s another something for ya: September 20, 2009
    Falcons 13 Panthers 27
    Go look for some more defensive tackle, cornerback, linebacker, offensive tackle (hehe, you said Weiner) help, you bass-turd.
    Stay classy ATL. The lines in the unemployment line will get shorter for you eventually. Getting an education and kicking the EBT habit will be difficult, but you can do it.

  7. @ SaintsBucsFalconsSUK
    Enjoy your winless September, Panties fan. You’re delusional to think your reeling squad can beat the Eagles, Falcons, and Cowboys to start out the season. NEXT!
    P.S. Mimicking the textual content of a persons post is a highly ineffective way of conveying a point of view. My particular response above “Eagles 31 Panthers 9” is a more realistic outcome for that week 1 contest, in response to the first person above who stated “Eagles 24 Panthers 17”. My post was justified, by the laws of our organized universe.
    You’re particular retort of “Panthers 31 Eagles 9” is outlandish and ……………………………………………………………………….stoopid. That’s a real word, ask Mike Florio. Posers and hangers-on like yourself need a new hobby. Please, though, don’t procreate, for the love of God. Hope you enjoy the Falcon’s road to the Super Bowl.

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