Bernard Pollard among tomahawked Chiefs

Tom Brady’s knees weren’t scheduled for another run-in with Bernard Pollard this season, but there still may be a reunion after Pollard was released by the Chiefs on Sunday.

The safety, who started 31 games over the last two seasons was the most surprising name on the Chiefs cut list. The safety position has been in flux during training camp, but it was believed that free safety Jarrad Page was in more trouble than Pollard, a 2006 second rounder, when it came to cut day.

The Chiefs kept all four of their quarterbacks, which may be an indication about their confidence about the condition of Matt Cassel’s knee or an indication that they weren’t able to get a trade done before the deadline.

Other notable names among the Chiefs cuts are wide receiver Ashley Lelie and linebacker Zach Thomas, who was rumored to be pondering retirement.

The remaining Chiefs cuts are cornerback Jackie Bates, tight end Tom Crabree, defensive end Dion Gales, defensive end Bobby Greenwood, guard Darryl Harris, wide receiver Taurus Johnson, defensive tackle Derek Lokey, safety Ricky Price, running back Javarris Williams and wide receiver Rodney Wright.
The Chiefs also placed guard Colin Brown, a fifth-round pick, on injured reserve. Williams, a seventh-rounder, was the only other one of the eight Chiefs draft picks not to make the roster.

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  1. This comes as absolutely no surprise to Chiefs’ fans who know anything about football (about 20%). Strong Safeties who can neither cover or tackle don’t tend to stick around too long in the NFL.
    I just want to take this time to once again thank the Holy Lord that Carl Peterson will never again have anything to do with the Chiefs. His drafts from 2000 until he was shit-canned last year have almost completely killed this once proud franchise.
    Carl’s idiotic drafts + Herm’s idiotic coaching = 6 wins in 2 years.

  2. Amen jeffz303- if Dajuan Morgan hadn’t rallied late, the Jared Allen trade could have ( and still could be) one of the worst trades ever made. The ” young man at risk” is now the best pass rusher in the NFL and we have a marginal left tackle and a back up tight end and back up safety to show for it. Now Pollard on top of Will Franklin, Cris Wilson, Junior Siavi on and on and on. Last thing Carl…John Tait went to the Super Bowl, how does that taste ?

  3. pollard had one thing going for him; he was a 2nd rnd pick. but watch him play, and u woulda though he, not Page, was the 7th rounder. he’s awful, and i welcome this move. however, ill be more reluctant to rock my bernard pollard t shirt celebrating brady’s injury now.

  4. The Jets, Bills or Fins will take a flyer on him just in the hopes of giving Brady flashbacks twice a season.

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