Bucs trade Luke McCown to Jacksonville

Last year, the decision of Brett Favre to play for the Jets caused the Jets to cut Chad Pennington.  Which in turn caused the Dolphins to sign Pennington.  Which in turn caused the Dolphins to trade quarterback Josh McCown, who had received a $2.5 million roster bonus as part of a new offseason deal, to the Panthers.

This year, the other McCown brother, Luke, received a $2.5 million signing bonus to stay with the Buccaneers.  But after Byron Leftwich acquired as what initially was believed to be a smokescreen to make other teams think the Bucs wouldn’t draft Josh Freeman, Leftwich won the starting job, and Freeman is the future.

And so the Bucs didn’t need Luke McCown.

As a result, McCown has been traded to the Jaguars for an undisclosed draft pick, the Buccaneers have announced.

The Jaguars were believed to be looking for depth at quarterback, and the Bucs were believed to be wishing/hoping/praying that someone would call them regarding one of their four quarterbacks.

12 responses to “Bucs trade Luke McCown to Jacksonville

  1. Bad move by the Bucs! In fact, that has to be one of the worst moves this off-season. Great for Jax though! Luke should’ve been the starter in Tampa this year. The fact that he wasn’t really tells me something about where Tampa is going. Why don’t they just skip the season and try again next year? Will someone please give Luke a chance? His stats don’t look great, but not getting a chance to play and having very inconsistent teams kinda hurt him.

  2. Still don’t understand how Leftwich won that battle, Luke should had been the bucs qb, but since that’s impossible now, i’m glad Tampa traded him, now tampa is carrying only 3 qb’s and that gives more chances to Josh Jhonson.

  3. from a decision stand point, they had to get rid of a QB, but neither luke nor byron established themselves in the preseason, with that being said, Luke should’ve been the starter…. can the 2010 season come any sooner!?!??!
    Good luck Luke!
    oh ya what a timely year to bring back the throwback jerseys!

  4. After the *BS* press conference from “Coach” yesterday, does it surprise anyone after he tried to trade ‘BOTH’ Luke & ‘Lefty’, behind their backs, that NO OTHER team wanted ‘Lefty’ ? ? ? I pray that JAX will treat Luke with honesty & integrity; the two things the BUCS NO LONGER BELIEVE are necessary in dealing with their players, BUC fans, & the press. If anyone is wondering why the BUCS no longer have ANY SOLD-OUT GAMES, look no further, it is staring you in the face! If THIS is the ‘NEW’ direction the F.O., the & coaching staff are taking our team, I hope our fans have their own “TEA PARTY’ ASAP. To the Glazers: thank you for ALL you have done for Tampa Bay. You are the reason we have a Super Bowl win. It took over 26 years for the respect our BUCS deserve to finally come to Tampa Bay. If this F. O./Coaching continues, it could be gone in the blinking of an eye. UNREAL! !

  5. I heard that while ‘coach’ was trying to trade ‘Lefty’ & Luke. behind their backs, four of the teams the BUCS contacted, wanted two(2) early “Draft Picks” FROM US, to take ‘Lefty’ off our hands. Jacksonville now has a QB, with a little help, will be exonerated from the association stigma of being a back-up QB in Tampa. He will pay dividends for JAX, for years to come. LUKE, you now, ACTUALLY will be given a TRUE CHANCE to compete, unlike the one you got from Morris. In future NFL Drafts, QB’s are going to think twice, about coming to Tampa. We are sending out messages, with our actions, that will be a detriment to our team for a long time to come. I AM a Buccaneer’s fan. I bleed Pewter & Red, and I cry Orange-Sickle tears. I will support our PLAYERS as I have done since the beginning. GO BUCS!!!

  6. Boy, this trade should tip the balance of power in the AFC South, huh?
    I’m sure the Titans & Colts are both just a-quaking in their boots right now over this one…

  7. Who are you guys calling for Luke to start for our team??? really??? the guy is 1-11 in his career. He hasn’t shown anything in the preseason and he gets out of the pocket way to quick. Luke is a nice guy and I wish him the best but give me a break….Do you guys even watch football or do you just repeat what you hear on the radio?

  8. That is great for Luke. He now has a chance to be on a team that could win some games this year. The Bucs are circling the drain and Morris’ has done NOTHING BUT sped up the process.
    Morris is the PRIME EXAMPLE why NOT to have a young guy as a head-coach. What a JOKE!
    Get a real Head-coach (Cowher) for goodness sake!

  9. Could Raheem Morris secretly be a Falcons/Saints/Panthers fan and ruining the Bucs organization from the inside out? His decisions seem to look like it!!!!!

  10. Bucs want to win. But…Freeman is the guy, and this season.
    Trade was just a matter of who could get most in return.
    We actually spent a 1st round pick on a QB. Maybe the best QB available in draft.
    Bucs are going young all round. Wild card maybe tougher with staff shake up so close to start.
    BL will do fine until it’s time.

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