Eagles axe Ikegwuonu

Last year, the Eagles took a fourth-round flyer on cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu, a first-round prospect who suffered a torn ACL in January while training for the draft.

After he avoided a possible jail term earlier this year via an acquittal on lingering burglary charges involving the alleged theft of a non-360 Xbox, Ikegwuonu was in position to launch his NFL career.

And it has now flown into a window.

Per a league source, the Eagles have cut Ikegwuonu.

If he makes it through waivers, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent.  Cornerback-needy teams (like the Bears) might be interested in making a claim for his contract.

6 responses to “Eagles axe Ikegwuonu

  1. VoxVeritas says:
    September 5, 2009 7:43 PM
    And people say that Cowboys drafts are bad.
    Hate him when he’s on the team, hate him when he leaves.
    He’s not the Roy Williams of the cornerback position, of course, I understand. Have fun with the most lopsided trade since Herschel!

  2. hey vox, cowboys drafts ARE bad. hello bobby carpenter?
    we drafted trent cole in like the 5th round, brian westbrook in the 3rd round, todd herremans in the 4th, got jamaal jackson as an undrafted free agent, quintin mikell as an undrafted free agent, quntin demps in the 4th round, jeremiah trotter in the 3rd round, hell, we got one of the greatest safeties to ever lace em up in the 2nd. on top of that, out of 10 years of andy drafts, we’re only really talking about 2 1st round busts (mcdougle, who got his career destroyed by injuries more or less, and freddie mitchell, which there really isn’t even an excuse for because he’s a tool).
    how’s that video screen in jerryworld working out for you? lemme know if you or any regular middle class person in this world can afford a seat in it anytime soon. must be nice getting your hopes up every year, only to choke in the playoffs, if the cowboys even make it at all. i almost feel bad for you.

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