Falcons cut Shockley

Quarterback D.J. Shockley, the one-time Georgia star who’s been with the Falcons since 2006, has been released by the team, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

After toiling as the third QB in 2006, Shockley blew out his knee before the 2007 season and missed that year. He beat out Joey Harrington for the No. 3 spot last year but John Parker Wilson, an undrafted rookie from Alabama, beat Shockley out. Given the extended play Wilson got last Thursday when he was the second man in after starter Matt Ryan, Shockley’s release was looming.

Atlanta needs to lop a dozen more players to get to 53. Keep it here to see who goes.

10 responses to “Falcons cut Shockley

  1. JPW has had great success as QB all the way back to his high school days playing for Hoover. I was surprised that he was not drafted for he led Alabama to an undefeated regular season last year and holds many records their. He will be a good player for the Falcons to continue to develop. I wish the Bucs could have gotten him.
    I wish you all the besy JP!

  2. Screw Shockley
    What the people really want to know is who would win in a fight between LeGarrette Blount and Coach Cable?

  3. Really, bringing up his high school days?
    I like how people get excited that a rookie QB will get the chance to develop behind a second year QB. Does it really matter? When JPW is fully developed in 3 years the Falcons can finally dump that scrub they drafted last season.
    He went undrafted because he had to COMPETE to secure a #3 QB position.

  4. I am going to be Don King and see if I can get an exclusive pay per view on HBO to promote the LeGarrette Blount and Coach Cable prize fight.
    Right now the odds are 4 to 1 for Cable

  5. WoW! SOmeone is highly full of themselves and obviously having issues today. It is just a comment. Don’t give yourself a stroke over it!

  6. DrPhib has not been watching Falcon football.
    If so he might of seen the 3rd down grabs by Fin lastyear.
    He is a Go-to guy in clutch situations

  7. Yes, Finneran will get the benefit of the doubt from the Falcons for a long while. I expect he will never be cut. They will give him the respect of asking him if he would like to retire when they find they cant keep him any longer. He’s never been a top flight player. But he is a beloved Falcon.
    Oh and I have issues every day.
    A bit weaked kneed there? Why wasn’t what I said “Just a comment” also?

  8. If they were going to cut him, they would’ve done it the second he had a season injury during the preseason.
    Finneran is so clutch, he made Mike Vick look good on 3rd downs.

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