Favre on his ability to play 16 games: "I just don't know"

Appearing on the Rotoworld.com halftime show during NBC’s coverage of the Nevada-Notre Dame game (which also featured an awesome plug for a certain slappy-infested pro football Internet site), Peter King of Sports Illustrated, NBC, and Sirius NFL Radio addressed the question of whether Vikings quarterback Brett Favre can make it through a full season in one piece, despite making it through seventeen straight years without missing a start.

Said Favre to King after Monday night’s preseason game, “Peter, I just don’t know.”

King pointed out that Favre has a partially torn rotator cuff, possibly a cracked rib, and sore ankles.  (Pete must have forgotten to mention that Favre also has swine flu and polio.)

And King has sage advice for Vikings coach Brad Childress — if/when the team leads by 14 or more points in the second half of any game, the Vikes should get Favre out and let him rest.

The fact that Childress allowed Favre to stay in a meaningless game on Monday night — and throw a low block on a Wildcat play — might be a sign that Chilly isn’t as worried about keeping his superstar signal-caller safe as Chilly should be.

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  1. Who the f*ck would know if they can??? what a stupid article. “THIS JUST IN, BRETT FAVRE CAN’T SEE INTO THE FUTURE”

  2. And some people STILL don’t understand why the Packers didn’t want him back? An NFL job requires commitment.

  3. Or…… Chilly left him in because he needs to practice with this offense and he isn’t as “hurt” as you, Florio, crack him up to be.
    p.s. You can stop with the hilarious “swine flu and polio” bit….

  4. Better yet, he has no confidence in Toodles or Sage.
    That’s something that echoes amongst the majority here in Minnesota.

  5. haha…can’t wait to see the viqueens season crumble…what a hot mess of an organization they are…losers from the top all the way down to the fans…Packers taking back their division strongly this year…

  6. Damn Florio, you are one of the dumbest idiots in the sports world aren’t you? This same exact thing came out about oh, a week and a half ago. Are you that desperate for a article on your site that you have to constantly bring up old shit?
    You know, this is the day that teams have to cut their roster down to 53. Think maybe you can find something to write about?
    Your half assed attempts at being funny are exactly that, half assed, and attempts. You seriously think anyone here finds it funny when you say a player has “swine flu” and “polio” for the 1000th time?
    It’s also not funny that you talk about two particular causes of death. What if a reader on here had a family member die of swine flu? Or what if a reader on here (ME) had a family member (My Uncle) die from Polio? I tell you Florio, you are lucky you don’t say that stuff in person because I have a good feeling that you would get you puny little ass kicked.

  7. 17 qb’s have played in the NFL into their 40’s. George Blanda quarterbacked the Raiders to 5 straight comeback wins and was the qb in the AFC title game at age 43. Warren Moon threw for 3,600 yards, 25 TDs and 16 INTs as a 41 year old for the Seahawks (numbers that the Vikes would probably love to get from Favre). Testaverde threw for 3,500 yards for the Cowboys in 16 games as a 41 year old.
    This whole discussion of age is premised on the idea that qb’s cannot be effective at that age, but history would indicate otherwise.

  8. What a stupid question to ask any member of the 32 teams. No one knows if they will go 16 games. As long as he is healthy…..yeah. ….dah!!!!!

  9. It is disingenuous to suggest that Childress will ride Favre like a rented mule. The old man is on a pitch count in practice, and didn’t even dress for the final preseason game. Look for Favre to be seated whenever possible this year. Even if Favre plays up to his historical standards I expect Tavaris will see plenty of relief duty.

  10. Having seen the interview live, all that was missing was Favre’s DNA dripping off King’s chin. Geez, Peter King acts like him and Favre are the best of buddies and he even gives advice to Chilly that if the Vikings are up by 17 points in the 4th Qtr (and King infers this is likely to be a fairly common occurrence) then Klink would be wise to sit Favre and not play him as much. Talk about a steaming pile of BS. I nearly spit out my beer (rumor has it, that is one thing Childress is not and that’s a spitter, just ask Favre) when I heard that one.

  11. So, are you gonna retire or what?
    – I don’t know…
    Think you can play all season?
    – I don’t know…
    What the f*ck DO you know??
    – I don’t know…

  12. C’mon.
    Show of hands on who’s just sick to death of hearing about (way jaded) king Favre’s bowel movements.
    There’s News out there right now, about Players.
    Human interest stuff about guys working their a$$’s off and sacrificing all to live the dream of being employed by the NFL.
    The Favre/Vick headlines about nothing, do nothing, but belittle the game. yup

  13. favre’s vaginal yeast infection has migrated into the rest of his body.first it’s your shoulder,then it’s your ribs and in the advanced stages it goes to the ankles,very ugly way to end his career.
    didn’t al capone die from this???

  14. Yes, Vikes-N-Favre (which that name tells you all you need about this loser) for post of the of day, maybe even week. If there was one.
    How old are you that your uncle died of polio? And Florio is not the first to make a joke about polio. So do you get offended by those to?
    Swine Flu, is the flu with a ton of media hype. People die of the flu all the time.
    As for writing about other stuff. Look around the site and make sure you get a polio vaccination tomorrow.
    Keep the polio and swine flu joke Florio. Don’t give in.

  15. None of the 40 + year old qb’s mentioned above were paid like a top qb when their numbers averaged lower than the top 25 qb’s for four straight years.
    warren moon, george blanda, and testostaverde played much less before they were 40.
    farve has averaged over 20 int’s for four years. His qb rating, even with 2007, averages about 82 for the last four years.
    Burp Fart will not lead any team to a SB in 2009 or 2010.

  16. There haven’t been more than 100 deaths in a year from polio in the US since 1958. Less than 0.00004% of the population annually.

  17. Pete must have forgotten to mention that Favre also has swine flu and polio.
    He also forgot gout & “the vapors”.

  18. I agree with Favre. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. He can’t tell the future. Did McNair know he was going to be murdered that night? Anything can happen. I wish him the best in his games and hope he can bring them to a Super Bowl. He deserves it after all these years. Now that Vick will be playing will McNabb be traded? No one knows. But it could happen. I like Favre and he doesn’t bad mouth other players. Favre has to take it one day at a time like all the players.

  19. Hey cheesehead, the Vikes are losers from the top down to the fans? Do you know all of the Viking fans? Take a look in the mirror.

  20. Hey Florio,
    F… you! You are sooo sassy, are you not? Get your a.. out on the field and let’s see what you have. Why is it that you guys have such big mouths and yet are so gutless? I say you get out on the field for a little one on one with Farve………………..yea, that’s what I thought.

  21. I don’t think Favre even has the intention of playing all 16 games. He only needs about 4-5 to break the one record he doesn’t already hold and to face the Packers, for better or worse, and then he’s 12 million richer regardless of what happens. What’s the incentive to go on at that point?

  22. FAVRE BEANS! All season when I watch a Viqueen game, I think I’ll have a nice bottle of Chianti with my Favre beans…..fffffffff….

  23. Amazed Favre would talk to King, after King threw him under the bus when he decided to comeback.
    No one knows if they will last the season.
    Brady vs Favre in Miami
    Lord Favre bows out as a Superbowl runner up

  24. history shows old guys get it dont at qb?
    how about the specific favre history that shows favre has finished the last 4 maybe 5 seasons pretty badly…
    he isnt getting better and he isnt the qb he was 5 years ago.

  25. The only thing worse and more pathetic than Favre playing for the “queens” is how Vikings fans now defend tooth & nail the very same guy they HATED for 16 years. What a bunch of sell outs, both Favre and Vi-queens fans.

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