Former Ravens lineman Brown arrested

Whoa, former Raven and Browns offensive lineman Orlando “Zeus” Brown apparently has a far different idea of what a “tour” consists of than the normal person.

Brown was arrested Friday for allegedly breaking into the Cockeysville, Maryland home of his ex-wife while she was away on a five-week vacation. Brown was charged with third-degree burglary and malicious destruction of property valued at less than $500.  

Mira Brown accused her ex-husband of breaking in while she was away for five weeks in July and August. She alleges he “broke the front story door, tore down the basemen curtains, defecated in a basemen toilet and ransacked her closet.” (At least he didn’t ransack her toilet and defecate in her closet, right Dookie?)

Mira Brown said she received two texts from Orlando Brown’s phone which said he “toured” the house while she was away.

Brown, you may remember, was the Cleveland Browns player struck in the eye by an officials flag causing injury and a Brown meltdown in which he shoved the official.