Giants cut David Tyree

The Giants have released wide receiver David Tyree, one of their heroes from Super Bowl XLII.

Tyree’s agent Michael Clouser confirmed the move to Mike Garofalo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

“I talked to (assistant GM) Kevin Abrams this morning and he said it
was a very tough decision for the team,” Clouser said. “Like anyone else, it was a tough thing for David to hear. He’s
actually saying his goodbyes to his teammates right now.

“He’s obviously disappointed, but we’re confident someone else will
see the value he brings on special teams and as a wide receiver. We’ll
see how things go here in the next few days.”

The move was hardly unexpected as Tyree has battled a variety of injuries since pressing the ball to his helmet in the fourth quarter against the Patriots. He didn’t play at all in the preseason which left him behind six or seven other receivers vying for spots with the Giants.

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  1. He caught 1 pass with his head and he was ordained great. This scenario with him is a testament to the addage, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”

  2. He had his 15 minutes – he was never a good WR anyway, more of a body.
    Tyree will be remembered forever, he’s etched in NFL lore.

  3. Eli Manning should give him one last BJ on the way to the airport. He wouldn’t have that contract if not for David Tyree.

  4. Even the league minimum is like what $350,000 a yr, and the guy had one of the greatest catches in super bowl history. I could live with that, and I know my bank account could too.
    So Yea, I don’t think he’s too worried. Someone will pick ’em up. Probably Dallas out of spite.

  5. Actually, maybe he was known outside of NY for “the catch” but he was beloved by Giants fans for his superior special teams play. Earlier in his career he was one of the best in the game and earned a spot in the probowl for it.
    Unfortunately he hasn’t been the dominant gunner for a while and there was just too much competition at wr for him to compete even if not for his injuries.
    I would guess he catches on as a #4 wr, maybe a #3 somewhere that is pass catcher needy if is health allows.

  6. Tyree was big play in the biggest game. But he was strong throughout the playoffs that season.
    To get someone who not only have Super Bowl experience, but played his biggest game during the Super Bowl- and not 40 years old, is very rare.
    If I was a playoff contender with room, I would pick him up quick. You listening Falcons? He comes with special teams ability and a Super Bowl Ring.

  7. Let’s not forget that it’s a privilege to play in the NFL guys. That’s why guys like him are on…..oh wait. Nevermind.

  8. David Tyree was drafted as a special teams ace.
    He made the pro bowl as a special teams player.
    As a receiver, he was underwhelming – but did make a catch that will live forever.
    He will be missed, but not fogotten.

  9. He is known with Giants fans as more than that catch, all the freddie mitchell remarks and how awful of a player he was, he wasnt even known as a key wideout for the Giants, he was a special teams player, who actually made the pro bowl, he was a specialist as a gunner. Do people comment without even knowing anything?

  10. Josh Alper, i know aside from a few nationally covered playoff games, and the SB, you obviously dont watch Giants games, you failed to mention hes a Pro Bowler and for a 3 yr span top 3 specialists in the league.

  11. here’s a guy who will never have to pay for a dinner in new york again.
    i hope he can catch on to some company in new york that’s engaged in pr work,he’ll be a natural.david,show them your ring.

  12. Hooby says: “he will go down in history with freddie mitchell”
    Yeah. He went to the Pro Bowl for his special teams play. He was an outstanding gunner. Also, he is one of the nicest guys in the game. Very humble and polite. Freddy Mitchell was, and still is, a useless, arrogant douche. That comparison did nothing but make you look like an ass.

  13. He was a steal at #6 from Syracuse, where he was a good receiver. He also caught a touch down pass in that Super Bowl. And he was a great special teams tackler. We fans of the G-Men will miss him. God speed, D.T.!

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