Giants stockpiling WRs, trade coming?

Ralph Vacchiano, of the New York Daily Newstweets on Twitter that he’s “hearing rumblings” about a possible Giants wide receiver trade.  

The Jints made all their cuts and kept seven wideouts.  There has been speculation that the Dolphins could be interested in Sinorice Moss.
In addition to Moss, rookies Ramses Barden and Hakeem Nicks, starters Domenik Hixon and Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, and Derek Hagan are the Giants’ roster.  Nicks finished out the preseason on fire and is pushing Hixon hard to be the team’s starting split end.  It will be interesting to see if Hixon is also on the trade block.

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  1. The Giants spent the offseason actively trying to replace Burress because they didn’t feel they had anyone internally to do it. They were linked to several possible trades and drafted a WR in the first round. Nicks was the only shinning light in the preseason. Hixon couldn’t catch a ball to save his life. Now the Giants are in a position to trade one of these guys? That’s just odd. I can’t believe any NFL team would take a WR from a WR-starved team (talent wise, not numbers wise of course). Doesn’t that send up a red flag?

  2. Can’t see anything of the “blockbuster” variety. Maybe somebody goes for a late pick. It just seems like the Marshall/Edwards/Boldin ship has long sailed.

  3. Hmm…
    Who could they possibly want from Miami? Will Smith? Gibril Wilson? Reggie Torbor?!
    Strange. Must be looking for draft picks, if this turns out to be true.

  4. In a stat last yr, with hixon’s ypg avg and td’s, if he would have played 16 games, he would have been well over 1000 yards and double digits in TD’s, even if hes a 3rd wideout, he should be kept, unless they are planning to land a number 1 WR. Not to mention, hixon is way too valuable as a kick returner.

  5. The headline should be G-Hens stockpiling special teams players….With the exception of the rookies, the other 5 combined have about 180 catches, no not for a seaon…..For their respective careers…….Combined……Why would anyone else want this junk?

  6. EskinSux says: “Why would anyone else want this junk?”
    Makes a lot more sense that signing an ex-con, public relations nightmare QB sight unseen to a multi-year contract when the guy was a marginal QB BEFORE jail and based on his performance against the Jets defensive scrubs is far, far worse now. 7/11 for a whopping 26 yds and a pick (would have been two picks but the Jets CB dropped an easy INT). Let’s not forget that magnificent scramble that lost 20 plus yards. Now that’s junk. Oh, my mistake. It’s not polite to use the term “junk” given his past drug problems.

  7. ..@….east96st………Hell……I’m not going to argue with you……Vick is Junk, and there is no need for him to be here…..I have said it time and time again…..You have never or will ever see me praising Vick here bozo, so get off your defensive horse, it has nothing to do with the G-hens receivers being junk…Maybe it makes ya feel better, hell i don’t know…….But the fact is, unless proven otherwise, G-Hens receivers are junk, and if you think they are suddenly going to be this hawaii pro bowl bound receiving corps, then go ahead……….Think that……

  8. Its going to be hilarious when the Giants and their “junk” receivers win the division again. Even with their “junk” they still have the best team in that division.

  9. Eskin – A year and half ago, when NY won the Super Bowl, they one Pro Bowler vs. eleven for Dallas. I’ll take Super Bowl over Pro Bowl anyday. The fact that Roy Williams, the horse collar artiste, went several times tells me that a Pro Bowl appearance has absolutely no validity anymore. It’s based on whatever team can get their fanbase riled up enough to stuff the ballots. Truth be told, I can’t remember the last time I actually watched the Pro Bowl.

  10. Eskinsux
    How does that trophy case look at the link kinda bare I would guess but anytime you want to see champions lock the door on your row house and you and the bois come up north to the land of 3 trophies
    The only Trophy the girls have is Reids father of the year award from Jamm (junkies againest mad mothers)

  11. Not a Jints fan, but their O-line is good & will give their lame WRs a lot of time to get open. Granted, they’ll need it.

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