Howard getting gate from Colts

In a mild surprise, the Colts are saying goodbye to defensive end Marcus Howard, a player they grabbed in the fifth round last season. This, according to PFT poobah, Mike Florio.

Howard, who went to Georgia, got into nine games for the Colts last year mostly as a special teamer.

He’s had some flash plays in this preseason but, apparently, not enough of them.

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  1. Hows the last 3 drafts worked out for ya Bill Polian? Horrible, think GOD for Manning without him I guarantee you would be fired by now, the Colts can’t win without ONE player, I have never in my life sat and watch a team’s GM get all this credit, when they are one player away from getting the entire front office, coaching staff fired. This guy is riding on some coatails here.

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