Ian Johnson misses the cut in Minnesota

Though we’re still waiting for the Vikings to officially unveil their final roster cuts, Rick Alonzo of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that Ian Johnson, the hero of the memorable 2007 Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma, has been cut.

knew it would be tough to make the team,” Johnson told Alonzo.  “It’s a little
disappointing, but there’s still other options out there as far as
hopefully getting picked up by another team.  I have 24 hours to clear
waivers.  Hopefully before that time someone else picks up my contract
and I’m back to playing football the way I wanted to be.  If not, then
the next best thing is to get picked up on practice squad.  That’s not
the ideal route, but if this is the route I have to take to play in the
NFL, this is the first step for me getting what I want.”

Johnson scored the game-winning two-point conversion in the Fiesta Bowl on a Statute of Liberty-style gadget play.  He then proposed to his girlfriend, a Boise State cheerleader.

And then LeGarrette Blount punched him.

12 responses to “Ian Johnson misses the cut in Minnesota

  1. I was genuinely bummed out about this one. He’s been a beast this pre-season and they let him go for Mr. Mediocre, Albert Young? Crazy.

  2. Ian is a great kid in so many ways and has the heart of Boise with him. I hope some team can find him a spot, they’ll be rewarded if they do. LOL at the Blount line.

  3. I heard Roger Goodell was really upset about the Blount punch. He apparently said that if that kid is ever in the NFL, and he punches more than 3 or 4 people during games, he might be subject to a fine or even a firm talking to from the commish.

  4. Albert Young was better than mediocre in the first two preseason games. Chilly likes Young. If someone else does not take a chance on him, he will be on the practice sqaud, it’s not over for Johnson

  5. Ian Johnson did more with less carries. He got more yards per carry, he scored, etc. He did everything Young didn’t do as a first year rookie.
    Young has been around 3-4 years and Johnson kicked his ass.
    Go to the scoreboard at NFL.com and look at the game by game stats. It’s pretty obvious who the better player is.

  6. Please add that line to every college football story, and a few pro stories that are out of hand.
    “And then LeGarrette Blount punched him.”

  7. Pretty stupid move by the Vikes (add it to the list). Hopefully we pick him up on waivers, that would almost justify cutting Sutton just to keep 3 FBs.. Get on it, TT!
    Oh, and that was the all-time best TD celebration.. No one will ever top that.

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