Indefinite suspension for Erasmus James

He largely has been ignored and overlooked by the NFL lately, and it appears that defensive end Erasmus James won’t be back in the NFL again, ever.

A  league source tells us that James, a member of the abysmal first-round class of 2005, has been indefinitely suspended by the NFL.

Speculation in league circles focuses on the possibility that James violated the substance abuse policy.

Or maybe he punched LeGarrette Blount.

James actually got off to a decent start as a rookie, appearing in 15 games and notching four sacks.  But he suffered a torn ACL in the second game of the 2006 season, and he never was the same thereafter. 

After the 2007 campaign, James was shipped to the Redskins, who cut him after he appeared in only five games.

Via our friends at, James last surfaced on December 17, 2008, when he worked out for the Patriots.

15 responses to “Indefinite suspension for Erasmus James

  1. The vikings chose Troy Williamson and Erasmus James ahead of Aaron Rodgers in that 2005 draft.
    They did even worse later in that draft.

  2. It’s almost like the other teams in the NFC North were taking turns drafting on behalf of the Vikings.
    What a JOKE!
    Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina, (1st round, 7th overall)
    Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin, (1st round, 18th overall)
    Marcus Johnson, OT/OG, Mississippi, (2nd round, 49th overall)
    Dustin Fox, DB, Ohio State, (3rd round, 80th overall)
    Ciatrick Fason, RB, Florida, (4th round, 112th overall from Washington for 2005 4th & 5th round picks)
    C.J. Mosley, DT, Missouri, (6th round, 191st overall)
    Adrian Ward, CB, Texas-El Paso, (7th round, 219th overall from Oakland)
    The Vikings also signed undrafted rookie free agent Placekicker Jonathan Nichols of Mississippi.

  3. Bob Nelson must spend every waking hour searching for ways to bash the Vikings. Get a life.

  4. @JimmySee
    Relevant selections from the 1st Round of the 05 NFL Draft:
    7-Min-Troy Williamson
    18-Min-Erasmus James
    24-GB-Aaron Rodgers

  5. Do you want to tell us exactly why he was suspended? Hey-zeus-christos, Florio, this is piss-poor reporting. Stop wasting our time. What was he suspended for, do you even really know? He was awesome at UW, and then suffered some trials and tribulations as a rookie (mostly of his own doing) but the tagline doesn’t even match with the body of the article. Did you pass Journalism 101? Douche.

  6. The Vikes did have an extremely poor draft in ’05. But you must admit the have done much better the last few years.

  7. “the abysmal first-round class of 2005”
    I guess it depends on your perspective. The Cowboys got Demarcus Ware (best defensive player in the NFL) and Marcus Spears (solid contributor), so I thought it was a pretty good round.

  8. Vox-I know you think every Cowboy starter is the best in the league at their respective position, and that Romo is a lock for the HOF, but be real. Ware is very good, but not THAT good. He’s not even the best LB, let alone the best defender.
    Crazydiamond-Other than Peterson, which was a no-brainer, would you care to explain how they’ve “done better the past few years”? unless you liked that brilliant trade-up for T Jack Off..
    Florio-as every TRUE journalist will tell you, what matters to people is not the who, what or where, what people want to know is the WHY. So unless you care to include WHY James was suspended, this whole article is a waste of space on your site and the time I spent reading it.

  9. Beer Cheese Soup – I agree that Cowboys fans get a little delusional when it comes grading their players, but Ware is one of the top defensive players in the league and easily the best overall player on the Cowboys. That being said you are right about the Vikings’ drafts. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to draft Peterson when he falls in your lap.
    Seeing how the Bears, Lions and Vikings drafted that year, I’m glad I’m a Packers fan. Rodgers in the first round. Pro Bowl safety Nick Collins in the second, and starting LB Brady Poppinga in the fourth.

  10. “Ware is very good, but not THAT good. He’s not even the best LB, let alone the best defender.”
    The only challenger is that 31 year old one-hit wonder in PGH.

  11. Beer Cheese Soup & mnpack:
    Other than Peterson, which was a no-brainer, would you care to explain how they’ve “done better the past few years … & …. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to draft Peterson
    These teams past on #28 Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins …. You can say the same for Patrick Willis ??? Someone has to pull the trigger, can’t blame a team passing because of need. Were the Vikes lucky he went 7, yes but they still made the pick…
    I would say the 06 draft was quite a good one for the queens. Chad Greenway, Cedric Griffin and Ray Edwards. In 08′ you must look at Jared Allen as a draft choice, a few picks at that.

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