Jameel is cooked in Tampa

Being a long-standing member of the Bucs isn’t viewed as a positive around Tampa these days.

According to PFT head honcho Mike Florio, the latest veteran Buccanneer to get cut was fullback Jameel Cook, who has played six of his eight career seasons with the team. 

B.J. Askew looks likely to start at fullback for Tampa.

3 responses to “Jameel is cooked in Tampa

  1. I can always identify Rosenthal’s blog entries by his naturally lame headlines.
    That and his affinity for trying to bait-and-switch player names creatively. I could look for examples , but I have grown bored. Just like with college Football today.

  2. Big thanks to J. Cook for his efforts thru the years!
    Askew’s the better FB for us this season though. Shows flashes of “scary good” at times.

  3. “B.J. Askew looks likely to start at fullback for Tampa.”
    Well, seeing as BJ Askew was the starter last year, and the year before, and was already confirmed to be the starter this year, and considering Cook was only ever an emergency backup since the Bucs re-signed him mid-last year after their actual backup suffered a serious injury, I’d say yes, Askew is indeed likely to start at fullback.
    How do you come up with this garbage?

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