Justin Miller among 22 Raiders cuts

As expected, Jeff Garcia and Terdell Sands were the biggest names let go in Oakland when the Raiders released their full complement of cuts on Saturday evening.

There were still some other names you know among those thrown over the side of the good ship Al, however. Cornerback and kick returner Justin Miller, a second-round pick of the Jets in 2005, was cut despite returning two kicks for touchdowns with the Raiders in 2008. Morlon Greenwood, the veteran linebacker signed after the Texans let him go, was also jettisoned.

Slade Norris, one of the team’s fourth-round picks in April, was cut. He joins Stryker Sulak as the only draftees not to make the roster and as two players looking for work at this hour, although, unlike Sulak, he has the satisfaction of actually being a Raider for a short period of time.

The other cuts are safety Rashad Baker, defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti, safety Jerome Boyd, cornerback Darrick Brown, defensive end Greyson Gunheim, defensive back Michael Hawkins, wide receiver Johnnie Holland, tackle James Marten, linebacker David Nixon, linebacker Chris O’Neal, fullback Marcel Reece, running back Gary Russell, punter/kicker Ricky Schmitt, tight end Darrell Strong, center John Wade, tackle Seth Wand and guard Mark Wilson.

During the conference call announcing the cuts, David White of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Raiders coach Tom Cable said that Chris Morris would be the starting center against the Chargers with Samson Satele heading to the bench.

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  1. Must be a real demoralizing thing to be told by the Raiders that you’re not good enough to make their roster.

  2. Gary Russell probably should have made it. Oakland’s questionable FB situation seemed to make Russell’s versatility quite valuable. Oh well. Luke Lawton played admirably enough last season to warrant his roster spot.
    Congrats to Todd Watkins and John Bowie. Two guys who would struggle to make a UFL roster, but they looked good to the Raiders.

  3. Justin Miller was a liability in coverage as a DB and Undrafted Rookie Free Agent WR Nick Miller made him expendable with his ability to return kicks as well as produce as a WR.
    Anyone close to the situation saw this cut coming, along with Garcia and Sands.

  4. Wow. We keep Sam Williams and John Bowie on the scholarship program…again. Smart Al, real smart.
    Well, at least we still have our track team.

  5. quick, someone tell Al D that the ravens cut Yamon Figures. We all know that all Al looks for the the height/weight/speed and not actuall football ability.

  6. HawgNSonsTV
    The Raiders might suck, but you swallow and there are so many happy young gay men because of that.
    Some farm animals too!

  7. That’s why I like Football. It puts everything in perspective.
    I might have had a bad day today – but at least I wasn’t cut by the Raiders.
    Talk about the ultimate insult.

  8. Wow … it looks like Al is running out of money but what I can’t figured out why in the hell do you draft players only to cut them … get a scouting staff.

  9. Wow jkr, you might be a bigger idiot than Play4Blood and less educated about the Raiders than him. He’ll probably never mention his favorite team though. He’ll just pile on the Raiders because it’s the “in” thing to do.
    Anyway, to not see Garcia getting cut you must have not been paying any attention. Garcia was hurt most of the preseason or out due to personal reasons. When he did get in, he wasn’t spectacular. All he did was talk crap about how he intended to be the starting QB. All that equals a major disruption. He had no intention of “mentoring” Russell.
    All of the talking heads or so called “experts” need to put their foots in their mouths, because anyone who pays any attention to the Raiders knew that Garcia would not have the starting job at any time this season. Way to go media for trying to start a QB controversy.
    Thanks for coming out… Sorry we can’t use ya. Oh wait, you media types heard that already when you were younger.

  10. Junior
    The media doesn’t know Al Davis very well so they speculate. And look like a bunch of retards trying thump a doorknob while doing so.
    Nobody drinks more JaMarcus Russell Kool-aid than Al Davis. Unless his arms fall off or he starts worshiping the Bronco Horse head he will be behind center as long as Al Davis is alive for every snap. And at about 14 Million a year I might add.
    The fact that the media (PFT) tried to make a QB controversy is so funny I almost peed my pants.
    I mean yeah make fun of us because Al is old and senile or he drafts fast guys or our fans dress weird our coach punched a guy thats all good.
    But to say that there was ever an ice cubes chance in hell that there will ever be anyone behind center other than JaMarcus for a long long time is like saying you can pick the lotto numbers.

  11. as big as a hat says:
    September 6, 2009 11:24 AM
    HawgNSonsTV says:
    Raiders SUCK!
    “Great comment. Did you write that all by yourself?”
    Yeah, he did. It took him 3 hours, 47 spell checks, a thesaurus and his alphabet book from his 3rd birthday though.

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