Packers announce their cuts

In lieu of picking through the prior post with a partial portion of the Packers’ player personnel . . . list (is there a word starting with “p” that means list?), here’s the full list of official moves, as announced by the team.

Gone are receiver Jake Allen, quarterback Brian Brohm, cornerback Trevor Ford, guard/tackle Andrew Hartline, receiver Kole Heckendorf, linebacker Danny Lansanah, running back Kregg Lumpkin, defensive end Alfred Malone, receiver Ruvell Martin, tackle Jamon Meredith, nose tackle Dean Muhtadi, linebacker Cyril Obiozor, cornerback Joe Porter, tackle Dane Randolph, safety Anthony Smith, running back Tyrell Sutton, defensive end Ronald Talley, and nose tackle Anthony Toribio.

Martin had been a decent contributor in the past, but he likely got caught in a numbers game, given the presence of Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, and James Jones.

Defensive end Justin Harrell, cornerback Pat Lee, tight end Evan Moore and safety Charlie Peprah have been placed  on injured reserve.

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  1. These are head-scratchers based on what I’ve seen this pre-season. Both Anthony Smith and Peprah have out performed Aaron Rouse, so I guess this Derrick Martin might also be intended to be a back-up safety. the lowdown on him is that Baltimore tried to convert him to safety, but with poor results.
    I guess DeShawn Wynn makes it again despite performing the poorest on Thursday night. I really thought it was down to Lumpkin & Sutton. Shows what I know.
    And Giacomini still has a job in Green Bay. That also makes no sense.
    Notice that this makes Brett Swain the No. 5 WR (could be exciting) and GB still has three FBs on the roster. Trade bait?
    Thompson will be busy all week I bet.

  2. A few observations:
    (1) Smith was let go?? THAT i don’t understand. He was starting in the Dime all off/pre-season?? Even if he didnt displace Bigby, he was a key contributor. I can only assume and hope TT has something up his sleeve to replace him…. but what i have no idea. And they must be REALLY high on Underwood’s future to keep him over Smith when he’s at least a yr MINIMUM from contributing….
    (2) Thrilled we got SOMEONE though at CB/S …. and a backup on that baltimore D can probably start for many of the teams in the league (after some seasoning). If i ever see Bush or Rouse playing CB or S again i might cry.
    (3) I was rooting for Sutton. But despite the hype out there and him being small, it doesn’t mean that he’s the next darren sproles. That being said- i’d hoped we’d keep him and trade one of our FB’s. This was definitely my biggest disappointment
    (4) I’m sad for Brohm and surprised we gave up on him that early. but McCarthy is a QB’s coach, and he must have been REALLY unimpressed.
    (5) Ruvell- i wish you all the best. You were the “Rudy” of the team and always gave your utmost out of marginal athleticism and talent.
    (6) –> GB PS: Sutton, Meredith
    –> ANOTHER teams PS: Brohm, Cyril
    da BEARS in 1 week! BRING IT ON…! can’t wait to see us put the whiner on his back! We now have TWO INT-happy “Favre’s” in the division…

  3. I’m glad they cut Brohm, he was worse than terrible. Smith is a shocker, hell, I had him starting over Bigby.
    Watch what happens in the next week, TT isn’t done yet. I bet we bring in a veteran QB and another safety.

  4. These cuts suck, and I’m seriously beginning to doubt the “talent evaluation” in Green Bay when great young RB’s that make the zone scheme work are released (namely Sutton and Lumpkin) in favor of keeping hacks like Grant (our immortally laughable version of an NFL “starter”), Kuhn, Hall (a special teamer at best), and DeShawn Wynn, who I thought busted out a year ago but like cat crap on your shoe, you can’t shake him off. These guys have had great opportunities in the past to have a far superior version of a team than the one they’ve molded each year, and the more they make these mistakes, the harder it is to defend them as coach and GM. Oh, and dropping Meredith in favor of an uncoordinated circus freak like Giancomini is laughable. Ted seems to enjoy stroking his ego with his “master moves” that he makes each year, and these stubborn displays to keep his “projects” despite their obvious lack of talent.
    Don’t be surprised to receive laughter on the other end of calls when trying to trade those two wonder fullbacks Kuhn and Hall, that’s for sure. Oh, and way to snafu the situation to procure Luke McCown from the Bucs, he’s a Jaguar today. A Rodgers injury is the end of a season, especially keeping a spazz like Flynn as a #2.

  5. ShadowGM… really, you’re the GM??? Cuz Luke was going to be the savior of the Packers if Rodgers goes down? brilliant, just brilliant.
    Meredith and Gian. were both mid-round picks, why is one any more of a project? And meredith played so poorly he’ll make it to our PS.
    so where’s the loss?
    agree Smith is a head-scratcher, but if you can’t see by now that TT has a plan and rebuilt the team to where we’re talking division titles again-
    then i’m sorry for you.
    let it go, dude, let it go.

  6. 1) No free agent signed by the Packers made the roster except a rookie free agent.
    2) With Jeff Garcia, Andrew Walter and Joey Harrington out there, Brohm will be on the practice squad.
    3) I hope Barnett gets well and back to form before the trade deadline. He no longer is a fit in Green Bay.
    4) When you cut this much talent from your team you have to feel good as a Packer fan.

  7. Bob – I completely agree with you about barnett, he is one of my fave players but I don’t see him cutting it in the 3-4. I’m think jeff garcia will be backing up arod this year, he knows the west coast and can definitely win games. I’m going to be hung up on Sutton for a long time, he seemed like the change of pace guy we need.
    Shadow – STFU, since he became the full time starter, Ryan Grant is the #3 rusher in the NFl, and he did the majority of that with a tweaked hammy. dumba$$

  8. Wow, I had no idea Grant’s girlfriend posted on here.
    “dumba$$”, huh? I see a total of 10 games in two years in which he actually (by sheer luck) eclipsed 100 yards, jagbag. You’re saying that a “great” back like Grant is measured by big games against the likes of the Broncos, Lions (twice), Raiders, Seahawks (after Favre carved them up and we recovered from Wonderman’s two fumbles back to back), Texans, Vikings (without Winfield and predating Jared Allen – not to mention being the game Favre eclipsed 60,000 passing yards with a 351 yd, 3TD effort) and Bears (twice – 2007 without Briggs, Vasher and Anderson in the lineup, and 2008 with Harris, Urlacher and Tillman playing banged up)
    Show me where you see any measure of consistency week to week with his rushing (longer than two weeks), or where he can be relied on (and respected) as a starter. You can’t, no matter what flippin’ crackerjack stat you come back with. He is easily the third best back in our DIVISION ONLY (and I’d actually give Kevin Smith a nod over him too, he showed guts playing for a lost team and was consistent last year). Go ahead and defend him, especially for holding out last year to be paid top salary and look like a clown when it’s put up or shut up.
    It’s offensive for me to hear this guy being compared to Dorsey Levens, who if those knee/ankle injuries hadn’t happened to, we’d be talking about having more titles. He was a back with lateral quickness, agility, good footwork and shuffle, and great vision. Grant is a north/south, zero shuffle and footwork, straight line runner whose cuts are a sight to behold with his stop – turn 30 degrees-start-build speed-stop start process over again. Call him the #3 back in the league again, I need a laugh.
    Go Pack (when you get a Running Back)!

  9. You gotta love the deep insight of clown’s like ShadowGM. If he were so smart, you would think the Board of Directors of the Packers would hire him out of his mom’s basement to help figure this all out.
    Here’s the litmus test; wait another 24 hours and see how many of the cut Packers end up on another team’s final 53. Compare that to the rest of the league and you will see TT isn’t the worse GM in the game, maybe not the best, but far from the worst.

  10. says we kept A. Smith. It seems like we are bellow 53 on the roster. Hard to tell at this point. Not sure why we let Sutton go and kept 3 FB.

  11. @shadow – so total rushing yardage doesn’t figure into the equation at all? your a moron. ryan grant was the reason green bay made it all the way to the NFC champ in 07, bert just couldn’t handle the cold weather. if MM would have actually tried to run the ball against the giants then maybe we would have made it to the superbowl. instead, he tries to make favre the hero, when everybody could see it was just too damn cold for him, and he throws the game away. or was that pass sh*t because he was trying to slap your head out of his crotch? get over it man, grant, rodgers and the rest of the crew are the future, favre bailed and is gone.

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