Raiders cut Jeff Garcia

The plan was for quarterback Jeff Garcia to push starter JaMarcus Russell, the first pick in the 2007 draft, to get better.

Plan B was for Garcia to win the job.

Plan C, as it turns out, was for Garcia to not make the team.

Per a league source, Garcia has been cut.

He had a decent showing in the third preseason game against the Saints, generating a triple-digit passer rating.

If Garcia lands elsewhere, it likely won’t happen until after the first game of the regular season, since his base salary will essentially be guaranteed if he is on a roster as of Week One.

36 responses to “Raiders cut Jeff Garcia

  1. wow- I bet he is regretting ever signing with them. Guy probably could have helped another team much more.
    Oh yeah.. first

  2. Well……..2-14 instead of 4-12 guarantees another top 5 draft pick……Al is a Genius…..Waiting for the black hole to suddenly open now………LOL…was it the O coordinator the cable guy punched?…..I forget…..Anyway, if he clears waivers, I can see the Pats signing him, doubt he will be unemployed…..

  3. Wow, if this is true I am very shocked. Why would you cut this guy when Russell needs someone to tutor him. Say what you want about Garcia at least he is a proven QB…who knows about Jamarcus

  4. The Packers should put in a claim for him. As long as he realizes he is no longer a #1 QB in this league, he would be a great backup.

  5. Who cares about Garcia!
    Who would win in a fight….Coach Cable or LeGarrette Blount?
    I am going to be Don King and see if I can get an exclusive pay per view on HBO to promote the LeGarrette Blount and Coach Cable prize fight.
    Right now the odds are 4 to 1 for Cable

  6. You reported this 27 minutes earlier than John Clayton did, but can you guess who Adam Schefter gave the credit to in his tweet?

  7. Also, Garcia had done nothing since signing with the Raiders other than to say that he was the best QB on the team and he should start. He came off as bitter, and I somehow don’t think he was ready to spend his time helping Russell along…I thought it was a good move.

  8. Reading this board is similar to watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob.
    You Idiots don’t know anything about the Raiders you just regurgitate what the talking heads on ESPN tell you.
    Garcia missed all of camp he was brought in here to teach JaMarcus how to work hard, stay late watch film etc. What did he do, he took a vacation and though he could just collect a check he deserves to be cut!
    Now go back being simpletons.

  9. @EskinSux.. Garcia won’t go through waivers.. He becomes an unrestricted free agent.. After 4 yrs. in the NFL, they don’t have to go through waivers.

  10. …Peyton’s Guy says:
    September 5, 2009 6:25 PM
    Hahaha Ouch!! Show’s how much the Raiders are going to stink this year…
    Shows how stupid some people are. They only did him a favor giving him a shot because he lives in Gilroy, CA.
    The guy is finished at 39 1/2, has no arm left, and he was injured most of training camp.
    He also got clearly beat out by Charlie Frye and Bruce Gradowski

  11. Garcia needs to move past denial and get to acceptance. He can not start for anyone. He said all the right things at the first OTA but his comments lately made it seem like he wanted to start. What seems lost here is Russell was arguably better than Garcia last year and he wasn’t working with Antonio Bryant. Being a mentor is a tough thing for a former starter I guess. Culpepper half-assed it when he was in Oakland. A guy like Dilfer last year or Trent Green this year would probably have been a good fit. They accepted they could no longer start and would have been good as a 3rd QB/mentor-asst. coach.

  12. I think the Raiders are satisfied with the much, much younger, much much cheaper Gradkowski and Frye and that precipitated this move.
    Plus Garcia was talking a lot of crap for a backup. His being there probably would’ve screwed JaMarcus up more than it could’ve helped him.
    JaMarcus has a tutor. Paul Hackett is one of the best QB coaches in the NFL. That’s his tutor. Garcia would’ve got the credit if JaMarcus breaks out, but Hackett is the one mentoring him.
    Garcia was never seriously in the running for the starting QB job. That was all conjured up by guys in the media who are tripping over themselves to throw a bust label on a kid who was the youngest starting QB in the NFL last year, who basically had a 90+ QB rating over the 2nd half of the season and won his last two games while throwing two TD passes per game in his last three.
    End of story.

  13. Garcia is good he just keeps finding himself playing for fools they cut him in Philly yet sign Vick
    They cut him in Tampa where he did well
    The radiers well its the radiers he will be signed with in 9 days as soon as teams finish game one

  14. This move makes sense. Garcia is almost 40 and even if Russell has problems Charlie Frye and Bruce Gradowski are in mid twenties and can possibly move in. Smart Move.

  15. Raiders just announced cuts here they are…..S Jerome Boyd, DB Darrick Brown, DE Greyson Gunheim, WR Jonathan Holland, OL James Marten, LB David Nixon, LB Slade Norris, LB Chris O’Neill, FB Marcel Reece, RB Gary Russell, P/K Ricky Schmitt, TE Darrell Strong, OL Mark Wilson, , DT Ryan Boschetti, QB Jeff Garcia, LB Morlon Greenwood, CB Justin Miller, DT Terdell Sands, T Seth Wand.

  16. I’m STUNNED! If that pathetic team thinks they are going anywhere with JaBigMac, their ‘brain trust’ is even more demented than I had imagined. Garcia has always been one of my favorites. Here’s hoping he gets picked up by a more deserving team. I just have one more reason to root against the Faiders……..

  17. To Silver&Black666:
    Lets have an attitude check for you come about week 7 and the Faiders are at best 2-4 and more likely 1-5……….. The only simpletons on this board are those who actually believe that Oakland can actually win more than 5 games this year……….

  18. Face the facts all you delusional Raider Nation dopers and Al worshipping homeboys from the Black Hole, the ‘One Who Must Be Obeyed’ (aka the cadaver with a walker) and his loyal minions (aka “yassuh” uttering boot lickers and sphincter smoochers) decided that JuhMarque errr JayMark errr J-to-duh-Marcusss errr TheBigMoFo oh, you know, Al’s wunderkind, wasn’t quite taking to a short, freckle-faced, red-haired, semi old school dude giving him pointers on how to be more of a pro and less of a pimp. In udder woids, the dawg gotstuh go foo.
    Oh yeah, 6 & 10 is totally crack whack.
    5 & 11 is a bit of a stretch but a possibility.
    4 & 12 – AGAIN!!! – is all but assured.
    Peace out beechez.

  19. — Publicly undermining the team’s starter and young, franchise QB.
    — Skipping 90% of training camp with a sore calf.
    — By most reports generally doing very little if any real mentoring.
    Oh yeah. JaMarcus is screwed without Garcia around.
    You clowns just recite whatever the bufoons on BSPN are selling. Such as:
    “Mark my words, Jeff Garcia will be starting in Oakland by Week 5.”
    — Mark Schlereth
    ESPN Analyst, on the air, about a month ago

  20. lol. you can tell who the raider fans are when they try to validate the move while the rest of the world know the raiders are joke.

  21. Silver & Black 666
    “You Idiots don’t know anything about the Raiders you just regurgitate what the talking heads on ESPN tell you.”
    I don’t think anyone needs to be told by ESPN, and it’s not big news…The Raiders stink…All you need to do is watch one of their games…Of course if it’s a home game it probably will be blacked out in Oakland.

  22. # VoxVeritas says: September 5, 2009 7:40 PM
    “The Eagirls could use an NFL-quality backup for when McNabb bruises his taint again”.
    I’d think the Cowboys could use him, for later in the year. You know…in December, for the annual Romo late season swoon.

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