Redskins won't keep Chase Daniel

It turns out no one won Washington’s battle to be the team’s third quarterback.

Despite Colt Brennan getting placed on injured reserve, Chase Daniel will not make the team, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.   

Even more surprising, Daniel will reportedly not be considered for the practice squad. 


The Redskins will have only two active quarterbacks after Saturday: Jason Campbell and Todd Collins. 

12 responses to “Redskins won't keep Chase Daniel

  1. That’s pretty retarded, he played well when given a chance.
    6/8, 58 yards and 2 TDs with 0 picks against the Steelers D?
    Albeit no one ever accused the Redskins of being smart with QBs.

  2. “This is what we are going to to this offseason folks – sign a player who has a proven lazy streak and has never completed a 16 game season to the largest non-QB contract in the league; then pay a struggling bust CB like he is Deion Sanders; then we are going to try and trade out starting QB not once but twice; in the event one of the other QB’s our roster goes down on IR, we’ll cut more QB’s. And lastly – the best player on our team and main factor as to whether we sink or swim – we are going to take him off the field on 3rd down”
    Ahh the Dan Synder way, genius. But as long as ol Danny Boy keeps the fat cats on capitol hill buying tickets and jerseys, what does he care.

  3. if you have Randle El on your roster, 3rd QB is a bonus roster spot you don’t need to use
    but not putting him on the PS? that seems weird

  4. Why would they have to pray, he’s not injured and niether is collins??? The patriots are in more danger thanthe Redskins if Brady goes down ah,, who’s there 2nd string QB? nobody knows.

  5. Yeah, let’s keep the guy who got injured, and was very inconsistent when he wasn’t injured! That always works well!

  6. The Redskins are probably waiting for the final cuts (4pm deadline) and find a 3rd quarterback there. Then there will probably be a few more roster adjustments. I’m anticipating Randle-El and/or Cartwright being released.

  7. WTF are you smoking Bruce? Zorn has called Randle-El the best WR in camp, helping teach the young guys and working out of the slot. Cartwright is still the primary return guy on kick-offs, the battle is for the #4 RB. And Chase WILL be considered for the practice squad.

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