Schefter: A.J. Feeley to Patriots not going to happen

It’s uncertain if the Patriots will add another quarterback behind Tom Brady, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter is confident that they won’t be adding Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley.

Schefter tweeted the news in a response to SI’s Peter King, and we followed up asking whether it was the Patriots or Eagles that didn’t have interest.

His response: “Not sure which — it’s not clear — just know that trade won’t happen.”

So there you go.  The Patriots still could be interested in dealing a tight end to the Eagles.

8 responses to “Schefter: A.J. Feeley to Patriots not going to happen

  1. “The Patriots still could be interested in dealing a tight end to the Eagles.”
    What do you mean? For a different player or draft pick? The whole article said it will not happen and the last line said that it could happen. Is this a typo or what?
    I actually hope that Schefter has started getting ESPN’d and is flat out wrong. I would love Ben Watson or Alex Smith.

  2. Of course this won’t happen. Why would the Patriots trade for a guy that the Eagles are gonna have to release in a few hours. Why not just sign him after the eagles cut him. The Birds obviously can’t keep 4 QB’s on the roster.

  3. Rosenthal do you think that Schefter is saying this since Vick is suspended until Week 3, and Kolb is coming off injury?
    I still say pull the trigger on this, both teams win.

  4. The Pats #1 in 2010 and 2011 seems about right. Then next year the Eagles trade Vick for a #1 and a #2 to a team that wouldn’t pay to have him for free this year.

  5. @Dvastatr he’ll get put on waivers and have to clear 22 other teams before the Pats can have a crack at signing him – he’d be gone by the time the Pats chance came around.
    It’s not as cut and dry as “just wait until he’s cut then sign him”.

  6. The waiver system is based upon years served in the NFL. Feeley’s a 9 year veteran which means if he is cut he will be completely free at any time thereafter to negotiate and sign a contract with any club he wishes.
    If an NFL player has less than 4 years of credited service the players contract will be subject to a 24 hour waiver system (during the season) and may be awarded to a claiming club. If there’s more than one claiming the team with the worst record has priority.

  7. @DidloBaggins as Ralphie stated (quite nicely by the way Ralphie) AJ is a veteran and would become a free agent. I wrongly assumed that everyone knew that rule. I admittedly didn’t know about the “Roster Execption” that the Eagles just used on Vick. But it looks like that only buys them 2 weeks until they have to activate Vick. AJ will most likely be released then, and become a free agent and most likely sign with the Pats.

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