"Fourth and Long" winner makes practice squad

Maybe Jerry Jones just wants to extend the promotional brand of Fourth and Long, the Michael Irvin reality show in which Jones awarded a 80-man roster spot to the winner.

Or maybe Jesse Holley has really earned his spot on the Cowboys practice squad.  (This heads-up play resulting in a 82-yard touchdown couldn’t hurt.)

Whatever the reason, Holley’s accomplishment indicates his presence on the training camp roster wasn’t all just a stunt.  Who knows, maybe Holley will even be able to do his wing-flapping touchdown dance in a game that counts someday.

The rest of your 2009 Dallas practice squad: guard Travis Bright, quarterback Rudy Carpenter, tight end Scott Chandler, fullback Julius Crosslin, defensive end Marcus Dixon, wide receiver Manny Johnson, and wide receiver Mike Mickens.

9 responses to “"Fourth and Long" winner makes practice squad

  1. Good for Holley. This is no stunt. He proved he deserved his chance with that run. How many DRAFTED players never do that?

  2. ONLY the TV-hungry Cowboys would pick up their players on reality shows. It’s a wonder he got stuck on the practice squad, you’d think Jones would have wanted him starting. Or maybe that’s Fourth and Long: Season 2 where they win a starting position, again, only in Dallas.
    Hey Jerry, why not lay off all of the reality shows, ridiculous publicity stunts, stadium snafus, and general stupidity, and put some effort into… hold it.. winning games?! Is that not the point of a sports franchise??

  3. VoxVeritas says:
    It’s better than picking them up off the police blotter, toolio.
    Yeah true. It would seem you guys learned that lesson the hard way with Pacman, among others..
    Also: “Toolio”? Is that the best you have? Seriously??

  4. Jesse Holley, who people forget was on the Bengals practice squad once for like a month…..What’s that tell ya…..Is Roy Williams looking over his shoulder now?……..He might want to impove on those 17 or some odd catches of last year, and stop being a pussy in shorts and shirts practices….Jesse is in town………lol

  5. “Who knows, maybe Holley will even be able to do his wing-flapping touchdown dance in a game that counts someday.”
    Bank on it!

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