Grossman could be the No. 2 man in Houston

The identity of the backup quarterback is important in every NFL city.  In Houston, with starter Matt Schaub missing five games in 2007 and five games in 2008, it’s critical.

And coach Gary Kubiak strongly hinted in comments to the media on Saturday that Rex Grossman, who made the team due in part to a solid performance in Friday’s preseason finale, may supplant Dan “Wrong Way” Orlovsky as the presumptive No. 2 behind Schaub.

“Yeah, he did a heck of a job,” Kubiak said in response to the question of whether Grossman closed the gap on Orlovsky.  “He was very impressive with how he played and how he handled the football team.  I think that he and Dan are both our backups in my mind as I sit here right now.”

In other words, it’s currently a tie.  So which one would play if something on Schaub snaps? 

“I will make a decision on that as the week goes on,” Kubiak said, “but I have confidence in both of them, but obviously, [Grossman] was very impressive not only to me but to his teammates and earned his way onto this team.  I wish we would’ve had him the whole training camp, the whole preseason to play because he obviously has some dang good football in him still and it showed up [Friday] night.”

In a season of high expectations for the Houston franchise, Kubiak could turn to some of that “dang good football” from Grossman if the team doesn’t get enough of it from Schaub.