Merriman's expected defense? He was trying to stop her from driving

At some point in the not-too-distant future, look for Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman to articulate publicly his defense against the claim that he battered and falsely imprisoned Tila Tequila Nguyen early Sunday morning.

As we understand it, Merriman will indeed contend that she was intoxicated, and that he was trying to prevent her from driving in that condition, as she attempted to leave her home.

The situation raises an interesting point regarding the lengths to which someone can or should go to stop someone else from driving drunk.  In this case, Merriman will claim that he did not cross the line, and the other persons who were at his home are expected to testify to that end.

So continue to stay tuned on this one.  A statement of some sort is expected from Nguyen, and it’s likely that Merriman will issue a public comment that articulates his defense to the charges in response to whatever she has to say about the situation.

61 responses to “Merriman's expected defense? He was trying to stop her from driving

  1. This was most likely not the case, but it might have been. People can keep trying to insult Merriman but the fact is that it could have been anything, good or bad, and none of you who are making judgments know for sure.

  2. According to the Sheriff’s department spokesperson, Ms. Tequila was intoxicated when the deputies arrived.
    Look’s like Merriman did the right thing and tried to stop his crazy, drunk, lesbian girlfriend from hopping in her car and killing some kids in a mini-van.

  3. If she had tweeted several times about her love for Merriman and they had been out at the birthday party having a good time, I suspect that she’ll tell police to withdraw the charges and say that she over-reacted because she was a little too drunk. They’ll kiss and make up, count on it.

  4. Do you even know that she had a car there?
    I mean I understand the logic you’re using, but before you start playing up this “theory” so much you might want to know if it was even possible.
    You don’t want to look like a moron tomorrow when it comes out that she didn’t even have access to a car.

  5. This is all going to turn into a non-issue. The problem I have is why Shawn is dumb enough to be hanging out with this crazy a** hoe. Hopefully he will drop this be-atch and stay focused on the opening game.

  6. Merriman’s expected defense?
    I’m Rick James Bitch…………

  7. Would the Chargers be interested in trading Shawn to the Cincinnati Bengals? That is what I’d like to know.

  8. It’s not that I’ve ever respected Shawne (sic) Merriman, but yet and still, TILA TEQUILA? Were the Rock of Love contestants too busy? Were The Real World girls not skanky enough? This girl, as Paulie Walnuts would say, is a “whooer”.

  9. What’s not to say that the witnesses weren’t his boys who will likely say whatever he asks them to say? Further more for all you, I or anyone else knows they could have been trying some orgy swinger liberal free love crap that they pull off out there in Cali and maybe it was too much for Tila. Obviously that last one is a reach but the point is still the same.

  10. You used “Merriman” and “articulates” in the same sentence.
    “She drink, me protect her, me sooorrrreeeee”

  11. Because when you are an obscenely muscled 6’4″, 270 pound man your only option in stopping a 4’11, 105 pound woman is to violently choke her……
    I hope his ass gets prosecuted.

  12. I hope this is the story and the issue is raised. I know a domestic violence counselor that told me she gets about 5 – 10 men a year referred to her for court ordered treatment because they tried to restrain an intoxiated girlfriend or wife from driving only to have the police be called in and the man arrested. In Colorado there are 7 catagories of charges for woman accused of domestic violence but only one for men.
    Who knows what really happened, but if it is a case of a man restraining a woman from driving while clearly intoxicated only to have the woman report the incident as a case of domestic violence Shawn won’t be alone when he fights the charges.
    Would not a male police officer arresting a female for DUI use physical force if necessary to restrain and arrest her? If so then there is no reason the owner of the home from which she is attempting to leave (and thus possibly open to civil liability if he provided her the alcohol) should not be given wider latitude than normally given when it comes to the use of physical force In this case we already know that immediately after the incident the “victim” had no serious injuries. If the alledged explanation is true, charges should be dropped against Shawn and filing a false police report charges should be filed against the “victim”.

  13. An NFL LB has to choke a woman to stop her from driving drunk ? Maybe the Lions should look into signing this woman, she must be a real bad a$$.

  14. What are the implications that the police had her sign a “citizen’s arrest” document – why was this necessary? Does it lend any credibility to Merriman that the police didn’t arrest him simply based on her call?
    Need someone legal expertise to weigh-in.

  15. Thats one way to stop drunk driving: Try and kill the drunk before they can get in their vehicle.
    It might just work, but does raise a series of other problems.
    We need to hear from MADD on this issue.

  16. “hopping in her car and killing some kids in a mini-van.”
    Happened at 3:45 am, hopefully no kids were out that late, but you still make a good point. Come to Vegas at 3 am and the only people driving are cops and drunks.
    “If so then there is no reason the owner of the home from which she is attempting to leave (and thus possibly open to civil liability if he provided her the alcohol)”
    Only when minors are involved.
    “He should say that he confused her with the playoffs, and just did what came natural. Choking.”

  17. Anyone too drunk to drive is too drunk to change their tire. Have your buddy talk her ear off and let the air out of her tire. Problem solved.

  18. One thing ppl seem to be forgetting……..
    ACCUSED is far different than being guilty! A woman can accuse a man of doing damn near anything these days and he will be arrested for it.
    Florio is accused of being knowledgeable of football, but we all know that is FAR from the truth!

  19. Why is Merriman tagging that piece of trash?? She’s the same kind of chick that got Mcnair’s ass blown off. Stay away from the psychos fellas.

  20. Tila: I’m leaving!
    Shawne: No your not, your drunk!
    Tila: Watch me!
    Shawne: Give me the keys!
    Tila: No!
    Shawne: Alright then!!! I’m going to violently choke you then throw you to the ground in order to stop you from driving! Here take THIS! AHHHHHH! SLAM! Tumble, tumble.
    Witnesses: Uh Shawne, why didn’t you just call the police or we could have blocked her car or called a TAXI or for that matter a LIMO seeing your worth millions, or one of us could have driven her home?
    Shawne: SHUT UP! I need you guys to tell the police what really (cough, cough) happened here.

  21. This is another example of what roid rage does. Wonder if he threw her to the ground like she was Jeff Garcia, he’s about the same size.

  22. All you people saying that he choked her are idiots!
    Think about it for even a second and you would realize how stupid that sounds. Hes a 260lb NFL LINEBACKER, if he laid a finger on her, she would bruise up, yet the cops show up and find nothing worth arresting him for. All they need is to arrest him is a scratch, a mark ANYTHING, but they show up and find nothing but a drunken whore, and you guys seem to think Merriman did something to her?
    Now thats not to say Merriman did nothing wrong. First of all, hes a young, rich, good looking guy in one of the best looking cities in america, you mean to tell me he couldnt find anyone better that TILA TEQUILA? Also, what is he doing have a party at 4am a week before the season starts? I think this guy was supposedly so motivated to win a ring this year that he was calling out teammates in practice?
    Wise up Shawne

  23. No, home owners are not given the same latitude as police. Police are supposedly trained to deal with these situations, and are supposedly trained in non-violent interdiction means to take the person down, a citizen is not. If your only option seems to be to use force to stop someone from getting in their car, your best bet is to call the police. That way you are covered, although the implications of doing that clearly suck.
    At any rate Merriman choked her, which is not going to be taken well, and could very well go against him, either in court of in the NFL conduct policy. A man of his size and training should be able to accomplish this task without choking someone. Then again, he is used to choking, it is what he knows!

  24. First off. It’s hilarious that you are posting this info regarding his reasoning for the “incident” in a way that makes it seem you have some insider knowledge. The claim that he was preventing her from leaving his house because she was wasted has been out there since late morning on the SDUT website, some real provocative inside info there Florio.
    Secondly, there is no official confirmation from the DA or the police that she was choked, so all of you stating that are simply guessing what happened. If you read the statement from the Sheriff’s department spokesperson Tequila had no visible injuries and was extremely inebriated when deputies arrived. In fact police did not request for her to be taken to the hospital, she did. So far what’s being reported from the police and how it’s being portrayed by the media sure don’t seem to match up.
    Bottom line, if he did it he’s a scumbag and should be locked up, but if he didn’t he’s having his name dragged through the mud so websites can get more hits.

  25. Tila may be a drunkin skank but how can a NFL Linebacker who weighs 275 pounds and be a foot and a half bigger than her claim he needed to choke her to prevent her from leaving her house and drive her car. I bet he won’t get suspended after she gets enough attention and she drops the charges, but Shawnee Merriman should be ashamed to be hanging around with her and embarrashed that he needed to chake and beat her to get the keys out of her hands. I can hear the offensive line taunting him already.

  26. Tila Tequila trying to get back into the spot light pulling a Chris Brown scenario, to bad its a fake ….
    Police response is so bad here in San Diego the only way the’ll show up fast is that “they have a gun”, “Ive been shot” or “he tried to choke me” and boom, they’re there!
    Shawne should of known better that to mess with a crazy chick like that. Hope his story is true, I was at the Stingaree last night, he looked fine and sober and she was drunk off her a** giving lap dances.
    get this over with quick Merriman!

  27. Funny how so many folks are defending the fact that because she was drunk and wanted to drive, it was OK for him to choke her. I can understand holding her against her will, but choking?
    For the dummies out there that get into a crazy situation like this, here are some suggestions on how to handle it:
    1. Hold her down, not by her neck, and try to reason.
    2. Take her keys and hide them.
    4. Punture a tire? lol
    3. Have someone call the cops to come handle it while you do #1.
    Anything that will not result in someone getting choked or ending up in jail.
    What a dummy!

  28. Maybe next time he should say her face was on fire, and he was trying to put it out with his fist. Lights out.

  29. Looks like Shawn “Marries men” is gonna be getting knocked on his a$$ in prison and not by Maurice Jones-Drew on the field anymore!

  30. In CA if the cops show up and the incident is over the victim “arrests” the suspect not the police. The police simply transport the suspect to jail for the victim. It sounds strange but that is the way it works if the crime is not actually in progress when the police arrive.
    Also “choked” doesn’t neccesarily mean he had his hands around her throat and was lifting her off the ground. They’re are many ways to restrain someone that could be defined as “choking”. Essentially this chick is an insane drunk porno whore and shawne didn’t want to deal with her getting a DUI leaving his house.

  31. @ timegambit:
    nobody needs to hear from MADD on any issue. Those windbags are not the solution to ANY problem, they are making things worse in this country.’
    Shawn Merriman is a Terp. That alone is enough to get him arrested.
    Tila Tequila? Skank of skanks. Shawn should have been using Ziploc bags on that…

  32. Keeping keys away from someone wouldn’t involve false imprisonment charges. Nor would it require choking someone, you simply take the keys and call a cab. Was a cab called? Doesn’t seem like it.

  33. raidermight….
    so tell us all what exactly happened since you were there and know for a fact that she was choked.
    Stop assuming that is what happened because the player accused plays for the team that kicks your team’s head in twice a year. It appears as though you can read and form a thought (albeit one that appears terribly biased), there is no confirmation that she was choked. There is an accusation from a drunk skank and police confirming there were no visible injuries. Don’t you think a 270 lb. man choking a 105 lb. whoore may leave a visible mark. Come on, I expect more from society, even a raider fan.

  34. I can’t believe he was dumb enough to let this self-promoting, narcissistic, talentless, 15-minutes-of-fame-are-up chick get near him. Who knows what went down but one thing is for sure – she’s going to run with this as far as it will take her.

  35. Also heard that LT was at the party and was caught trying to choke Adrian Peterson. Of course he couldn’t catch him since he’s lost a step.

  36. Merriman’s next stop; gotta be Cincy, Baltimore or New England. They just love the “street-cred” thugs.

  37. “An NFL LB has to choke a woman to stop her from driving drunk ?”
    Allegedly, according to the woman. You know, Roethlisberger “allegedly” raped a woman.
    “No, home owners are not given the same latitude as police. Police are supposedly trained to deal with these situations, and are supposedly trained in non-violent interdiction means to take the person down, a citizen is not.”
    The police are also licensed.
    “At any rate Merriman choked her, which is not going to be taken well, and could very well go against him, either in court of in the NFL conduct policy.”
    The police found no injuries to the “victim”. If he had tried to choke her, she would have had marks around her neck and throat area. From the San Diego Union-Tribune:
    “Although Tequila was allegedly restrained by Merriman, Caldwell said she was able to get to a phone and call 911.
    Detectives were continuing their investigation, Caldwell said, and the District Attorney’s Office would decide later if any formal charges would be filed.”
    More than likely there will be no formal charges filed because of (1) lack of evidence and (2) because of testimony by witnesses that contradict her statements. And, there’s the possibility that she’ll request that the charges be withdrawn.

  38. Merriman is a thug wanna be. Suspend him. No one should ever put their hands on a woman. Loser thug. At least LJ didn’t try to hurt the women in his run ins. The Chargers will suck this year with or without him.

  39. Florio knows this personally because one night in a drunken rage he heat his babysitter up at 3:00am and used the same excuse!

  40. Wow, I thought strippers were named after exotic cars and not Mexican whiskey?
    What’s next a women named “Pabst”

  41. when you factor in that merriman was a teammate of the recently deceased terrance kiel, a guy who died because he decided to leave stephen cooper’s party, driving drunk
    merriman’s going to come out of this smelling like a rose, despite all sd’s rival fans still hating him

  42. Before you jump on the “Shawn is 6’4″ 275 and she is merely 5′ 90lbs…”,take a good look at Exhibit A:
    The infamous Maurice Jones Drew vs. Merriman youtube clip

  43. “He should say that he confused her with the playoffs, and just did what came natural. Choking.”
    Hilarious, except I think it shows that you don’t even watch NFL playoff games. Or else you think choking means anything less than winning a SB, which is so ridiculous it makes me want to laugh out loud and chortle.
    Merriman has always played well in the postseason. To give a couple of quick examples, he had constant pressure on Brady in ’06 and got a sack in that game, and he was the one who got around the edge to pressure Manning late in the game in ’07 on 4th and goal in the game’s dying minutes. You sir are a moron.

  44. too bad you can’t claim Tequila needs money or he might win. Sounds like Meriman is still taking steroids because that’s what steroids does, it gives you a small penis. Meriman just can’t help that a slut won’t put out for him.

  45. On the bright side, it gave me a great name for my fantasy football team.
    Tequila Chokeslam is headed for a championshiiip

  46. Given a lack of injury and her inebriation I am completely skeptical of her claim.
    I would also wager that Tequila in fact does need money. She is not an actress. She does not have any talent. She is not even particularly attractive (at least no more so than your average stripper). She is basically a reality show contestant with no regular income to speak of.

  47. too bad it wasn’t jones-drew, so merriman can end up on his back again! what roid freak, all he has to look forward to is more injuries, and more playoff losses!

  48. “…# timegambit says: September 6, 2009 6:50 PM
    We need to hear from MADD on this issue….”
    Can’t help ya there, I belong to DAMM.
    Drunks Against Mad Mothers.

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