Shawne Merriman busted for battery, false imprisonment

The days prior to the 2008 regular-season opener were dominated by discussion regarding whether Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman would be able to play due to a torn PCL.

This year, the question is whether Merriman will be able to play after allegedly assaulting a D-level television celebrity named Tila Tequila.

Merriman allegedly “choked and physically restrained” Tequila as she tried to leave his San Diego residence.

He was taken into custody at 3:45 a.m. local time and charged with battery and false imprisonment.  Tequila was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The timing for Merriman is horrendous.  He has been talking routinely regarding a plan to have a huge season in 2009, in the hopes of silencing critics who say that his play dropped dramatically after his suspension for steroids.  As he enters his contract year, Merriman could be facing discipline from the team and/or the league for the arrest.

That said, because he’s a first offender, there’s a chance that neither the league nor the team will act until the legal process plays itself out.

Stay tuned for more as developments emerge.

139 responses to “Shawne Merriman busted for battery, false imprisonment

  1. That sort of thing can happen when you take steroids…
    Maybe they should just trade him to the Raiders now…

  2. Can’t write this stuff… no one would believe it.
    Hey… how’s that Manning-Rivers trade looking now?

  3. Is man-handling a small asian p0rn star wannabe even illegal in most states?
    I mean its just not fair.

  4. Time to bring out the drug testing kits. Sounds like ‘roid-rage to me (and looks like it too, with the mohawk).

  5. Merriman is simply rehearsing for a new Fox Network reality series: Shut Up And Fix Me Chicken Pot Pie, Biatch with Shawne Merriman.
    Co-starring James Harrison.

  6. HAHAHA….roid rage!….that steroid using piece of crap….i hope he gets suspended for the year

  7. Uh Oh, SD is in trouble now. Man, I would like my team to match up in the playoffs with who ever gets to go out of that crappy division.

  8. I dont know what I feel happier about – Merriman being arrested or the fact that is was Tila Tequila. Send him to jail with plax. Chargers suck!

  9. Best news I’ve heard all day. Couldn’t happen to a better guy, really.
    But seriously, can you imagine anything better than Tila Tequila getting choked and Shawn Merriman getting arrested from the same incident?
    Maybe there is a god after all.
    Also, once again proving that steroids do cause douche-ish behavior.

  10. D level celeb, hilarious!
    Also who cares, maybe she was a cheating wh@re, new studies released prove that woman cheat more than men and are also more likely to lie about it and better at hiding it.
    I hope she got what she deserved!

  11. Wow. ‘Roid Rage maybe? Wonder were all the folks who criticized Dallas for picking Demarcus Ware over this turd are now? LOL!
    Seriously, there were whispers around U of MD campus about some other ladies who he got a little “physical” with. I never took them too serious, but now……

  12. Wow – so tell me again all you “hahaha – Dallas choked and took Ware ahead of Merriman – losers!!!” – who’d you rather have now?

  13. Trade him to the Cowboys, the only team in the NFL that provides 24/7 babysitting services for their players.

  14. Wow. He’s REALLY determined to ruin his career.
    He went from the talk of the NFL to nothing but a roided out white trash wanna be. I’m guessing the details in this case really won’t help his case.
    Somewhere….Roger Goodell is uncasing the Golden Banhammer of Death.
    Still I’d hate to have to be the cop that arrested Merriman, he’s a beast.
    Maybe he got tasered and then did the Lights Out dance
    LLOOLLL i luv it

  15. C’mon Merriman, you can do better than that walking petri dish. Heck, probably hundreds of people on this site have already it that.

  16. Tila Tequila? Wow, now we know something about Merriman’s private life that most of us would rather not.
    Any sentence, much less any paragraph that includes the work Tequila likely doesn’t have a happy ending. Which is kinda ironic, for those amongst you who know who she is.
    Wow, somebody call Barry Sears. No zone diet for me; I’m already there!!!

  17. Wasn’t Plaxico suspended before his legal process had run its course? Indefinite suspension till the process runs its course.

  18. The article says 345 AM, which is surprising, since nothing bad ever happens to players after midnight.

  19. Eeks. Well, considering things were slow during the offseason, I think we can now say that the season has begun.
    And I think her breasts are the only thing D-level.

  20. JSpicoli says:
    September 6, 2009 1:26 PM
    San Di-Egg-O, Super Chokers.
    Ha, ha, ha! Hilarious.
    Could this season have any more bizarre story lines going into it? What’s next? Brett Fav-rah coming out of retirement to play for the hated nemisis of his former team or a Super Bowl contender trading a perennial all-pro to the Rai-duhs only days before the season opener or a rash of offensive coordinator firings just as the pre-season ends?
    Oh wait……….
    God, what theater!

  21. In between sobs over how Eli hurt their widdle feewings, Chargers fans love to try and throw it back at Giants fans how they got the far superior end of the deal because they wound up with Merriman. Yeah, an injury-prone juicer (and we can now add “woman abuser” to the list) versus Super Bowl MVP. Boy, Giants fans are still real disappointed in how that trade worked out.

  22. gameday, your boyfriend Shawnee is cheating on you (and with a woman at that.) You must be one sobbing queen right now. Make sure the next time he comes by for your weekly pillow-biting session that you remind him that you’re the only douchebag he’s allowed to slap around.

  23. WorldChampionBears2009 says:
    September 6, 2009 1:28 PM
    Is man-handling a small asian p0rn star wannabe even illegal in most states?
    I mean its just not fair.
    Best comment EVER!

  24. Has anyone brought up steroids or roid rage yet? Idiots. After the first two or three, the remaining dolts should have come up with something unique. Anyone can simply repost the obvious, tired, played-out comment.

  25. he won’t be suspended for this unless there were drugs in his system
    marshall didn’t get suspended for his dv + impisonment till the next season
    goodell will investigate it and wait for the court proceedings (which will take a long time) to be done with
    that’s if this even goes to trial (the woman will probably drop the charges)
    all that said, this is more than likely the last straw and merriman will more than likely be a free agent in 2010
    then i can watch a bunch of you hypocrites beg to have him on your team haha

  26. Looks like Ms. Tequila is looking to “GET PAID”. Why else would she be at Merriman’s home at 3AM? Feels like, “Tyson-Roethlisberger Syndrome” all over again.
    Garbage attracts garbage.

  27. I really don’t know why this chick is popular or even d list famous.. Shes unattractive and has a weak body..
    I’m sure know drugs were involved at 3:45 in the morning.. Lights out baby..

  28. Mary man has no lead left in his pipe from the roid damage. He couldn’t perform his duty and took his frustration out on the Tequila girl when she gave up and headed for the door. LIGHTS OUT!

  29. Shawne,
    You’re crazy. Seek medical attention immediately.
    Barret Robbins

  30. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Merriman or Ware?
    Ware or Merriman?
    Gosh this is a TOUGH one.
    Lemme think some more.
    Hold on, still thinking.
    Well Shawne’s gonna be pissed if we don’t pick him.
    But I can’t help but notice this guy talks and acts like a gangbanger and Ware is nice kid that opens doors for little old ladies and calls people older than him ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’.
    Plus he doesn’t spell his first name with a prissy ‘e’ on the end like Shawne does.
    So there’s that.
    Then there’s the steroid rumors. Do we really want to spend a 1st round pick on a guy we might lose for half or all of a season because he thinks he needs the drugs to compete?
    I don’t know, man. This is such a close call.
    I know, I’ll flip a coin……..

  31. @brian029,
    Your comment was hysterical, and in context.
    The rest of you losers – how is choking a woman funny? Oh wait, you’re still helping OJ find Nicole’s true killer, right? Friggin’ morons!

  32. No woman deserves to be treated like that.
    Although, she is nothing but a skank, her photoshopped photo’s shot her to fame on MySpace, gave her a TV show, blah blah blah…..
    I wouldn’t triple wrap and feel safe with her……..

  33. What a moron.
    I can’t defend this idiot athletes anymore.
    Tila Tequila?
    I wouldn’t even let her in my house,
    Tom Brady marries Giselle and this clown is with Tila Tequila? Thats the best you can do?
    Send him away

  34. [man at the bar’s pager goes off, he looks at it, sighs, and pulls out his phone] “hey michael, youre on your own for now, i gotta help out shawne merriman, apparently he likes to choke pornstars now…yeah, hes gonna be in jail for a while.”

  35. Its reported that she was his girlfriend. Now I know the reason for the crazy lights out dance. Its your junk burning.

  36. It is now official….Shawn Merriman is a turd.
    Also…..The little Miss Tequila is nothing more than a no talent gold digging slutty trollop. Nice pick Shawn. Are your parents proud?

  37. “Strangers in the night”……..Oh wait, let me correct that……..”Attention whores in the night”….that’s better……. It’s a damn shame this happened…..Would have made a perfect couple….

  38. “Great Day 2 Be A Raiders Fan.”
    Ummm. You just gave up a #1 Draft pick for Richard Semour. Care to rethink that? LOL

  39. Looks like there are a lot of commenters on this site who are virgins, so I will educate you eunuchs.
    Women are not for hitting. There are many pleasurable things to do with females, but hitting is not one of them.
    You may now return to singing Judy Garland music, worldchampionbears2009. You too, dEV. And that also goes for the real deal, ChadPenningtonsNoodleArm, and the rest of you princesses who celebrate a 270 pound coward punching out a hundred pound girl.
    You sugar plum fairies should be selling Girl Scout Cookies rather than flaunting your ignorance.

  40. It’s not the first time she’d been beaten.
    It looks like she’d been beaten with the ugly stick for quite some time.
    Go to jail Merroidman.

  41. I guess those jerseys on Ebay are gonna take a decline. Plus I’m sure Tila’s been choked by a man before, if u know what I mean….

  42. I swear if one more effen moron says “Roid Rage” one more time… i’ll strangle you through the d.amn internet. Damn.

  43. to the raider fans
    i’d bet every day before the actual season begins is a “great day to be a raider fan”
    once the season begins it’s back to oakland being dragged to hell by the crypt keeper

  44. Can’t wait to see the stupid arse face Norvel Turner makes when the Chargless lose on MNF to the Raiders and Richard Seymour.
    How low can you go? They’ll be lucky to finish 8-8 this season and to win the lowly AFC West.
    San Diego stupid Chargless. Their window has opened and closed and is now nailed shut. Another 20 years before they contend again for their 1st Lombardi Trophy. 50 years of a crappy organization with half-arse fans…LOL

  45. he did what about 99.9% of america wanted to do but didnt have the courage or dedication to do. i for one salute this man

  46. its prettay prettay pathetic if this is the highlight of your season, Raiders fans
    and i’m no charger fan.

  47. “Trade him to the Cowboys, the only team in the NFL that provides 24/7 babysitting services for their players. ”
    But maybe not the only team that should. Who is watching Johnny Jolly right now?

  48. I think what is sad is this doesn’t seem to register any shock to me.
    Add to the fact that from all the talent in San Diego this is your female choice ?
    Somewhere there is some Billy Joel look alike hanging with his Christie Brinkley like girl so laughing at this story.
    Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?
    Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

  49. I’m not a Chargers fan or hater, but has anyone actually read the account of what happened according to NBC San Diego. It sounds rather familiar to me… Guy throws party, extremely drunk girl tries to leave party, is stopped by people at the party from driving….drunk person calls cops saying she’s being held against her will. Hasn’t anyone been around a wasted person who thinks they can drive and had to try to stop them? It’s not always easy. Not saying that’s the case here, but after reading NBC report, I certainly wouldn’t draw any conclusions yet.

  50. x28 says:
    September 6, 2009 2:41 PM
    Looks like there are a lot of commenters on this site who are virgins, so I will educate you eunuchs.
    Women are not for hitting. There are many pleasurable things to do with females, but hitting is not one of them.
    You may now return to singing Judy Garland music, worldchampionbears2009. You too, dEV. And that also goes for the real deal, ChadPenningtonsNoodleArm, and the rest of you princesses who celebrate a 270 pound coward punching out a hundred pound girl.
    You sugar plum fairies should be selling Girl Scout Cookies rather than flaunting your ignorance.
    Ditto. But no one would be joking if he strangled a dog because that’s worse than assaulting a human being…..

  51. First offense, Yeah and so was Plaxico Burress’ offense when he shot himself in the leg. And look what happened to him. They should toss his sorry as in jail, but he’ll slip by, just watch and see.

  52. Like I said,
    @CardHock, Great Day 2 be a Raiders Fan, Go Raiders.
    And yes we did just pick up 29yr old 5time pro-bowl, 3time SB champ R. Seymore
    Yes We did~ I’m not worried about 2011 I’m worried about Monday Night 2009, U F In Raider Hater
    Go Raiders!

  53. Tila Tequila??? Yikes!
    Merriman is going to need some different type of “shots” than the type he’s used to getting.
    Best start with penicillin…

  54. Tila Tequila likes men and women…Shawn merriman is/was with Tila Tequila…I wonder how NFL locker rooms would handle a player that swings both ways

  55. NFL players are getting paid way to much. If they actually had to earn their money again,they would appreciate the game that they play, and they would not be pulling this crap.
    Hey idots, you have everything you could imagine. Don’t break the law!!
    p.s. Shawnie… don’t drop the soap.

  56. Being a Raiders fan keeps getting better, got Seymour from “Belicheats” Patriots and know Shawne “Married to a man” goes off his Steriods and freaks. Charger’s couldnt win a SuperBowl with Fouts and Windslow and they are not gonna win won with Rivers and Tomlinson.

  57. LOL!! Brian029 Good one. Merriman is a has-been, and the chargers are starting to turn into a joke!! I mean their own fans won’t even go watch them play, lol. Looks like its gonna be “Lights Out” on local television this season.

  58. must be roid rage, cuz why else would his balls shrink and attack a woman, she prolly called him out on that and he snapped

  59. Man Florio’s disgruntled, must have found out Merriman’s been cheating on him with Tila Tequila….lol

  60. oakland fans calling another team a joke? that’s rich haha
    you guys have less wins than the lions the past 5 years
    oh and ex pats = death
    especially in a hell hole like oakland
    you guys just can’t make use of any talent…you’re basically NE’s farmclub

  61. Can’t say I wouldn’t choke that chinese chicken faced hag either…. disgusting little tramp. Anyway, Thats why Larry English was drafted! So if Merriman doesn’t straighten out, let him go to Cincy or Philly, with the other criminals.
    Oakland Sucks.

  62. LMMFAPMP!!! I registered solely to reply to the following:
    # Poo Flinging Monkey says: September 6, 2009 1:30 PM
    Merriman is simply rehearsing for a new Fox Network reality series: Shut Up And Fix Me Chicken Pot Pie, Biatch with Shawne Merriman.
    Co-starring James Harrison.

  63. All the idiots who seem to be taking pleasure for this steroid using cheating a-hole beating up a woman show only how tiny their dicks are as well as their brains.

  64. His lawyer just released this according to TMZ:
    UPDATE — A lawyer for Merriman denied all charges and says Tila was “extremely inebriated” and that Merriman tried to stop her from leaving the home because he didn’t feel it was safe for her to do so
    so all he needs now is some of those party witnesses to corroborate the story and it’s a non issue for 09
    then some of you hypocrites can beg your GM to sign him in 2010 lol

  65. They should bring out the test kits, not for sterioids, but for the various STD’s he got from her.

  66. Now there is a defense for you. I choked and restrained her…for her own good. Sounds like Mary man lawyered up. Lights out! Looks like I’m putting my money on the Chiefs!

  67. Update… Sounds like there is nothing to see here.
    The Chargers released the following statement from General Manager A.J. Smith: “It’s disappointing to hear about the issue involving Shawne Merriman. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and let the legal process run its course.”
    Jan Caldwell, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department, said there were several other people at the home at the time of the alleged assault and investigators have questioned them.
    “She was not seriously hurt,” Caldwell said. “She was able to talk. She was able to walk. She was mobile. She did not have any serious injuries that our deputies saw.”
    Caldwell said the couple had been at a nightclub earlier in the evening and Tequila was intoxicated when deputies arrived. Caldwell did not know if Merriman had been drinking.
    Although Tequila was allegedly restrained by Merriman, Caldwell said she was able to get to a phone and call 911.
    Detectives were continuing their investigation, Caldwell said, and the District Attorney’s Office would decide later if any formal charges would be filed.
    According to Tequila’s Twitter page, she was in town this weekend to attend her first Chargers game on Friday against the San Francisco 49ers. In several tweets, she expresses her love for Merriman.
    “Im tweeting you from the next … room … WAKE YOUR — UP! LOL. … awwww U sleeping like an angel. … SExy Sexy babay!” one of the tweets on the page Saturday stated.
    Neither Merriman nor Tequila had tweeted about the incident as of Sunday morning.
    Merriman is returning to the field this season after missing nearly all of the 2008 campaign because of a major knee injury. He has not had any past run-ins with the law, but he did serve a four-game suspension in 2006 for testing positive for steroids.

  68. He will not be suspended, and knowing him he’s just gonna take it out on your panzy ass ELI manning…biatch was drunk and he was trying to stop her from driving….of course she trippped balls that’s what women do. Brandon marshall had like 7 -8 domestic abuse chargers before he was suspended for one game. No way will this affect 09…so you can keep crying to your self at night Raider, Bronco, and Chief fans.

  69. The photos were taken at Stingaree nightclub in San Diego at around 1:00 AM. They were taken in a roped off area and Tila was seen giving Shawne lap dances all night long.
    Tila called the cops on Shawne at around 3:45 AM Sunday after he allegedly choked her when she tried to leave his apartment.
    Read more:

  70. well as long as he’s got witnesses that back up his side of the story (and it sounds like he’s got alot of witnesses) then he’s in the clear (no pun intended..get it? in the clear?)
    so …nothing to see here
    i feel bad for jamarcus russell……

  71. Reports get overblown in domestic disturbances. You or I would probably be guilty, but with an attorney the prosecutor is going to need to prove this, otherwise he said she said and thrown out.

  72. Wow we got Eli and beat the unbeaten he got a trophy a ring and a car
    Sad Deigo got nothing at the end of this year merryman will be done
    Rivers will throw his little girlly fits that he can only do in SD
    And the Giants will open the new home of Champions at least when the walls are blue
    Thank god we did what we did to get Eli and btw he has a hottie for a wife

  73. First off, we could play our 2nd string O and D and still beat 1/3 the NFL, let alone the Raiders.
    Secondly, all the witnesses will back Shawne, it has already been said she had no injuries by the SD PD, so it will be a non-issue.
    No charges. No suspension. Nothing to worry about.

  74. Only a wussy Charger would beat on a girl. Tom Cable atleast beat up a man. Go Raiders! Chargers miss playoffs in 2009.

  75. Only Chargers fans would think their 8-8 team is great. Btw Tom Cable says he’s got next b1tch. Go Raiders.

  76. Also heard that LT was at the party and was caught trying to choke Adrian Peterson. Of course he couldn’t catch him since he’s lost a step.

  77. Wow…..talking about a bunch of muscle heads who have no clue about domestic violence.
    Those of you who think this is funny, should do a little research on statistics regarding domestic violence.
    Those of you who say she got what she deserves because she’s a skank probably think a woman wearing a miniskirt in public deserves to get raped.
    Jump into the 21st century boys. Women are not here to be used as our toys or as punching bags — no matter what you think of the individual woman.

  78. Mark . do you have any proof other than this heffas word that any violence occured?? Any at all?? Cus from reports i read.. there was NO PHYSICAL evidence,Witnesses accounting a different scenario,and the police said she was intoxicated on their arrival.
    Why is it the man is always guilty immediately??? WHY WHY WHY??
    Dont you think EVIDENCE is a key in this case?? goodness gracious when does this BS stop? Imagine yourself in that situation… you would have to have a shitload of money tho.

  79. You all amaze me
    You sit in your mothers basement admit it anyone of you would throw her a high hard one
    That is if your mom let you have girls in the basement
    Just double bag it and its fine

  80. Word on the local news last night from a “witness” is that it went down like this.
    Shawne & Tila hanging at the club, with Merriman reportedly ordering just water several times, Til drinking alcohol.
    Back to Shawne’s place, sometime later Tila walks in on Merriman and two chicks in bed. He asks her to join them. She gets pissed and says she’s going to go bang one of his homies. She strips naked and starts heading out the door.
    He didn’t grab her to keep her from driving drunk, he grabbed her to keep her from running down the street naked.

  81. Shawne and Tila huh???? hmmmm… wow….
    Hey here’s a question….
    Does Gonorrhea get you on the NFL injury list???
    Tell Norv to declare it before he gets fined like Mangina!!

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