Woodhead makes way for Trapasso on Jets

Jets running back Danny Woodhead had a storybook run to make the Jets roster Saturday, but the glory was short-lived.

Woodhead was one of four players waived by the team Sunday to make room for new additions.  But one good story taking a detour leads to another: The summer of A.J. Trapasso will continue into the Fall!

The man who who responsible for a fantastic fake punt touchdown run and a boffo performance banging footballs off Jerry Jones’ scoreboard in Dallas is now a member of the Jets. 

The Jets also claimed former Titans tight end Matthew Mulligan and fullback Jason Davis of the Bears.

To make room, the team cut Woodhead, punter Reggie Hodges, tackle Mike Kracalik, and linebacker Brandon Renkart.

And just in case you were wondering: the Jets don’t play in Dallas this season.

4 responses to “Woodhead makes way for Trapasso on Jets

  1. I knew A.J. Trapasso wouldn’t go unclaimed.
    Tennessee looks to have made a mistake. IMO, they should have kept him and cut Craig Hentrich instead.
    Trapasso is a young rookie while Hentrich looked to be retired after this year. Bad move, I think…

  2. bonehead move by tannenbaum getting rid of woodhead.
    with thomas jones over 30 and shonn greene not proving his worth theres no excuse to cut an electrifying player like woodhead.
    Not to mention Leon Washington hasnt signed and wants paid 6 mil a year.
    I think Woodhead could fill leons shoes for a fraction of the cost.
    I hope this move back fires on Tannenbaum big time.
    Glad to see hodges go …Should have kept ben Graham.Ya he had some bad punts here and there but atleast he could kick the ball over 35 yards in the preseason in good conditions… un like hodges

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