Browns bring back six slappies

The Cleveland Browns have announced six additions to the practice squad.

All were cut by the team on Saturday.

They are defensive back Brandon Anderson, linebacker Titus Brown, running back Chris Jennings, receiver Lance Leggett, offensive lineman Pat Murray, and defensive lineman Brian

Two spots remain, and they likely will be filled by a couple of the guys who got run on Sunday, as the Browns were scouring through other teams’ trash.

19 responses to “Browns bring back six slappies

  1. I really wish you would stop using “slappies” and “slapdicks.” The phrase has been around for YEARS, and you just learning it and using it ad naseum now just makes you look like an old person trying to be cool. Just stop.

  2. These practice squad slappies each earn $5,200 per week at minimum. Not too shabby.

  3. There’s something funny about a guy with no athletic talent calling NFL practice squad guys slappies. The slappies are making more money than 99% of college graduates in their age bracket.

  4. It’s amazing to me that Titus Brown can’t make a regular NFL roster. It must be difficulty in picking up the scheme, because that guy is a monster physically.
    Also, to the commenters, If regular guys aren’t allowed to point out that some football players are better then other football players, then all our football news would have to come from Mark Schlereth and Merril Hoge. Be careful what you wish for…

  5. Florio,
    I have a question.
    There are two headlines on here about two teams announcing two very similar, routine events.
    One headline is “Titans Announce Practice Squad.”
    The other is “Browns Bring Back Six Slappies.”
    What’s the difference between the two?
    Maybe ESPN isn’t the only media outlet that needs an ombudsman to ensure there is no bias or inconsistency in its reporting, huh?

  6. Florio you’re either going to commit to professionalism or you’re not. Figure it out and stick with whichever shtick you want but don’t go both ways. You’re all over the board in completely random fashion.
    I would assume you wouldn’t call any of these guys slappies to their faces… there might be a little slappy in your future if that were to happen.

  7. Isn’t “scouring through other teams’ trash” what ALL the teams who who are signing preseason castoffs from other teams are doing?

  8. Hey Florio,…. the Browns do the same thing EVERY OTHER team does. Why the “slappy” and “trash” terms for how the Browns operate???
    You do hate the Browns….and puppies….

  9. Just because Florio was hired by some big time company doesn’t mean he’s still not an ass. Because he is. Aren’t you Florio.

  10. Guys , seriously, let it go. Florio is obviously a closet stooler fan , who like the rest of stooler fans , only want to talk about RECENT HISTORY ! Are you kiding me? These “six burgh” idiots want to conviently forget about the EIGHT titles Cleveland has. So he is just jealous and delusional like every other stooler fan. Look it up retards, history is history. Your dumb ass oxy-moron only placates your stupidity. Love , the TRUE KING of the AFC NORTH. Your Cleveland Browns!

  11. Not posting my comment only validates my point. Bullseye. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the people on the site see it. Someone there did, and you or your people ran from it. If daddy can’t take the criticism, daddy shouldn’t be running a public forum.

  12. mike florio, what is your problem with the browns all of the time? every little thing they do you find a way to make it sound negative. FLORIO says ” the browns are eating a disgusting breakfast today, then they will drag their pathetic selves onto the horrible looking training field in the miserable city of burea. with all of those ugly orange helmets. oh did i mention the coaching staff sucks? oh yeah and they have no talent on either end of the field?” come on mike, where are you from? Pittsburgh? figures!!!

  13. It really is amazing how stupid florio can be. Could you image being represented by this idiot?

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