Giants kick tires on tight ends

The New York Giants, who are still looking for a receiver to fill the shoes of Plaxico Burress, are also looking for another tight end.

Per a league source, the Giants worked out Alex Smith (formerly of the Patriots) and Leonard Pope (formerly of the Cardinals) on Monday.  Neither have been signed. 

Currently on the roster are Kevin Boss, Darcy Johnson, and Travis Beckum.

Presumably, if a new tight end is signed, one of the current tight ends will be cut loose.

7 responses to “Giants kick tires on tight ends

  1. it would obviously be darcy johnson..Boss caught a decent amount of td’s in his first full season and they have a lot of plays mapped out for beckum as an H-back Hybrid.

  2. Re: “Presumably, if a new tight end is signed, one of the current tight ends will be cut loose”

    Or maybe one of the 7 WRs?

  3. The Giants would be looking for a blocking TE if anything. Beckum and Boss are more receivers.
    Oh and Start maybe you should ask Visanthe if he minds not having a superbowl ring, or only having 1 touchdown more then Boss last year.

  4. Do you miss Visanthe Shiancoe?
    Funny coming from a Vike fan…………Have fun w the Giants scraps, caouse shank-a-ho was awful here…………….Then GB can thank us for Ryan Grant…………Heck, Houston can thank us for Kevin Walter…………..
    The pattern here is the Giants are among the elite teams in the NFL in the scouting/drafting department along w/ other teams that consistently win, while teams like yours are scrambling for a starting QB…………..

  5. Shiancoe… hahaha… didn’t he screw some stupid franchise out of $15 mil or something? Oakland right?

  6. >b Boss found a home here, he can catch, he can carry people with him as he runs and his blocking steadily improved as the season went on last year

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