Jones-Drew says the NFL tries to "protect certain people"

Still smarting after a low hit from Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot that could have wiped out Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s season before it even started, Jones-Drew has sounded off regarding the league’s habit of picking and choosing the folks who get special protection.

“I just think some things in football you don’t need,” Jones-Drew said Monday, per the Associated Press. “If you
want to cut out blocking or certain hits when people aren’t looking,
going low when a guy’s back’s to you . . . that isn’t the way to tackle a
guy. . . .  Obviously they’re only
trying to protect certain people

He’s right, and the league would have to admit that.  It’s a quarterbacks’ league, and so the quarterbacks get special protection.

For everyone else, low hits are part of the game.  Instead of bemoaning the fact that he took a low hit and got lucky, Jones-Drew should be patting himself on the back for getting a long-term deal in place before the final season of his rookie contract.  He now has the protection against the kind of stuff that happens all the time to pro football players — especially those who are carrying the football through high traffic.

It remains to be seen whether Jones-Drew will be carrying the ball through high traffic at Indianapolis on Sunday. 

“I’m looking forward to practice Wednesday, that’s about all I can tell you,” Jones-Drew said.  “I’m taking the Bill Belichick way out.”

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  1. “It’s a quarterbacks’ league, and so the quarterbacks get special protection.”
    What is a “quarterback’s league?”

  2. He needs to stop crying…it was a legal play. I better not see Jones-Drew chop-block anyone this season when picking up a blitz.

  3. Negative and rumor mongor Mike Florio twisted this story around.
    He thinks tha MJD should be happy because of his contract. BUT MJD is not happy because he is football player who wants to play.
    Hey Mike, not all NFL players are like you, those who take money and don not do their job.

  4. f*ck you mojo. ucla bitch. why drag belichick into your little piss-fest because you got hit below the knees? did you hear rodney harrison crying after bobby wade took out his knee in the playoffs in 07? no. he was pissed at wade, but he wasnt bitching about the obvious(qb’s get protected, which they should, since they are the most vulnerable). the belichick approach, give me a break. yeah, the dolphins NEVER mess w/ the injury report. no team does that….

  5. In the heat of the moment when guys are running as fast as they can, who has time to think about hurting a man. It just happens. I believe the NFL is trying to protect QB’s the most. For example, Trent Green a few years ago, the Aikman brain crusher, Carson Palmer when his knee was blown out. It’s certain the qb’s are being protected. They do make the most money of any position player.

  6. “….Jones-Drew should be patting himself on the back for getting a long-term deal in place before the final season of his rookie contract.”
    Maybe (just maybe) there are some players in the league who don’t simply play for a paycheck. I’ve worked with several Slappies who worked way harder than the money they were getting paid dictated.
    Mr. Drew may just love his job, & want to play it as long as he can.
    The NFL has allowed Denver O-Linemen to end the seasons of many o’ D-Linemen over the years, without so much as a word. But defensive players can only hit the opposing team’s QB on the 2nd Tuesday of every week.
    I’m not saying……..I’m just saying.

  7. He Vagas you better watch it, FlowerO will get mad and kick you off HIS site. He is the BOSS you know?

  8. Why do so many people get down on Florio for his reporting?? It’s called Pro Football TALK. We come here to read rumors, innuendos, conjectures, and two-bit opinions. Anything else is just ESPN.

  9. Sounds like all that new money has turned MJD into a little bitch. I hope not, he’s been one of my favorite players since coming into the league.

  10. Maybe MJD should find a sport where he won’t get hit. If he’s going to cry about getting hit when he’s trying to get as much yardage as he can on a run he’s in the wrong sport. If wants to get paid like a big boy he needs to act like one. We don’t need another cry baby in the NFL. He seems to way overrated anyway.

  11. Sim448, sit back, take a deep breath, in the word’s of Tom Arnold in Austin Powers, “we’re gonna get through this”. I think MJD was referencing Belichick because he wasnt really answering the question. He wasnt saying he was hurt, or healthy, he was just being vague, like Belichick, and saying he was just looking forward to the next practice.
    With that out of the way, I think Maurice Jones-Drew needs to change the name on his jersey to Jones-Diva. Jesus dude, get over it. It was a little low, but it wasnt any where near what Favre did to Eugene Wilson, so STFU and get over it. I dont remember Willis McGahee complaining of a dirty hit in the Orange Bowl (I think it was the Orange Bowl) when his kneee was completely blowed up by a low tackle…..

  12. Trust me Glad4sGone….Florio loves it!! He thrives on it. I am sure he spends his time laughing his ass off at the responses he gets.
    Florio’s bag is to get a rise out of people. He knows when he is writing that he will draw the ire and nasty responses that he sometimes gets.

  13. Its Jacksonville the fanless team down in Fla who cares
    No one would know if you play or not since your not going to be on TV

  14. How can Jones-Drew get mad anyway…dude is like 5’5??? Anytime he hits someone its a LOW hit. He needs to be mad at his QB that set him up like that to get hit.

  15. “I’m looking forward to practice Wednesday, that’s about all I can tell you,” Jones-Drew said. “I’m taking the Bill Belichick way out.”
    He’s going to start filming defensive signals?

  16. Glad4sGone says:
    September 7, 2009 8:47 PM
    Why do so many people get down on Florio for his reporting?? It’s called Pro Football TALK.
    Because Florio’s reporting is some of the most inaccurate we’ve ever seen.
    Are you trying to get a job as Florio’s assistant, or are you Florio himself?

  17. I like MJD but he needs to shut up already. Smoot’s hit was clean. It’s like MJD never played football before. We all know they tell defensive players to go low, especially when said RB is a midget. Defensive backs and arm tackling tailbacks are a NO-NO…the hit was clean.

  18. I think the article is simply wrong. The league doesn’t protect certain people, i.e. QBs, it protects players in certain situations. If a QB hands the ball off and then swings into the flat to receive a pass, Smoot could hit the QB just like he hit Jones-Drew without drawing any flag. QBs are protected when they are in the pocket attempting a pass, just like WRs are protected when they’re going up for a catch, and just like defensive linemen are protected from low blocks when they’re already engaged with a blocker. It’s about protecting players in ‘defenseless’ situations, other times the player is expected to protect himself (and your QB hanging you out to dry doesn’t count as defenseless)

  19. LOL. Sim448, you do realize that you are bitching about someone else bitching and then about a harmless joke that MJD made. Grow a pair dude. If you can’t take a joke without getting butthurt, how are gonna ridicule a guy for complaining about a hit? That being said, I don’t think MJD should be upset about that hit. He is def not a bitch and not overrated, he has proven it and will continue to this year, I think it was just a heat of the moment thing that he is trying to explain. I don’t think it was cool for Smoot to take that shot, considering it was a meaningless preseason game and MJD was turned the other way, but it was legal and thats that. And as someone else pointed out, if he didn’t go low, he would’ve got his ass run over, so he did what he had to do.

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