Mark Jones fails physical in Carolina

So after the Titans punted return specialist Mark Jones, conventional wisdom was that Jones would return to the team from whence he came.

And that would have happened, if Jones had been healthy.

According to the Associated Press, Jones visited Carolina on Monday but failed a physical, presumably due to a hamstring that bothered him throughout the preseason.

Jones signed with Tennessee in the offseason as a free agent after spending last season with the Panthers.

The development could prompt Jones to file an injury grievance against the Titans; if successful, they’d owe his base salary until the point that he is able to pass a physical.

10 responses to “Mark Jones fails physical in Carolina

  1. A Poem (#5)
    So Mark Jones failed his physical, he has some type of boo-boo
    The Carolina Panthers are reeling, the place is a zoo
    Back in the regular season of 2008
    They were atop the NFC South, everything seemed great
    But then old man Kurt Warner and his red bird crew
    Left interception machine Jake Delhomme feeling black & blue
    Julius Peppers wants a sign and trade to skip town
    The Panthers panic & reach in the draft for Everette Brown
    Center Geoff Hangartner was solid for them, dollar & cent
    But fled to the Buffalo Bills as a pricey free agent
    Big Ma’ake Kemoeatu the defensive tackle is gone for ’09
    Journeyman Louis Leonard may help, but things won’t be fine
    For the Panthers face the Saints & Falcons twice like always
    Four probable losses, perpetual darkness nights & days
    Third place in the NFC South is a likely finish
    But screaming sheep can look to the stars at night, make a wish
    Though reality sees the Falcons and Mike Smith crack his whip
    To Atlanta’s first of many Super Bowl championships!

  2. Atlanta??? Super Bowl????? LOL
    keep dreaming dude.
    Atlanta mentality in full bloom boys,keep writing your gay little poems. That is all you will have left in Jan.

  3. @ coaltrain
    My poetry is “gay” only in terms of being whimsical. They aren’t “little” either, they are large and in charge. The only thing homo gay around here is your porn collection. Don’t suppress your feelings, ‘cos you are somebody.
    Poem #7 coming next weekend.

  4. How hard can it be to ryhme Ryan and crying..shoddy and roddy……
    “If its White,it is right
    If its Ryan,it is crying.”

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