Merriman says he didn't harm Nguyen

In a statement given exclusively to, the media outlet with which he had a business relationship in 2008 as co-host of FSN’s Pro Football Preview, Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman denies that he caused harm to Tila Tequila Nguyen on Sunday morning.

[UPDATE:  Apparently, it wasn’t an exclusive statement.  And now we’re confused as to why FOX would have tried to characterize it as such, especially since doing so merely provided fodder to critics who think that the network and its top NFL insider, Jay Glazer, are too cozy with Merriman.]

Nguyen filed a criminal complaint claiming that Merriman committed battery and false imprisonment by preventing her from leaving his residence.  Merriman was arrested and later released from custody.

Here’s the full text of the statement:

“On September 6, 2009 the San Diego Sheriff’s Department responded to
a citizen’s complaint that was initiated by Tila Nguyen (aka Tila
Tequila).  I was taken into custody based upon that complaint.  At the
time, I was concerned about her welfare given the intoxicated state she
appeared to be in and I encouraged her to stay until safe
transportation could be provided.

“We would all do our best to
help a friend if we considered their actions to be detrimental to their
personal safety.  I in no way caused any harm to Ms. Nguyen, however,
paramedics were called and she was examined but no injuries were
reported.  She was released and has since returned to Los Angeles,

“There have been no charges filed against me.  I want
to thank the San Diego Sheriff’s Department for their professionalism.  I will continue to cooperate fully with the Department, and I look
forward to clearing my name regarding these false allegations.  I want
to put this behind me so I can continue to focus on a successful season
for the San Diego Chargers.”

The question, however, of whether Merriman caused harm to Nguyen is separate from the question of whether he falsely imprisoned her or battered her.  Many jurisdictions define “battery” as merely an offensive touching, with no requirement of harm or injury.

Still, unless prosecutors choose to act on the complaint made by Nguyen, Merriman faces no legal exposure. 

For Nguyen, however, the incident could result in increased public exposure for a D-list “talent” whose 15 minutes expired at some point in 2008.

40 responses to “Merriman says he didn't harm Nguyen

  1. I think its funny that NFLN refuses to mention who she is, they just say “his girfriend”. I wonder what the specific reason behind that is, I’m sure Florio can come up with some kind of conspiracy theory.

  2. I agree with you on her 15 minutes expiring. Except at one place. She often has videos of her self dancing to hip hop songs on one website. Its the same website I showed you that had Justin Fargas in that marijuana smoking contest video with the one guy talking about “Turkey Bags” full of weed called .
    Hey I dont care if her 15 minutes are over or not I still like watching her dance half naked in front of a video camera.

  3. Merriman’s a deusche, heard he was dancing for Tila Tequila, doing his “Lights out” queer dance.

  4. As part of entering the league rookies are counseled about “money grubbing whores/reality tv stars” among other things dealing with their new found fame.
    Anyone that knows anything about Tila Tequila could have saw this coming. Merriman needs a supermodel like Brady has, not a wanna be pornstar.

  5. Police arrest someone at a domestic violence call if both parties are present. Police make the arrest to avoid having the situation escalate. Merriman’s arrest is not big news if no charges are filed.
    He could have choked her and caused bruising, which is battery but may not require medical attention.
    AJ Smith(Chargers GM) has voiced concern about Merriman’s extracurricular activities before.
    Just see Merriman guilty of being stupid and being pressured into keeping this quiet or resolving it quickly.

  6. Big Shawne Rapistburger…
    No that doesnt work. Gotta find out a nickname so I can giggle everytime his name comes up.

  7. Good thing you put “talent” in quotes since that is using the term loosely with her. Unlike Route36West, I prefer watching a woman dance whose boobs bounce and move.

  8. Shawne really found a way to articulate his true feelings with that statement.
    I can just picture him, sitting at his writing desk with his quill pen and parchment, staring thoughtfully out his window at the trees and the birds, trying to come up with just the right sentiments for his concern for his lady-friend’s well being.
    It is enough to make LT cry, and the rest of the world barf.

  9. So Florio are you encouraging folks to not try to stop their friends from driving with anything but words? You say:
    “The question, however, of whether Merriman caused harm to Nguyen is separate from the question of whether he falsely imprisoned her or battered her.”
    This statement leads me to believe that in your attempt to get more out of this story then you should, you are telling folks, “let’em drive drunk, because if you stop them you could be charged with falsely imprisoning someone”.
    I thought the message MADD and the local police was do whatever is necessary to save a life.

  10. Merriman should have been pushing her out of the house not keeping her in. That bitch has to be crawling with disease. Maybe he just loves a Vietnamese woman saying, “Me love you long time”

  11. Prosecutors will end of not charging Merriman. He was trying to do the right thing but the broad was drunk and spiteful.
    She will sober up and agree with Shawnes version.
    Sorry Chargers and Merriman haters, no story here, no charges here, and no suspensions here.

  12. I think the reason they won’t mention who she is, beyond Shawne Merriman’s girlfriend, is because that’s pretty much all she is now, and likely the best she can hope for as she slowly oozes out of the public eye for good.
    If Merriman misses games with a strange burning sensation, I think we all know where it came from.

  13. Merriman is a good guy. I mean he may have chocked a B, but at least he never retired and came back. Now that is unforgivable.

  14. C’mon…what’s the deal here?
    Merriman should be lauded as a freaking HERO.
    At the risk of his good name, he went out of the way to protect citizens from a drunk driver. I am surprised the world at large is not emphasizing his selfless actions as true heroism.
    Maybe he’ll become the poster boy for MADD.

  15. Would including the complete story violate some sort of warped professional ethics you seem to think you have?
    …. While Merriman was arrested/charged, it is up to the DA to decide if/when charges are pursued or dropped.
    …. Once a complaint is signed, the police department MUST make the arrest, they have no choice in the matter.
    …. If all Merriman did was attempt to stop this skank from driving drunk, he should be commended, not torn down like you constantly do with each and every story
    Too bad everyone else is able to report the story in its entirety, but since this is only a “blog” and you are really not a reporter, its acceptable, right? BAH!

  16. What sucks is he was arrested and that will be forever on his record whether he did something wrong. I kind of agree that he should be looked at as somewhat of a good light bcus he was trying to do the right thing. But like I also said earlier, these athletes can’t keep putting themselves in these positions.
    Its not like dude looks like a monster, he should b able to get someone more attractive than a creature off of a pixar movie.

  17. He might be innocent but he’s still guilty of being a dumb ass. When you lie with dogs you’re gonna get fleas. He needs to get himself a nice Wisconsin Girl. Sure she might not be much to look at but if she would leave you, you wouldn’t care.

  18. I will bet this will be handled out of court. There will be a “settlement” and she will walk away happily with handfuls of cash.
    Yes, MADD will tell you to do anything and everything to keep people from driving drunk. However the reality is somewhat different, as Merriman has found out. You can NOT do some things in an effort to prevent driving drunk.

  19. Ok what is her appeal again? What is her talent? Being a freak hoe? An obnoxious one at that. Merriman can do waaaaaaaay better than that can’t he? She is not hot by ANY stretch of the imagination in my opinion.

  20. Mr. Florio, I do believe your marriage to NBC has produced an exponential increase in morons who follow you now.

  21. He’s like his team in the playoffs…a bunch of choke artists. Anyways, if she was drunk and trying to leave, he did the right thing by not letting her go. Next time Shawne, pick her up by her ankles. She’s like 100 lbs if that and your around 270 of pure muscle.

  22. For Florio, however, the incident could result in increased public exposure for a D-list “talent” whose 15 minutes expired at some point in 2008.
    couldn’t resist

  23. Mr Lights out will have a huge year if the other team is made up of tiny little girls
    And since he can not sack his own QB he will not be playing againest any tiny little girls
    Thank god we got Eli Super Bowel MVP

  24. I bet the family of the person(s) she could’ve killed or injured if she had been allowed to drive drunk would be grateful to Merriman.

  25. Couldn’t we have just looked the other way for another 5 minuets so he could’ve finished this skank off once and for all?

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