Pashos takes step back to take step forward

We’ve picked up some more information regarding the decision of former Jaguars offensive lineman Tony Pashos to refuse a pay cut in Jacksonville, opting instead to earn much less money with the 49ers.

Per a league source, Pashos didn’t want to move to guard, even at a base salary of $3 million.  So he opted for free agency, realizing that he likely wouldn’t get $3 million on the open market.  And he chose to sign with the 49ers for the chance to reunite with former Ravens offensive line coach Chris Foerster in San Francisco.

Even though Pashos will earn less than $2 million.

It was Foerster who helped make Pashos into the player who landed a big-money free-agency deal with the Jaguars.  The goal, as we understand it, will be for Pashos to re-establish himself in San Fran under Foerster’s tutelage, and then to make back the money he gave up this year once the 29-year-old lineman hits the market again.

7 responses to “Pashos takes step back to take step forward

  1. It gets worse for Pashos. Florida has no state income tax while California does. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that San Fran has a city income tax as well. So, not only will he not be making as much as he would have in Jax his take home percentage will be lower as well.

  2. If Foerster is able to makeover Pashos and land him another big money contract, teams shouldn’t sign Pashos – they should hire Foerster!

  3. Paschos could have stayed in Florida (Jacksonville) with no state tax and choose to move to Calif?
    Wow go figure and with$1 million less in his pocket. Oh OK, I get that.

  4. Pashos is an ignorant blowhard. The reason he will never sign another good deal for a a right tackle is because of how much he was exposed in the 2008 season. Just turen on the tape. Pashos had an inflated sense of his skills from the day he arrived in Jax. Now he is just a wishful thinker. I am sure Andy Heck won’t take it personally that Pashos essentially blamed him for his own crappy performance in 2008. Keep it classy Tony.

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