Pashos to 49ers

Free-agent tackle Tony Pashos, who landed on the market after refusing to take a pay cut to remain in Jacksonville, has agreed to terms with the 49ers, according to a league source.

Pashos is expected to sign a one-year deal.

The value of the contract currently is unknown, but there’s a belief that he’ll end up making significantly less than he could have gotten to stay with the Jaguars.

As we understand it, the Jaguars wanted him to reduce his 2009 base salary from $4.3 million to $2.9 million.  He refused, apparently believing he’d get more elsewhere.

One source predicts that the deal in San Fran will be worth less than $2 million.

If so, that’s one hell of a haircut.

6 responses to “Pashos to 49ers

  1. here’s how that conversation went:
    Gene Smith: “Tony, we like you. But $4.3M is too much to pay for a backup tackle who gets four holding penalties and two false starts a game. We’d like you to take a cut to $2.9M.”
    Pashos: “I don’t think so.”
    Smith: “Then we’re cutting you.”
    49’ers: “Tony, we’ll offer you less than that.”
    Pashos: “Sounds good to me.”

  2. Could it be he knew Jacksonville had zero chance for anything special this season and decided to try to catch on with a playoff-chance team?
    After no such team took a bite, he took what he could get in SanFran.

  3. @JoeFlaccosUniBrow
    No. Pashos is a selfish scrub pure and simple. The Jags will win more than the 49ers this year. He was just embarassed as hell that he was beat out at tackle by a rookie and wanted to split town. Lets not forget that Pashos was a late round draft pick that started one year in BLT and they obviously were not as impressed with him as the Jags in 2007. Funny how both teams he has been to have not showed much interest in retaining him shortly after he broke into the starting lineups.

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