Pats dump Greg Lewis

In March, the Pats swung a deal for Eagles receiver Greg Lewis.

In September, the Pats dumped him.

According to Adam Caplan of, the Patriots have released Lewis, who caught three passes for 58 yards during the preseason. 

A vested veteran, Lewis becomes an unrestricted free agent.  His best season came in 2005, when he started 16 games (thanks in large part to the giant stick in T.O.’s butt), catching 48 passes for 561 yards.

Because Lewis made the cut on Saturday, our first guess was that Lewis had declined to take a pay cut.  According to NFLPA records, however, his base salary was only $650,000.  Unless he was due other compensation that he refused to reduce or abandon (such as a roster bonus), Lewis simply was holding the last spot on the roster as of today.

And it makes us wonder whether the Pats made the move in order to clear a place for defensive lineman Richard Seymour, whose trade to the Raiders looks to be tenuous at best, regardless of what anyone is saying.

UPDATE:  The Patriots have announced the move, and they filled the roster spot with defensive back Bret Lockett, who was claimed on waivers from the Browns.

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  1. Also, a beat writer for the Patriots stated on DNL live weeks back that the biggest new player to have an impact on the Pats roster was going to be Lewis.
    Everyone on DNL laughed at the guy while he remained serious about his opinion.
    That guy pretty much looks like an idiot even more now than he did a few weeks back.

  2. Remeber..this is the first Pioli-less offseason for the pats in some time…Thier moves are not looking as flawless as usual. I may be totolly wrong but this whole offseason..from the multiple trades down during the draft to the free agent pickups seem indecisive and reaching.
    It may be Belicheck is finally trying to show what a “great personnel “man he is..I thought it was funny during the draft to see him in the war room wearing a suit. well see

  3. I can’t see any reason why either side would want to renége on this deal, seeing as how they have already made it very public. If there was any doubt, you would imagine that the sides wouldn’t have played out their feelings on Seymour in public.
    Certainly it seems unlikely that Belichick would effectively ‘say goodbye’ to Seymour if he felt there was any doubt in the matter. If either side is ready to move on, I imagine it will be the Patriots, who are now in possession of compensation for a player who could easily have walked away at the end of the season.
    The Raiders, on the other hand, are now saddled with a player who they could well face losing for nothing at the end of this season. That’s their problem now, so I can’t imagine the Patriots actively placing themselves in the Raiders’ current situation can you?

  4. Seymour won’t be on the Patriots this season. His choice is to report to Oakland or not get paid. If he doesn’t report, the Pats should sue him for every dime of the signing bonus (that he got after he held out) a few yeaers back.
    Tom Cable said on NFLN that Seymour wants to come to Oakland and just needs to “work things out with the Patriots”. Mike Lombardi thought Cable was full of it and said the Patriots are done with Seymour.

  5. I think it may be time to stop trying to figure out the “genius” behind the Patriots various personnel moves. Pioli is gone, and his last three drafts were worthless anyway, with one report stating that only one of the 26 top draft picks in the last three years has contributed significantly. Signing and dumping Andrew Walter; signing Matt Cassell to an offer they couldn’t afford and then sending him to the Chiefs; attempting to trade a guy in Seymour who may be a Hall of Famer near the prime of his career and then having the trade backfire…. These are signs of a personnel group in disarray. Call it what it is – the Pats may have potential Super Bowl talent at a few positions (less now than a week ago), but they are not projecting championship-level confidence or professionalism from the management office.

  6. Don’t think it has anything to do with Seymour, I think it’s just Bill not being prideful about admitting a mistake.

  7. On another Browns note they’ve put up the depth chart, minus the QB of course.
    Hank Fraley beats out rookie Alex Mack at center
    Joshua Cribbs beats out Mike Furrey at WR
    Pork Chop starts at RG over Rex Hadnot

  8. Lol, all the Pats fans ranted about how Belichick ripped off the Eagles for trading their starting CB for two 5ths, all the while blocking it out of their minds that Belichick gave the Eagles a 5th for a WR that barely even dressed for games, much less made it out onto the field.
    GLew for a 5th, he’s not even worth one of Bill’s old sweaters.

  9. # Jackal138 says: September 7, 2009 9:46 PM
    It’s nice to see the Patriots get the bad end of a trade for once.

  10. Bad end of the trade!! they got a first rounder from the raiders for this guy and he will be a free agent at the end of the year. They got a great deal

  11. They didn’t just “hit” on Moss. They hit on Moss and Welker and that kind of evens off a lot of mistakes. They picked up Lewis BEFORE picking up Galloway. That and the emergence of rookie Julian Edleman and even Terrence Nunn made Lewis very expendable. You can’t keep everybody. There’s no shame for Belichick in a late first round pick like Edelman having a great preseason and beating out Lewis.

  12. superius wrote, “Also they totally mishandled the D. Branch situation.”
    They did? They got a first round pick from Seattle for that piece of garbage.
    That pick allowed them to make a bunch of different moves.

  13. I see another SuperBowl in the next couple years or so for the Patriots. They have made some smart moves in the draft to set themselves up BIG in the future. The reason why the are ahead of the game is because they aren’t afraid to let go players when just don’t have it no more or they underperform, they stock in the draft and they go after free agents that produce a ROLE on their team that suffient with their cap space. I have no clue why other teams like the Colts, Chargers, Philadelpia, Dallas, Oakland to name off the top of my head overpay big name players who clearly if you watch football you know they are not the players they used to be, but they still get the money deal, and the team then suffers”has beens” like Bob Sanders, Jeff Saturday, Ladanian Tomlinson, Terrel Owens, Jeff Garcia, DeAngelo Hall, Michael Vick, I mean you can’t find anyone who’s younger thats better then these guys that just keep on racking up injury after injury missing game after game but they get paid and get rewarded, why? Sign them to a one year contract and have them perform at a high level, if not cut them. I really think some of these billionaire owner are idiots and maybe they need to actually watch football instead of looking from the pressbox with their J.P Morgan stockbroker friends.

  14. Sorry, I didn’t realize there were people on here that just started watching football THIS year, the Falcons overpaid for Michael Vick when he wasn’t worth top quarterback money, then LOOK what happen. C’mon man, did you watch preseason or are just retarded, Vick is another YEAR away from even being a backup,they BLEW their money on him, right now I would take Culpepper over Vick, Sorgi, JT. O Sullivan, he is the worst backup quarterback in the league, who would you take Vick over right now? You would sign him? Who would you cut to keep him on the roster? Feeley? Did you watch the New England game a couple of years ago when Feeley almost beat the Patriots? Forgot, you just started watching football this year. I’m lost for words bro? Are you OK? Doesn’t your boy Vick have -yards of offense in the Preseason? Are you sick or something? He’s worth NFL a couple million dollars? I wouldn’t sign him for a couple million? You would though? Wow, I just realized I’ve been talking to Andy Ried, sorry Andy I didn’t know it was you, of course you would justify a horrible move like this, I apologize sir.

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