Stafford gets the Week One start

Lions coach Jim Schwartz previously was coy regarding his plans for the quarterback position in Week One.

As of Monday, he’s coy no more.

Schwartz, per various media outlets, has announced that Matthew Stafford, the first overall pick in the 2009 draft, will start the game.

Stafford wins the assignment over Daunte Culpepper, whose shot at the job might have been derailed by the placement of eight stitches in his toe.

But we think this competition was rigged from the get-go.  A year after Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco led the Falcons and Ravens, respectively, to the playoffs as Week One starters, the Lions had to have realized upon making Stafford the first pick — and paying him more than $40 million guaranteed — that they had to use him sooner rather than later.

So why not create the impression that Stafford had to earn it?  The experience might have made him better prepared for the mental hurdles that will arise as he tries to end the 50-year curse that was placed on the team by Bobby Layne, who played football at the same high school Stafford attended.

25 responses to “Stafford gets the Week One start

  1. They werent going to do anything with Daunte anyways. So why not start the kid from the get go.

  2. Maybe the Falcons and Ravens had luck with their rookies, but that was because they had good people to support them. Flacco and Ryan were protected from a regular pounding. Remember David Carr????
    The Lions don’t have anyone to protect Stafford. They don’t have anyone for him to throw to.
    I am thinking this will be more Carr than Flacco/Ryan.

  3. I don’t think it was rigged at all. Maybe I’m naive, but I think Schwartz was honest when he said he was going to put the best QB on the field, whether it was Stafford or not. If Stafford had gone out and stunk up the joint with his play, he wouldn’t be starting. But, he hasn’t. He’s played well. Only one of his INTs was his fault. The other ones were things like a heave down the field at the end of the half, a receiver falling down, etc. He’s earned the starting job. Should be fun to watch.

  4. 49ers head coach Mike Singletary doesn’t think Stafford will do well because Stafford’s parents are divorced.

  5. Excellent decision…for all the Culpepper supporters — Stafford will not get “ruined” if/when he encounters setbacks. I could care less if the Lions MIGHT win an extra game or 2 w/Culpepper. The future is here and it’s MATTHEW STAFFORD.

  6. LiveNBreatheFootball, I have to seriously question your football knowledge if you don’t think they have anyone for him to throw to. Ever heard of Calvin Johnson? He only tied for the league lead in TD receptions last year with Kitna/Orlovsky/Culpepper throwing the ball. I guess he’s nobody though…

  7. LiveNbreathfootball- No one to pass to? ya i guess that calvin johnson guy is no one right? I mean he probably is the most physically gifted receiver in the game and yes that includes fitz he jumps higher and runs faster. Plus Pettigrew showed good things in the two games he played in. You cant rate Stafford when he didnt play with the main starters in any game. The top three recievers were out the first two weeks and CJ came back but northcutt didnt. He also only took three sacks he gets the ball out fast which means no david carr 2.0. Once some of you guys actually watch the Lions week in and week out then you can rank their players and positions

  8. Anyone who compares the situation in Detroit to Atlanta or Baltimore last year has no clue about professional football. Stafford has a true possibility of leading a team to 0-16 for the second straight year. It doesn’t matter if they score 28 a game, the defense won’t be able to stop anyone.
    I can’t wait for WCF to retire, from football or life.

  9. LiveNBreath, just to pile it on even more. Not only was CJ in the top five in every major category for WR’s, he was only number 17 in receptions. So with no one to throw the ball to him and with fewer tries to earn stats he was a top five WR in the league. Can’t wait to see what happens now that CJ has someone to throw the ball to him.

  10. There is no way the Lions go 0-16 in consecutive years.
    In my professional opinion, the Lions will win 6 games.

  11. Hope Matt is light on his feet.
    Be nice to see Calvin back in the pro-bowl, that guy is a freak, but so quiet. Nice to see someone in the league perform well and not have the desire to tell everyone else.
    Must have missed the diva gene all the other receivers got.

  12. Stafford still has to be upright in order to throw to him. And you don’t think teams will be double-teaming CJ. Yeah, Stafford will have no one to throw to, because the Lions didn’t bother to create any credible threats to make it competive.
    I question everyone else’s football knowledge when you act like having ONE receiver people have heard of will make up for the distinct lack of production by the entire offense.

  13. If you saw all 4 of the Lions pre-season games you know there was absolutely nothing rigged.
    Don’t just read and react. Watch the 4 games yourself and you decide.
    Whenever Stafford was out there, he did something that made you say WOW. Culpepper never did that, but was still decent.
    After watching all four games, I was left thinking, they HAVE to start Stafford. Surely he’ll make some rookie mistakes from time to time, but he proved he’s ready to go and that he won’t be overwhelmed by the situation.
    This is the right move. No rigging necessary.

  14. This is disappointing. One should think they’d have learned from what happened with Harrington.
    I was really hoping the Vikings would be in 4th place this year, and now I don’t see that happening. Oh well.

  15. liveNBreatheFootball- again ya ill insult your football intelligence because again I gurantee you didn’t watch one single Lions game all the way through any year that CJ has been playing. Shoot a double team would be a field day for him if you knew anything they just try to blanket him. Teams last year had the corner taking the outside, the linebacker trying to watch slant and the saftey over the top time and time again during the game they would show how rediculous the coverage was to his side and that he still would get it done. CJ is the best reciever in the league and its not like Stafford will be on his back every play obviously they will hook up a lot. Kevin Smith ever heard of him?? probably not cause everyone is all over matt forte and his sweet 3.9 cards per carry. Smith had over 4 yards a carry almost 1,000 yards and wasnt even starting half the season you con look up the stats on your own time. Brandon Pettigrew maybe the most well rounded tight end to come out in a few years blocks and has a huge body to make the tough catch coming over the middle. Thats three right there to help and if you have watched any Lions preseason games (which with your knowledge of the Lions Im sure you have) then you would have seen the strength that smith has put on and he should be an even better weapon then last year. Is there good recievers besides CJ not so much but with a top flight reciever, a good tight end to hopefully take away the linebacker inside of CJ, and a quick back with great vision and great hands thats all the security blankets the kid could ask for. So again ya I am insulting your football intelligence when you just write a bunch of b.s. anything else you want to add??

  16. the lions staff didnt have a lot of confidence in the o-line or harrington. he threw like 53% complete the 1st 2 years because the whole offense was ordered to run a “3 step drop then throw” offense.
    that offense DID limit sacks as a byproduct of the fast throws.
    the lions would have won a game last year with more use of orlovsky and any use of stanton.

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