Three days from opener, Steelers add former Titan to practice squad

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced Monday that the eighth member of their practice squad will be safety Tuff Harris, who spent the 2008 season with the Titans, both on their practice squad and active roster.

Harris joins the seven guys named on Sunday:  receiver Tyler Grisham, running backs Isaac Redman and Justin
Vincent, tight end Dezmond Sherrod, offensive lineman A.Q. Shipley,
defensive lineman Steve McLendon and linebacker Donovan Woods.

With the Titans and the Steelers playing in three days, it’s likely not a coincidence that the Steelers pounced on a guy who spent all of last year and all of the offseason, training camp, and preseason with Pittsburgh’s season-opening foe.

13 responses to “Three days from opener, Steelers add former Titan to practice squad

  1. Same reason the Patriots signed Marvel Smith yesterday. Why was that article written without this same exact point being made? Can we have some consistency around here please?

  2. Yeah this isn’t dirty. The Titans are going to roll over Pittsburgh’s O-Line and make Big Ben feel like a little schoolgirl. He’ll have to pry the towel from under LenDale’s shoe to wipe away his tears.

  3. Come clean, non-Steelers fan, your club is kicking it’s own a$$ for not coming up with the idea on its own, and would never dream of donating proceeds to charity.
    Why do you let towels get under your skin?
    And Steelers fans travel better than any group of fans… funny how Steelers games are not blacked out because Steelers fans buy out the empty seats in weak markets!!
    We take over your stadiums, turning them into home games.
    Steelers fanhood is passed down from generation to generation… even though Pittsburgh has experienced a large diaspora, Steelers fans stay true to their Steelers faith, no matter where they reside!
    There are Steelers clubs in almost every town.
    We wear our colors with pride.
    Especially in your stadiums with our terrible towels.
    When your fans travel like Steelers fans, they can talk.
    Until then, enjoy the sparkle of our six rings!!

  4. The NFL really needs to crack down on the signing of players from teams they will play in the near future.
    I’d say you can’t sign a player who spent more than two weeks with your next 4 opponents.

  5. The Steelers said they left a spot open to sign a cb and it looks like they have done that . Anyone who doesnt think that the titans arent asking nate washington everything about their team is crazy .
    We just signed one that was cheap and didnt overpay as usual . If he stays or goes doesnt really matter . I keep hearing the titans fans think they are relying on last year to indicate this years game . Dont matter its not the same team . For one we now have our punter back . And we have someone able to take it back to the house now on special teams . Last year it didnt even exsist .
    Goodluck Tennessee but you wont win .

  6. SteelTownPride,
    You say, “Good luck Tennessee but you won’t win.” You obviously haven’t paid attention to this series over the last decade…The Titans own the Steelers just like they owned them last December when they played. I won’t make any bold predictions like you have though. 🙂

  7. “…# VonClausewitz says: September 7, 2009 12:09 PM
    ..The Titans are going to roll over Pittsburgh’s O-Line and make Big Ben feel like a little schoolgirl. He’ll have to pry the towel from under LenDale’s shoe to wipe away his tears….”
    I hope LW does it again, during the coin flip, at midfield. I really do.
    Nothing motivates the Steelers quite like a poke with a stick.

  8. I really do wish INTELLIGENT football responded on here. Its awfully hard to conversate with a wall.
    Go Steelers!
    Lendale White may need that towel to tie his leg back together if he keeps running that mouth…Didnt he learn his lesson yet??
    LOl@him thinking we as the fans hate him cus we want him… we got 2 rings without him.. lol his team got sent home WITH HIM.Hes a drama queen.. straight up. If last year is a way to determine who wins this one.Ill take the loss.. I enjoyed the overall outcome. Stairway to SEVEN!!!!

  9. Doesnt matter what the series is at . Previous years are previous years . And we know Mcnair isnt coming back to play right ?
    This year is this year . And the record doesnt count but i can say that the steelers are undefeated when they play the first game of the next season after they won a SB . Do you know what it feels like to win a big game NoseBleedFan ?
    Why did your team roll over and take it in the ass last year from the Ravens in the playoffs ?

  10. I swear Florio i think you get off on making accusations againt the Steelers , they needed a guy and got a guy , do you miracously think that this guy whom could not make it on the Titans is automatically gonna make the Steelers win, I think not, Check back Thursday night im sure if the Steelers win he will write something to that effect…furthmore exposing him as the tool he is.
    oh and by the way why arent you reporting the Merriman incident with the same fervor as you have everything about Ben, being biased are we, and wasnt that what you accused ESPN of being, i expect hourly reports on Merriman and with the same insight as you reported about Ben that he is guilty just like you already have Ben guilty.lmao

  11. Take his towell and wipe his face…it will be full of Steller Turf…..
    A rockin’ chair win for the 6 time Super Bowl Champs!!

  12. Thursday night’s game between the Tennessee Titans and Pittsburgh Steelers will mark the 72nd match-up between these two franchises. The Steelers have a 41-30 advantage in those games. The last match-up between these two was last year in week 16 when the Titans gave the Steelers a 31-14 beatdown, and something else happened that gained national attention.
    The Titans are 29-38 in regular season games against the Steelers and 1-3 in the postseason. The Titans last trip to Heinz Field was not a very good one. It was the opening game of the 2005 season when Willie Parker ran all over the Titans in route to a 34-7 win for the Steelers.
    The Steelers have won a league high six consecutive season openers. Time to end that streak.

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