Your new Bucs starting running back . . . Cadillac Williams

We’ve chronicled the remarkable comeback for Carnell “Cadillac” Williams from his second torn patella tendon a number of times over the last six weeks. 

On Monday, Williams reached a milestone that even his most optimistic supporters didn’t think possible a few short weeks ago. Cadillac was named Tampa’s Week One starting running back.  (Williams may be the first pro to successfully return from two patella tendons, but they don’t keep records for these kind of things.)

Coach Raheem Morris just changed offensive coordinators, but it’s believed he plans to roll with a running back rotation led by Williams, who will get the first two series of the game.  Derrick Ward will get two series after that, with Earnest Graham working as the third back.

The order and usage of the three backs could change by the week and is sure to drive fantasy owners crazy. 

Williams’ story, however, is a human one that all of his Buccaneers teammates, including Ward and Graham, can surely appreciate.

22 responses to “Your new Bucs starting running back . . . Cadillac Williams

  1. Great Story!! Hope he does well and can stay healthy this season. Thank god I didn’t draft Derrick ward

  2. Man I’m very excited to see Cadillac out there. I’m not a Bucs fans, but who’s not gonna want him to succeed. Too bad they are paying Derrick Ward all that money to hold Cadillac’s jock strap, but he’ll get over it after he cash that 1st weeks check lol. Go Cadillac!!!!

  3. Terry Allen came back from reconstructive knee surgery on BOTH knees — and was able to rush for over 1,000 yards after each injury.
    Top that, Caddy!

  4. Raheem Morris is an idiot.
    As a life long Bucs fan, it just doesn’t make sense to have Cadillac Williams start over an already proven Running Back (as one of the lone few bright spots over the last 2 years) in Ernest Graham and newly acquired free agent Derrick Ward.
    Cadillac is a BUST. He has only fared well this preseason (and we’re talking about preseason!) because of how well the offense line played. Anyone could have run through those holes, and surely Graham and Ward would LOGICALLY be the starting running backs.
    It’s a great story, don’t get me wrong, but let him earn his way back. I am sure we are on our way for some injury or another during the course of the season and this will be a moot point.

  5. Spent 5 minutes on the Intergoogle. Some notable torn patellar tendon injuries among NFL players:
    SS Gary Baxter
    WR Wendell Davis
    C LeCharles Bentley
    DT Anthony McFarland
    None of these guys ever returned to the NFL. Great story brewing here.

  6. hilarious… ward left NY to be a featured back and avoid sharing carries. wonder if he’d like a do over?

  7. Raheem Morris is obviously a freaking moron. Ward should clearly be starting for the Bucs but they are going to let the guy who has barely played in two years start? Come on. Cadillac wasn’t even good when he was healthy.

  8. For all of you who said he was busted and done… I told you so. team doctors say this guy is a medical freak. Said both of his knees are three times stronger than before. The guy is an explosive back and will benefit big time in this zone blocking scheme. And that’s why I drafted him on my fantasy team. You heard it here first. Comeback player of the year.

  9. Not a Bucs fan at all, but good for him. He was an absolutely amazing back for the first few weeks of his rookie year. Shame to see all that talent sit on the sideline.

  10. I remember when he re-injured that knee. Before they cut the audio, you could hear his voice. It wasn’t physical pain. It was despair. I’m a grown man, but I nearly shed a tear for the guy. I really, really want to see him succeed. I readily admit that I would have given up by now if I were him. It’s damn impressive, and says a lot about the man, that he’s not giving up. Dude’s got balls, guts, and spine made of steel.

  11. “We’ve chronicled the remarkable comeback for Carnell “Cadillac” Williams from his second torn patella tendon a number of times over the last six weeks.”
    Did Rosenthal learn English from Florio? The way that lead sentence reads means that poor Cadillac has suffered two torn patellar (I’m correct on patellar, he’s wrong with patella) tendons in the last six weeks. Additionally, he has made a comeback from these two devastating injuries. All that in six weeks’ time. Learn some English, douche.

  12. No arguement here on Morris being a moron. Their are well over a dozen decisions he has made since he has been HC that confirms that thought.
    I do however like the idea of the Bucs starting him. It gives Ward a little more time to settle in with this offense and real be explosive around mid-season.
    As far as Graham goes, let him be a FB and back up Askew.

  13. bearsfan:
    No, that sentence would not read to your interpretation. He wrote it correctly.
    Your services as the PFT English professor will no longer be needed.

  14. I’m suprised Rosenthol had time to write an article, usually he’s too busy sucking Czar Florio’s ballsac.

  15. Great story, don’t get me wrong, but darn it all to heck, i drafted E. Graham as my 4th back in FF. Should i be worried?

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