Browns players sense that Quinn will be the quarterback

The 51 members of the Browns roster not named Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson will find out today the name of their starting quarterback for Week One.

Per a league source, there’s a sense among the players that Quinn will get the job.

A case can be made for each guy.  Anderson has the experience and, because he throws a better deep ball, the rapport with No. 1 wideout Braylon Edwards.

But Quinn has the pedigree and the potential, and he’s superior when it comes to the shorter passes.

So stay tuned.  Coach Eric Mangini has kept his decision a secret, and whether it will remain under wraps until Sunday at 1:00 p.m. ET is highly unlikely.

37 responses to “Browns players sense that Quinn will be the quarterback

  1. Rapport with Edwards? Unless Biletnikoff gets him some stickum, it does not matter who is throw the ball. Juggs machine could do it and he would still drop them.

  2. Oh my lord…enough is enough just name the dang starter and move on! Is just me or is Mangini a pain in the tail so far….

  3. The Browns are foolish not to make Quinn the starter… if they don’t, that is.
    Quinn could be a franchise QB someday. Anderson has ”journeyman QB” written all over him…

  4. Per a league source, there’s a sense among the entire population of planet earth that Mangini is an unmitigated jackass failure.

  5. “Oh my lord…enough is enough just name the dang starter and move on! Is just me or is Mangini a pain in the tail so far….”-cadibart
    well, yeah but let’s not run him out of town prematurely just because you and the media don’t like his antics….ie. Belichek
    The competitive advantage is so small I can;t see how it outweigh’s the distraction. One thing is for sure, if the Brown’s OL doesn’t pass block well and keep Williams and Allen somewhat contained we might get to see all three QB’s!

  6. They just need to name Quinn the starter and move on. No disrespect to Anderson, because he’s a decent QB (read: better than half the league), but Quinn is the future of the team.
    The Browns don’t stand much of a chance in that division this year anyway. They’re the 3rd best team – if they’re lucky. Groom your QB of the future now, and hope it pays dividends in a year or two.

  7. The point is that you need to be able to allow your team to prepare and get comfortable with each other. This has been nothing but a distraction for the entire pre-season. Quinn was drafted to be the future of the team, if Mangini doesn’t want him there then he should’ve made a move in the off season. Otherwise, put Quinn in and let him show what he’s got.

  8. “The 51 members of the Browns roster not named Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson will find out today”
    “Coach Eric Mangini has kept his decision a secret, and whether it will remain under wraps until Sunday at 1:00 p.m. ET is highly unlikely.”
    ………eh? which is it?

  9. As a diehard Browns fan I do not think it matters who is named the starter. When AD runs for 300 yards and 4 tds this Sunday does it even matter whos at QB? I am sure Mangini has the Vikings all flustered with his decision to keep this a secret (please sense the sarcasm)

  10. As a Vikings fan all I can say is – does it really matter? Minnesota isn’t gonna prepare any differently whether it’s Quinn or Anderson.

  11. Quinn is also “shorter” like many other useful people we know and love.
    Anderson is too tall for Cleveland.

  12. Mangenius is an idiot. He gain’s no advantage by keeping his starter a secret. What kind of message does that send to his team? “Men we’re going to send you into battle on Sunday with a nameless leader because we’re so weak we need every advantage we can get, perceived or real…”

  13. @josh:
    I am sure they have a starter in mind. What Cleveland is obviously doing is trying to get their first opponent to game plan their defense against both QBs because they can’t be sure which one is gonna start.
    The problem with that is it’s not like these two guys are vastly different types of QBs, like Kerry Collins & Vince Young are.
    The Browns first opponent should take a chance and just game plan for Quinn. If the Browns play Anderson instead, the Browns are more likely to lose, anyways. The Browns only chance (IMO) to win is to start Quinn…

  14. “Aw man, the tension is killing me! Who do I drop from my fantasy team???” — DonTerrelli
    Don, if your fantasy hopes and dreams hinge on the play of either Quinn or Anderson, it’s going to be a long, long year for you my friend.

  15. Billy the Kid says:
    September 8, 2009 11:31 AM
    Tim Hasselbeck, Merrill Hoge, and Trent Dilfer think it’s D.A.
    I know that Trent Dufuss is a personal friend of Anderson and doesn’t know anything. He hopes it will be DA. The Browns need to take this year and groom Quinn as the QB of the future, or at least find out what they have. They know what they have in DA. A solid #2 guy.

  16. Bigbluefan says:
    It’s only the browns who cares.
    Obviously quite a few people since there are 21 responses to an article that is essentially about nothing. Everyone claims not to care about the Browns, and yet I can’t escape stories about them all over the place. Seeing as how the media only gives people the stories that get hits, sell papers, etc, obviously there is a lot of evidence that disagrees.
    Who cares about “big blue?” I mean you guys did go 3-9 last year.

  17. This reminds me of the great brown qb battles of the past. Was it going to be couch or charlie frye?
    I mean does anyone really care because they both will be carrying clipboards for some other team in the coming years. The sideshow that Mangenius has created screams how bad both really are.


  19. If the Browns are 8-0 at the bi-week, no one will care about this stuff.
    If they start as predicted at 0-3, Mangini will be run out of town.
    Winning fixes everything.
    Losing makes disgruntled players brave talkers.

  20. It’s gonna be Quinn, everyone knows it. Doesn’t really matter, they are pretty much both the same type of QB and Jared Allen is gonna smash either one!

  21. So how about that Monday 6pm over under for QB starter to be blabbed Florio, haven’t seen you comment on that. In case you are wondering it is Tuesday now

    The signs are obvious. Nobody on the Vikings is being fooled. They can watch game tape as well as anyone. If you can’t figure it out wait until Sunday.
    All I want is for our guys to give it their best shot every game. If they do that everything else will take care of itself.

  23. TheNaturalMevs,
    Where did you get that info from? Anyway, if you just go by the numbers this preseason you have to go with Quinn. I think DA is the better QB though. I would rather have him QBing my team (and no, the Browns are definitely not my team).

  24. The players know who the starter is, and have known who the starter is. So he’s not telling us, who cares? Perhaps, he doesn’t want the starter getting grilled more and using this as the “distraction” of opening weekend, rather than other crap. To the players, who know, it’s not a distraction at all.

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