Carson Palmer predicts a fatality

In Peter King’s excellent season-launching Monday Morning Quarterback column, he cross-promotes an item from his Sports Illustrated roundtable discussion with multiple franchise quarterbacks.  (How shameless.  And speaking of franchise quarterbacks, CFT has an update on Sam Bradford’s shoulder.)

Said Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer at one point during the conversation:  “The truth of the matter is . . . somebody is going to die here in the NFL.  It’s going to happen.”

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  1. It’s a shame that you apparently have to shill for Peter King since you both do some work for NBC. I have noticed you throwing him all sorts of atta-boys over the past few weeks. King is a blowhard and praising him continuously hurts your credibility IMO.

  2. Sheeeesh what a baby……….
    You can die walking down the street any day any hour.
    Sounds to me like he’s lost his nerve to be in the league.
    Then leave and let a man play, pussy.

  3. I am a) a huge Texans fan and b) have seen this quote already, but it still took me 5 minutes to figure out who Marion Williams was.
    Rough morning.

  4. Carson, enough with the fear tactics. You QB’s have all the protection rules in the world in your favor. You also are the league’s QB who is most notorious for begging for a flag anytime a defensive player even breathes too hard in your direction. You are a crybaby!
    If this game is too much for you to handle, then go play golf /andor become a QB assistant at USC.

  5. Sadly, there already has been a death at the hands of an NFL player this year. Though it wasn’t on the field.
    I think Carson should advocate more for fixing the problems off the field than those on. Especially for someone who plays for an organization who seems to regard law violations by players as being a product of personality quirks.

  6. Peter King is an IDIOT!!! Another senseless column that means squat!!! How does this IDIOT keep his job??? He sure as hell don’t know anything, & his predictions are ALWAYS wrong!!!

  7. The comment Mike made re a death happening from a spinal injury severing vital cords is spot on.
    Rugby (which is where ever bigger-and-bigger men running ever faster-and-faster collide without much in the way of padding) has seen over 70 deaths, albeit over 110 years or so. See
    Most of these come from the ‘scrum’, which is akin to the scrimmage but more dangerous, as the players engage each other by way of head, neck and shoulders – a player mis-aligned or out of his depth can have the incredible pressure per square inch of 8 athletes pushing down through his vertebrae.
    Still, the game goes on, as will the NFL post the first casualty.

  8. Uuuhhh…Florio, it does not take two people running at top speed to kill someone. Ray Lucas was playing an Arena game and was killed during a game. All it takes is one unlucky shot.

  9. The NFL is getting more athletic year after year but it is also getting softer and softer every year…it won’t be too long before pro two hand touch

  10. Finally, somebody with some straight talk… It is going to happen.
    Equally, someone will die on NHL Ice at some point in the future. This too, is an eventuality.
    Baseball? Basketball? Soccer? – No problem here.

  11. “The truth of the matter is . . . somebody is going to die here in the NFL. It’s going to happen.”
    Ummm, does the name Korey Stringer ring a bell? Or does he not “count” because it wasn’t a regular season game?

  12. Carson’s head is messed up. He hasn’t been the same since the knee injury. You have to play with 100% commitment and be fearless. If you’re thinking about getting hurt, you’re going to get hurt. No way he plays 16 games this year and no way the Bengals win without him.
    besides the game is much less violent than it was in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s practically touch football at this point. The equipment is also 10000x better now as well.

  13. Slightly off topic, but this is my biggest fear about MMA. I love MMA and especially UFC. There are media columnists already out there pushing that MMA is too barbaric, even though boxing has vastly more deaths and permanent brain injuries. Now while the NFL can survive a death because it’s a mainstream sport, if there is a fluke/unfortunate death in UFC, there is going to be a swarm of media lobbying for it to be shut down.

  14. This was news last week when the magazine hit my mailbox. This is like watching Sportscenter at 6 and 7 am, nothing changed, except I just got a little dumber.
    Pick it up Florio, how about those Power Rankings, when are they going to be complete, the season starts in tick. tick, two and a half days. tick. tick.

  15. Palmer’s quote was taken out of context. He really said, “At some point somebody is going to die in football if they have to play behind the Bengal’s line their whole career.”

  16. To the guy who talked about Rugby, you’re absolutely right. I’ve played and was blessed to be a winger rather than a forward. But I have been in a few of the scrums, all of them being on the ground underneath them. All it takes is one of those big guys to step on your neck when you’re on the bottom.

  17. In the same issue that Peter King predicts a Patriots Super Bowl Victory. That makes it a little easier for me to keep it all in perspective.

  18. What a pansy. nobody has died on the filed..does he remember when they didn’t even wear facemasks? Carson Palmer is nothing more than a bitch!

  19. Florio is a schill…..what a joke
    What Palmer was saying is Plaxico Burress, when he gets out, may go nuts and cap someone on the field….

  20. Of course somebody is going to die sooner or later. Kevin Everett nearly did just a couple of years ago and that one guy for the Jets is still paralyzed. It’s just the nature of the game.

  21. RaiderClay says:
    September 8, 2009 10:15 AM
    Finally, somebody with some straight talk… It is going to happen.
    Equally, someone will die on NHL Ice at some point in the future. This too, is an eventuality.
    Baseball? Basketball? Soccer? – No problem here.
    A 95 mph pitch to the head in the right spot would be fatal, so baseball is far from being “death proof”

  22. Yes, it is inevitable that someone will die in the NFL, just as it is inevitable that if I flip a coin an infinite number of times, I will at some point end up with tails ten times in a row.
    It reeks of stupidity, however, that Carson whines about defensive ends, presumably implicating himself and other quarterbacks as the most vulnerable players in the game. Mike Utley, Kevin Everett, Dennis Byrd…not quarterbacks as I recall.
    I don’t blame Palmer for showing interest in his own safety, but such a comment shows either ignorance or complete insensitivity towards the rest of the NFL community.

  23. That’s the smell of fear, Carson.
    I used to play Rugby Union back in the UK as a Lock. I count myself lucky to have played, enjoyed and retired from the game (mind you, two skull fractures did influence my decision not to play again).
    This is the thing with contact sports: Nobody forces you to play them at a professional level. If it’s not for you, get the Hell out. Quit your bitching and retire.

  24. Many jobs entail risk. Firefighters die every year, and they aren’t all given the latest in safety gear. Military die every year, and they aren’t given the latest either. Miners die every year, and they certainly don’t get the best safety gear. NASCAR drivers die on occasion, but they make millions and get the latest safety gear. NFL players? Yeah, one may die. Some have already come close, being paralyzed from a hit. They do get the latest safety gear, and they make millions, unlike the firefighter or soldier.
    Bottom line, you get paid a lot more to assume a lot less risk than most employees who have jobs that entail risk. You do it by choice, and you can always stop playing. Many of you would never have to work another day in your life if you so chose. Here is some advice, since no one has much sympathy: “Accept that risk, or walk away.”
    Palmer has been talking a LOT about injuries and safety lately, and he plays the same way. The guy is stuck back in his knee injury mentally, and I don’t think he will ever return from that.

  25. As for Rugby, I played for over 15 years, and concussions were commonplace! On saturday while arrempting to make a low tackle on a very large 2nd row player, he decided to jump over me kicking me in the head. I woke up on tuesday at Jewish Memorial with a fractured skull!
    Remember Daryll Stingley!

  26. Good post, I agree with your sentiment that there’s always been that risk in football and it’s probably lower now then ever.

  27. This shouldn’t be that shocking of a statistic. There is a high risk element in almost every sport. James Blake broke his neck playing tennis. Fortunately for Blake there was no spinal cord damage and he made a full recovery.

  28. People die playing American football all the time. Three NFL players have died from indirect injuries (see below).
    Since 1930 655 high school students have died playing football. (9 per year)
    Between 1982 & 2008 325 people (men and boys) have died playing football (almost 13 per year) either from direct (football collisions) or indirectly (heat stroke, heart attack etc).
    24 Oct 1971: Churck Hugues, wide receiver with the Detroit Lions, died of a heart attack during a game with the Chicago Bears in Tiger Stadium. His teammates were informed of his death before leaving the stadium.
    22 Jul 1979: James Victor Cain, tight end with the St. Louis Cardinals, died of congenital heart failure during training camp.
    01 Aug 2001: Korey Stringer, offensive lineman with the Minnesota Vikings, died of heatstroke during the second day of practice with full pads. His core temperature reached 108 degrees. He died within 24 hours of being removed from the field.

  29. Marion Williams is the hybrid clone of Marion “the Barbarian” Barber and Mario Williams.
    He is without a doubt the most terrifying player in the league.

  30. This is a none issue only one QB with any history worth talking about Big Ben
    Who cares what the rest of these never was guys think
    If King wanted to talk to QBs where were Payton, Eli, Tom, Drew and Brett
    The rest of them have no idea what the big game is Romo thinks its played in November Palmer well the Bengals Rodgers in his second year Ryan still looking for his locker?
    What a round table whats next and interview with Crabtree about his life in the NFL?

  31. I dont know why everyone is think Palmer is saying these things out of fear. He knows it’s not going to be him or anyone at the quarterback position. Carson is fine and just stating the obvious. No need to attack him or say he is nervous about his own safety. People have already had spinal injuries and death is bound to be a result eventually.

  32. eagledan remembers …!!!
    Collectively the rest of you have short memories, or you we not around at the time
    Daryll Stingly of the old Boston Patriots, took a hit over the middle when going up for a pass. He has not functioned since … disabled for life
    Yes, someone, somewhere is going to die because of the violence in the game. It may not be the QB, but when 2 players, at ‘x’ weight, at ‘x’ speed, at ‘x’ angle, collied, someone will not get back up

  33. Maybe Carson is sending a warning to Chad Ochocinco, like he is going to lead him just a bit too much on a pass over the middle.

  34. Palmer is such a wimp.
    Brett Favre’s streak of 291 consecutive games continues because he loves the game.
    Players like Brett love playing.
    Nowdays there are a lot of wimps that just want money for hanging around the sidelines wearing ice rather than playing to win.
    Wimps like Palmer show their ignorance because more ticketholder die every year than players. Just of hand in 2008 there was a woman who died at Lambeau Field at the NFC Championship game and there was the gentleman who died being run over by the spooked police horse at a 49’er game.
    The fans are more at risk than wimpy Carson Palmer who has all the advanced medical equipment at the stadium reserved for players only.

  35. “…War Machine says: September 8, 2009 11:11 AM
    That’s the smell of fear, Carson….”
    You nailed it.

  36. I just watch a show called “Manswers” over the weekend. The most dangerous sport in the world is “get ready for it” FISHING.

  37. Florio’s a bunk b*itch. All he does is quote from PeterKing all the time. King and Florio must circlejerk.

  38. Sounds like Carson should be wearing a Tu-tu …Tha game of football has always been dangerous…If anything they have more rules and more equipment to protect than ever before..that makes up for the men bein built bigger.
    Before we know it this will be a flag football game.Maybe football/atheletes could switch paychecks with our military,who are definatly in a far more dangerous job than this.. and get paid cheap wages to do so.

  39. dagodfather, It wasn’t Ray Lucas that was killed it was Al Lucas. Just saying if you are trying to make a point, at least use the right guy.

  40. So, showing empathy towards the logical conclusion of a trainwreck lifestyle is unmanly. You stay classy, PFT.

  41. I’d say the real tragedy is someone who died because they were playing for money to support themselves and their family. I would rather die doing something I love rather than for doing my job.

  42. Now i lay me down to sleep, a N.F.L. roster at my feet. If one dies before i wake i Pray Vick’s life the lord will take.

  43. I have a statement for the people that are saying, if it happens to anyone, I hope its Vick. First I want to start with, I do not condone what Vick did to those dogs, and never will. But chew on this. Every day, non vegetarians in this country eat beef, pork, chicken, and assorted other meats. The animals people are eating, are bred for the purpose of being slaughtered for food. Vick didn’t go into peoples backyards and steal dogs, he bred them for the purpose of fighting, as a sport. People hunt for sport, not eating the meat. Again, not condoning what he did, but get over yourselves. He did his time, which for killing a dog was way more than running over a person while over the legal limit for alcohol, so get over him. People want to hold grudges, just because a dog is a pet. If Vick played football, then worked in a slaughterhouse in the offseason, no one would care. But an animal is an animal, If you want to make it an issue, then stop being a hypocrite…

  44. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Cincinatti Toughness. Football is scary and somebody might get hurt. Can we just hang a flag from Carson Palmer and Ocho “Got my teeth knocked out by Smith” Cinco

  45. Peter King’s and the word “excellent” go together like toothpaste and orange juice. noting that piece of shit ever does is even close to “excellent”. Stop kissing his big fat ass Florio.

  46. This has already happened. I remember a game between Detroit and Chicago back in the late 60s early 70s. Butkis leveled a Detroit received on one play. The next play as he was running his route, he drop dead with out being touched on the play.

  47. “…# justme_cd says: September 8, 2009 1:37 PM
    I would rather die doing something I love rather than for doing my job….”
    If you were lucky, they would both be the same thing.

  48. LOL @ steeltownpride……HAHAHAHAHA!!
    I always thought Palmer was a pretty level headed, smart guy but now he goes and opens his mouth and the stupidity comes flowing out….pretty much proving that his days at USC left his mind clouded & clogged with malted hops and bong resin.

  49. @eagledan & War Machine
    Then perhaps you’ve heard the old ruggers’ saying:
    “Only girls and football players wear pads…” 😉

  50. I think allot of your comments are because you never played football before.
    We always had a debate which is the toughest sport, football or hockey. I played both and know football is tougher.
    I used to say” Go down on a kickoff running full speed into some 270 pound lineman who is running straight at you. When you do that, tell me hockey is tougher.”
    Palmer is right, its all physics.
    I played a couple of games and did not remember anything. That was in 79…and the lineman were huge then.
    My son got done last year and had 2 concussions.
    If the guy he hit was 270 and built like a rock I would be very afraid as to what would have happened. That was just in high school.
    Carson’s right. Some guys head is just gonna snap just like Brad Childresses ankle did about 12 years ago.
    As far as rugby goes…any guy who does not make the football team plays rugby….NO REAL collissions there.

  51. Come on Carson, more people have died running into Ray Lewis’s knife then have died running into QB’s.

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