Lions intercept potential schism

With quarterback Daunte Culpepper reportedly broken-hearted (apparently, he paid his dime and only read a newspaper) and teammates reportedly somber in the wake of the news that rookie Matthew Stafford has won the quarterback “competition” in Detroit, Culpepper has issued a statement through the team in which he pledges to support Stafford.

“Now that the debate is over and the decision has
been made regarding the starting quarterback in Detroit, I would like
to make the following statement today so that tomorrow I can put all of
my energy into helping our team prepare for our opponent,” Culpepper said.

“The reason I agreed to restructure my contract in order to stay in
Detroit was because I knew that I would have a chance to have a full
off-season for the first time in over three years.  I also knew that I
would have an opportunity to finally compete against whoever the Lions
brought in whether via free agency, trade or the draft.  When the Lions
selected Matthew Stafford first overall I was excited.

“My position is that if you want to be the best you have to
beat the best.  Coach Schwartz gave me a fair opportunity to compete for
the starting job and now the decision has been made that Matt is the
best quarterback in Detroit.  I support the decision and I am ready to
settle into my role.

“Matt is a great guy and a talented young quarterback.  I am
confident that he will lead this team to plenty of victories in Detroit
for a long time to come.  I look forward to helping Matt in that mission
in any way that I can this year.  My role as his back-up is not to be
seen unless needed and not to be heard from unless required.  The Lions
organization has treated me with respect and class and they can expect
the same from me.”

Of course, Culpepper already has sort of violated his own rule, since we’re hearing from him before it’s required.  Apparently, however, the Lions believed that it was necessary to have Culpepper speak now, in order to avoid talk that folks aren’t on the same page regarding the move.

60 responses to “Lions intercept potential schism

  1. Oh thank goodness…god forbid there be a schism in the Detroit locker room.
    Schisms….the scourge of the NFL…

  2. You stay classy, Daunte. But seriously, way to step up and sweep this under the rug before THAT bus gets any traction.
    Lions are looking smarter every day.

  3. I just don’t understand why everything has to be sarcasm-tinged on this site. Yeah, I get it, the Lions suck. They went 0-16 last year, did you hear? Matt Millen was a retarded GM. Hah, hah, hah. Can anything about the Lions just be reported without little jabs everywhere that, frankly, stopped being funny about a year ago? Is that possible? Probably not…

  4. T.O. needs his publicist..well written statement
    its still a bunch of BULL but hey, it was eloquent! LOL

  5. Um Florio… the Lions didn’t ask him to do this…
    “Culpepper made his feelings known today when he prepared a statement that he asked the team’s public relations department to release. According to a club source, the words all belong to Culpepper – this was not a PR-generated testimonial:”

  6. D.R., I believe that Culpepper is his own publicist.
    Culpepper has always been a very intelligent person. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly after first being drafted by the Vikings. Nice guy, bought him a beer and he bought one back.

  7. Lions were not 0-16. They were 1-15. The worst pass interference call I’ve ever seen took away their victory over the Vikings.

  8. Class statement by Culpepper, but it never should have been necessary in the first place, being as the whole “schism” thing was manufactured by the media anyway.
    There aren’t any journalists anymore, just newspaper salemen.

  9. Florio, love your sense of humor most of the time, but the dark sarcasm here seems a bit misplaced to me. Perhaps as a Lions fan I’m a bit naive, but I think it’s a classy gesture by a veteran QB that has worked his tail off. He should be commended.
    Thanks, Daunte! Way to step out in front of this and show what being a pro athlete ~should~ look like!!!

  10. I’ve read both your report on the “somber” Lions locker room, and MLives. Somehow there is not a perfect match. Maybe you should occasionally get your information first hand and write to be factual not to get a catchy headline.
    Daunte Culpepper is obviously a class act and respected by his teamates, Matthew Stafford included. But so is Stafford. With pundits like you it becomes less interesting to read your comments everyday.

  11. I disagree with Daunte Culpepper. HE is the best QB in Detroit, and there is no question about it. If is weren’t for Childress’ big head, maybe he would still be here in Minnesota wearing purple as he should be.
    On another note, I have to partially agree with lebowski on that bogus pass interference call. The Lions would have beaten us. However, they didn’t, and were in fact 0-16. If it makes you feel better, 1-15 is pretty much the same thing, plus, you got an NFL record out of it. You should be thanking Andre Allison and the Minnesota Vikings.

  12. the sarcasm in my comment was directed at the schisms…not the lions…
    you gotta watch out for schisms.

  13. Nice job Daunte. Way to be classy about this whole situation. Jeff Garcia may still have a job if he took this route.
    And Lebowski, well said, and although I do agree with you, the record book still says 0-16.

  14. Class A guy right there in Culpepper. Always liked him. Good luck to Stafford, I just hope his line can protect him.
    See you on Sept. 20

  15. What an ego. Thinks everyone cares what he thinks. Hey Daunte…. get over yourself no one cares nor did anyone think you had a chance at starting week 1. I bet this made him feel much better… all warm and fuzzy inside. Got get your roll on… you suck.

  16. If the Lions felt that Culpepper should release a statement, then it was “required” that he be heard from.
    Or, if Culpepper felt that PFT’s article about the somber mood in Detroit was accurate, then his statement may have been required as well.
    Or, if Culpepper was continually being asked about it and didn’t want to keep giving the same answers, then the statement was a way to stop that conversation.
    Regardless, I don’t think this violated either the letter or the spirit he articulated in his statement.

  17. Love It!!!! Daunte is all class, I am very impressed by this statement. The new lions are seeming to be a very professional and well-organized team. Oh yeah and Lebowski, it may sound like an excuse to everyone else but you are right on about that vikings game. There was also a facemask on Calvin just before that turnover that was blatant and also not called, or even replayed for that matter. I’m not sayin it was rigged, I’m just sayin………..

  18. @ Bucky…you’re right…I forgot about that
    1st class move either way…wish more guys would show some

  19. Nah lebowski, the packers have never had a horrendous call go thier way…..
    The packers are always the ones that get screwed by the refs.
    Boy, You cheeseheads just can’t seem to no beat the same drum can you?
    Somebodies afraid of the Vikings this year I guess.
    Anyway, nice to see Duante put out those words.
    Hers’s hoping the Lions shock everyone this year and finish 2nd in the North, right behind the Vikes.

  20. Culpepper is smarter than you think, in fact, I’m willing to bet he’s much smarter than the commentators here who think he didn’t write that statement himself.
    Either way, wasn’t a bad idea keeping him around for another year. He played well in the preseason and a lot of teams have worse backup QBs.

  21. Florio, why are you trying to imply that the team made Culpepper do this?
    Why are you trying to imply that Stafford did NOT win the starting job fair and square?
    We know you’re a Culpepper fan, but c’mon already.
    If you watched all 4 Lions pre-season games, you know that Stafford won that job fair and square. Compare the 2 preseason performances of both guys and it’s a no brainer that Stafford should be starter.
    No Culpepper has class and makes a positive statement about the situation and suddenly the Lions are holding a gun to his head?
    Ugh. Ridiculous.

  22. “Here I sit borken-hearted. Paid a dime but only farted.”
    I hope this helps to clarify the comment KeeperLeagueGM.

  23. lebowski says:
    September 8, 2009 3:10 PM
    Lions were not 0-16. They were 1-15. The worst pass interference call I’ve ever seen took away their victory over the Vikings.
    The Dolphins went 1-15 the year before. The lions went 0-16 this previous year.

  24. lebowski says:
    September 8, 2009 3:10 PM
    Lions were not 0-16. They were 1-15. The worst pass interference call I’ve ever seen took away their victory over the Vikings.
    That makes it the worst pass interference call that (at least) TWO people have ever seen…

  25. As a cards fan, I get what some of the guys are saying. Knock off the constant jabs at the Lions.
    Their fans don’t deserve it.

  26. cojoe says:
    September 8, 2009 2:56 PM
    I just don’t understand why everything has to be sarcasm-tinged on this site. Yeah, I get it, the Lions suck. They went 0-16 last year, did you hear? Matt Millen was a retarded GM. Hah, hah, hah. Can anything about the Lions just be reported without little jabs everywhere that, frankly, stopped being funny about a year ago? Is that possible? Probably not…
    Yes, thank God that sarcasm is *only* directed at the Lions.
    And thank God that Cutler, Vick, Favre, Merriman, Chad Johnson (yes, that’s his name), Tom Brady, Ben Rothlisberger, Brad Childress, Tom Cable, Roger Goodell, Eric Mangini, Ray Lewis, Crabtree, Wade, Pat & Kevin Williams, Rodney Harrison, Tony Dungy, T.O., McNabb, McDaniels, Orton, Urlacher, Rodgers, Hasselbeck, Plaxico, Stallworth, Lynch, Singletary, Ryan, Ryan, Kampmann, Jauron, Ward, Quinn, Smith, Delhomme, Brees, LT, and 4376 other people (I will refrain from naming) are all spared from it.

  27. Translation: I’m just happy to have a job. Being out of football for two years with no fat paycheck coming in really sucked A$$. Coach told me if I wanted to stay employed I had better release a statement kissing Staffords A$$.
    I’m 100% behind him as long as I’m paid to.

  28. Culpepper hasn’t shown he’s much of a mentor at all, when he backed up JRuss in Oakland, once he wasn’t a starter anymore he basically disappeared off the face of the earth.
    Maybe Stafford will be different, but it’s unlikely.

  29. RagnartheViking says:
    September 8, 2009 3:43 PM
    “Hers’s hoping the Lions shock everyone this year and finish 2nd in the North, right behind the Vikes.”
    Typical dick comment.
    Full of bluster and delusion.
    It’s the exact sort of statement that compels me to come on here and be such a dick to Queens fans–you do realize that YOU embody what is worse about your team, right?
    Also, I can’t imagine a single self-respecting Lions fan out there (yes, I believe they exist) that would buy your phony, pandering little well-wishes for even a second…especially given how you mocked that OBSCENE CRIME of a pass interference call…
    the same one that robbed them of their rightful win and damned them to an ignoble fate in the NFL history books.
    Like I said, as far as I’m concerned, the Lions were 1-15 last year.

  30. I am making an official announcement from the Locker Room of the L.A.Fitness in Marietta, GA.
    Mike Florio is funny. His job is to inform and entertain. I don’t care if he likes to use spellcheck. I do like the fact that he can differentiate Swine Flu from a Schism. And, I encourage him to remind us as often as he can of their similarities as well.
    It is our job as unofficial trolls of this site to agree and or disagree with what is written in order to somehow influence the betting lines of our favorite teams.
    Whatever your axe to grind, may you grind in peace!

  31. Dewey, in 25 years everyone will know the Lions as the first 0-16 team, not the team who should have been 1-15 but-for a poor PI call.
    Since we are talking about fictional wins and losses, the 2008 Detroit Lions would have been 11-7 in the CFL, losing in the Eastern Conference Final to Montreal.

  32. Wow…Dewey Axewound…someone really pee’d in your cornflakes didn’t they?
    Not sure why Ragnar’s comment was “delusional” as the Vikings won the Division by two games and sported a 10-6 record and added a significant upgrade at QB, WR and effectively MLB.
    It wasn’t really blustery either. You should probably consult a dictionary for a proper definition. A hint, to qualify as blustery, the comment needs to be several notches above “somebody is afraid of the Vikings this year.”
    As for the ref’s call on PI, every team has had calls go for or against them. God knows the Packers got their fair share when Favre was the QB. But, that is the way it goes. The refs are humans and they make mistakes. Normally the officating evens out over time, but I understand it sure sucks to have a BS call go against you. (The ’98 Bills are the champs in the “screwed over” olympics as the Refs took TWO games away from them).

  33. Dewey-I’ve seen worse (SB XLI), but that was a downright horrible call. The Lions should have won that game, even with Orlovsky’s still-hilarious safety run.
    Ragnar-If the Vikings win the division this year and the Lions come in 2nd, I will sit down to a nice dinner of an Aaron Rodgers jersey and post it on youtube. That’s how sure I am that it’s NOT going to happen.
    Too bad you and all other Viking fans will already be in hibernation (or too busy watching the Wild) by December, so we won’t be able to put you in your place for being so bold with your latest round of SB predictions just to go 4-12. I won’t forget it come April when you return with the next round of predictions though.
    All (remaining) Lion fans-You have my utmost respect. You’ve been through a lot, more than any fans in history, and you’ve stayed loyal to your team despite all of it. Now no one can call any of you fairweather, not like these offseason-champion Viking douchebags. Here’s hoping that loyalty pays off for you, and you do well this year, though hopefully not at the expense of my own team.

  34. Classy is not in Daunte’s vocabulary. The statements by Daunte that you see above is the redacted version. 😉

  35. lol….didn’t think your site had any integrity.
    I will run back to the Lion’s forum and share your “blank” thoughts

  36. Yeah, OK!!!
    Culpepper is keeping his cheeseburger eating mouth shut until that 3.8 million kicks in then expect him to start pouting and acting like a goof. It’s what he does, and it’s the only thing he does well.

  37. Culpepper grows up and does have class, he’s finally realized he can be a back up and still be a big factor on the o fens…
    all that said…
    i hope detroit has a 500 season

  38. Beer, Dewey, morons etal:
    I am so sick and tired of your bs.
    Every single poster on this site is predicting big things for thier teams.
    Why is it that the Vikings fans are the ones that are getting shit for wanting good for thier team?
    Seriously, I want an answer.
    We brag about our team? Really?
    Beercheese, you aren’t bragging up your Packer preseason?
    Dewey, you aren’t bragging that you finally have a legitimate QB?
    You fools talk about generalizing a fanbase?
    Where have I ever said that the Vikes were winning the Superbowl? Seriously, go find it.
    Im tired of listening to this freaking bs. A Viking fan can’t say 1 thing positive about them, lest we be subjected to your delusional, wait for the trainwreck, no base in reality comments.
    We get made fun of for TJack, then get Favre, and are made fun of for that.
    You guys only want to hear out of Viking fans if they are jaded, or jumping off the bandwagon.
    Those are the ” finally a reasonable Vikings fan” that you like.
    The Vikings were so horrible last year, that he Bears couldn’t get past them, what’s that say about the Bears?
    The Packers, I am used to that living in Wisconsin. The Packers could be the 08 lions and you idiots would still be predicting 13 wins.
    Delusional? That’a 6-10 teams fan base bragging about how good they are.
    That’s a team adding a QB and virtualy nothing on defense,( a defense that coulnt close out how many games?) and expecting thins to magically be different.
    Evidently, you jagoffs are afraid the Vikings are going to be great this year. You sure waste alot of time on Vikings posts,
    The funny, sad, pathetic thing about this, is you actually think you are going to change our minds.
    I can’t wait for the excuses when your team doesn’t live up to YOUR expectations.
    I’m sure that the Vikings will just get stuff gift wrapped though. If they win, it’s always luck or whatever.
    Same freaking tune every year. I expect that out of a moron like Dewey. Beer, you disappoint me though.

  39. RagnartheViking says:
    Beercheese, you aren’t bragging up your Packer preseason?
    I’ve commented on how the defense seems to look more consistent, that Raji has made good plays, and so on.
    I don’t think that constitutes “bragging” and I’d be SHOCKED if you did, given the things you post on here.
    I’ve also said I have Chicago winning the division this year. I don’t have high expectations, so save your Packer-homer accusations for Bob_Nelson please.
    RagnartheViking ALSO says:
    Why is it that the Vikings fans are the ones that are getting shit for wanting good for their team?
    Oh, the poor, unfortunate, long-suffering, constantly persecuted Viking fans. Will it never end? :sniff:
    You live in WI? Here, this may actually BE you, but in case it’s not, and you haven’t seen it:

    Go ahead and WANT good for your team. Of course we all WANT good for our team. The difference is most fans of any teams without horns or stars on their helmets can be REALISTIC about our chances. How many fans of other teams besides Vikings and Cowboys have you EVER seen posting on here, declaring themselves Super Bowl champions starting in APRIL?!!
    Yet EVERY SINGLE YEAR you purple inbred morons do just that, thinking it’s perfectly normal. Well, it isn’t, in fact it’s complete lunacy. So we are here to remind you of that, as well as the fact that despite predicting big things EVERY year, your sorry ass joke of a team has NEVER achieved them. At least Dallas has done that (not to say their fans are normal either though).
    So keep on doing what you do, predict huge things, call out every Packer, Bear, and now Lion fan for putting you in your place, bring the personal insults when you can’t make a decent argument, break down and cry when it gets too much to handle, and repeat.
    Just don’t be surprised when we do what WE do, try to knock some sense into you oblivious, perpetually losing IDIOTS.
    Now go have a beer. You’ll feel better.

  40. Still have a shaky O-Line. Culpepper will get some time this year, and even if he doesn’t he gets a nice salary to send plays in via headset.

  41. “There aren’t any journalists anymore, just newspaper salemen”
    that’s no more true today than it ever was.

  42. Jay Cutler here is how its done!!! Take a lesson from this, let it be settled on the field, the best players play all you have to do it prove you are the best.

  43. ChiBears5-That’s funny coming from the fan of a team that has had like 75 different starting QB’s in the last 10 years. Good luck with Cutler, he had better be the one because the Bears sacrificed their immediate future for him. Don’t worry too much though. Rod will have the defense pounding rocks and keeping their pad level low as they get run over.

  44. I’m not crying Beer.
    I’m just sick of the hypocritical bs out of you packer fans. I actually don’t know why I waste time on Dewey. I generalize you Packer fans, because for the most part that is what happens to me too.
    I have tried to make valid points on here, only to bashed down as a delusional Vikings fan.
    One of the things I’ve said is that you can’t add Favre to a 10-6 team with virtually no QB, and get worse. We had Tjack, get ridiculed for that, so we get Favre, get ridiculed for that, I mean really what were they supposed to do?
    Anyway, my point is, had I said the Vikes D looks dominating, as you did, there would have been a throng of Packer zealots beating down the thoery on here.
    When in fact, they led in Preseason defense. That’s a fact.
    Yet the Pack who was ranked 29th looks dominating according to you and your minions.
    WHo looks like the bragging idiot? You guys always want facts, when they are presented, you look for ways to squirm out of it, or turn the arguement in a different direction.
    See the arguement was. “it was the back-ups” that gave up all the yards”. What about this supposed depth you have? Seems to me if Minnesotas sustained the D, they must have better depth huh?
    You can’t talk rationally to a Packer fan, you won’t concede even if you know you are wrong.
    Nobody else should have an opinion that differs from yours, if you do, youre delusional….
    Now, go ahead, pick apart the post, make fun of me for ” preseason” stats. You sure were bragging up Karen’s QB play.
    Packer fans are such a sad, pathetic lot. It seems like they are the only thing you have to live for, which in essence is probably true, more the pity.
    That and getting loaded at “deer camp” lookin for da tirty point buck.
    You better hope, they do well, cos I’ll be here all year to let you know about it if they don’t.

  45. Vegas insider? Holy crap, still clinging to that? You are freaking pathetic, you know that?
    You and other Packer fans get generalized because you deserve to be. It’s the same broken record out of all of you. I didn’t even bother posting on the latest Favre post, because it’s the same Packer fans posting the same shit they have posted all summer long. I mean, it may as well be cut and paste.
    Beer, by the way, is Beercheesesoup. Maybe you shouldn’t take offense to every post I make, or better yet, not have the arrogance to think every post I make is directed at you.(trust me, you are not that important to my daily life)
    Why is it you feel you need to defend”Packer nation”? Well of course, the average IQ of a Packer fan is about 23, so, carry on sir.
    The Jets had Coles and who? Favre makes the WR’s better, you should know this. Freeman should be thanking Brett everyday for that contract he got. You don’t know how well Harvin will play, neither do I, but odds are he’d have better stats with Favre.
    Dumbass, you will recall, I live in Wisconsin.
    I just think it is the height of idiocy to go out and get plowed til bartime and then go out hunting 2 hours later, I have seen it happen.Many times.
    No Pabst for me tho, I’ll take Jack tho. John Wayne? Really? No, thanks
    Wow, someone must be a backwoods hick to get so upset, either that, or, you are just going to take issue with everything I say, even when it clearly isn’t directed at you.

  46. I know exactly who Beer is. You replied to him, but then automatically fall into your tried and true routine of making broad generalizations. Address the points Beer brings up rather than exaggerating what you’ve seen in the past and attributing it to all of us.
    Favre has always made WRs look better. We all know this, and anyone who denies it is either stupid or lying. But are you going to try to tell me that the Vikings WR corps right now is better than the Jets WRs last season?
    Of course I’m going to respond to your petty bullshit. You ARE directing it at me. ALL PACKER FANS this and ALL PACKER FANS that. That’s what you do.
    And going out to bartime and going out hunting two hours later? Hello? I said 95% of Wisconsin is exactly the same as 95% of Minnesota. But only Packers fans get plowed and then go hunting? And I know you live in Wisconsin. I remember reading that.
    Anyway, you’d get a little more credit around here if you didn’t automatically drag the discussion into the gutter and make stupid unfounded comments that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOTBALL.

  47. So, I’m suppose to rise above everyone else that does the same thing, you included?
    Yes, they have the POTENTIAL to be better, because they don’t have 2 slapdicks throwing them the ball.
    You’ve got packer fans out there declaring Harvin a bust before his 1st regular season game.
    Being from Wisconsin, I just get plowed, I’m not much for hunting. I speak of what I see, and when I’ve gotten plowed in Minnesota, it wasn’t hunting season.
    My comments are just as relevant as yours, just because you don’t agree, doesn’t make them stupid and unfounded.
    That’s a huge difference Jimi, I’m not looking for credit, i state my opinions and if you don’t like them, oh well.
    I generalize Packer fans, because by and large it’s the same company line. You do have potential though.
    We are NEVER going to agree Jimi, we’re fans of Rival teams, if you are that upset, you need to just ignore me.

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