Lions "somber" over quarterback decision

The Lions did a good job of creating the impression that they actually might not use quarterback Matt Stafford as a rookie, despite making him the No. 1 overall pick a year after the two first-round quarterbacks became Week One starters and led their respective teams to the playoffs.

Perhaps they did too good of a job.

From an outsider’s perspective, the competition between Stafford and Daunte Culpepper wasn’t much of a competition.  It was a way to push Stafford to avoid complacency, and to get the most out of him as he tried to get ready for the NFL level.

But Culpepper genuinely thought he had a chance to win the job.  And so, as Tom Kowalski of points out, Culpepper was broken-hearted by the news that he won’t be playing, and that the mood in the locker room was somber.

Still, the veteran players are welcoming Stafford with much more zeal than we saw from Alan Faneca when Ben Roethlisberger made his debut in Pittsburgh five years ago, and the only way Stafford will be coming out is if he gets injured.

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  1. Too bad for Duante, he’s a good guy. I met him about 5 years ago at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. Some friends and I were hammered and even interrupted him in mid-throw of the dice at the craps table and he even smiled and shook our hands.

  2. Well, on the upside, being a resident of Michigan, there are TONS of lakes for boating. I’m sure he’ll find a way to mend that broken heart!

  3. Similar to StraTavarius in Mini-scrota, I wonder how much of this divide falls down racial lines, or at least includes those undertones…? (if at all)

  4. It’s a dumb move. I understand it’s a copycat league, but they’re risking too much at this point. This team is going nowhere, and unlike the Quinn/Anderson scenario, Stafford needs a little more time to adjust to the NFL. The Lions are risking a shell-shock situation that could be hard for Stafford to come out of.
    Their best bet would be to wait it out until after their bye week. That would give Stafford 2 weeks to prepare as the new starter, and he could play his first 2 games against the Rams and Seattle.
    But then again, it’s not like Detroit has a history of making good decisions.

  5. Culpepper got the shaft here. Not fair at all. But he will get a kick out of watching the kid get whopped. And he will get whooped.

  6. This did not work out well for the 49’ers when they had Alex Smith. They threy him in the deep end of the pool and said “Learn to swim”.
    Then again when you only have a guy who has never made it anywhere, Fumblepepper, as a back up it is the team’s fault.

  7. culpepper, or may i say, pullpecker, didnt take them anywhere last year and wasnt going to this year.
    he makes orlovsky and stanton look good.

  8. probly a lot of it, dewey. pullpecker couldnt net a winning record with moss, though, and he flat out blew chunks last year. and with oakland. and with miami.
    i would have said have chauncey qb a 1-6 team into the bye, then let stafford play after that.
    but perhaps the toe problem really did call the shot after all.

  9. Dewey, so all black people’s decisions are based on race. You’re an idiot. So every time a black QB is favored over a white QB, let’s automatically assume it has something to do with race. You can always be counted on to make asinine statements, I’ll give you that.

  10. CPep was WAY too conservative in the preseason. He played like he was afraid to make a mistake. Well, he didn’t make any, but he didn’t exactly further his position, either. Stafford, on the other hand, slung the ball around pretty well, showed a command of the offense, and hooked up with Calvin Johnson on some long throws.
    And Dewey – keep the race card in your pocket. This isn’t a political forum.

  11. Wow, all of you people personally insulting and coming up with crude nicknames for Culpepper–what the hell is the matter with you folks? Most of you knobs couldn’t complete a pass in a pro game, so consider his professional results if you wish, but give it a rest with the insults. It’s uncalled for, cowardly, and a useless waste of time for your fellow readers.
    Even if there’s excitement over the new guy with the big arm, it’s only natural for there to be some somberness over Culpepper–after all, he’s the aging veteran now cast as the underdog, and I expect it’d be easy for many players to project themselves into that spot and hope for another act to their careers. Best of luck to the new guy, the old guy, and the rest of the team–it’ll be a tough year but maybe an exciting one too.

  12. # Tjackfan says: September 8, 2009 1:14 PM
    This is why the Lions are a joke. Way to throw your QB of the future to the wolves.
    Did I really see a screen name called Tjackfan?!?!? LOL That’s some funny stuff!!!
    It looks like the Vikings are joke as well for taking your favorite player and throwing him to the wolves when he was a DII QB draft pick who was a 3 year project at best, right? It’s all good though….so good that they had to sign a washed up 40 year old QB with half an arm to replace him.

  13. Did anyone here who watched all 4 Lions pre-season games really think CulPepper deserved the job over Stafford?
    I mean really?
    I’m assuming most of the folks saying it was rigged or that Culpepper deserved the job or that Stafford won’t be able to handle himself just didn’t see the games. I mean that has to be the case right? Surely if you saw the 4 preseason games you wouldn’t be speaking such things.
    Stafford won the job fair and square. He earned it and showed enough to prove he can handle himself.

  14. Levito says: “But then again, it’s not like Detroit has a history of making good decisions.”
    Um, are you hiding in a cave or just ignorant? Millen’s gone, new lead man making the decisions. Did you see how they picked a guy up on waivers and then traded him 2 days later for a draft pick? Because I can tell you this much, the prior regime would NOT have been smart enough to do something like that.
    You sir are a twit (or a twat)…
    Also, if a #1 overall pick has such a weak mind that he can’t take some setbacks and sacks then he doesn’t belong anyway. You are thinking Joey “Blue Skies”…Stafford is nothing like that weak pathetic shell of a man. You could tell Harrington was soft when he came out, Stafford, not so much.

  15. List of quarterbacks who became starters on Week 1 of rookie season, continued as starters, and went on to excellence: Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, John Elway, and Peyton Manning.
    List of quarterbacks who did that, and then became failures: too many to list.
    List of quarterbacks who developed slowly over time and continued to excellence: too many to list.
    Conclusion: either Stafford will be one of the greatest all-time, or the Lions have made their first significant mistake in the Schwartz era.
    One more thing. Daunte deserves better than this. Another team is going to be very lucky to get him next year.

  16. Kidekk says:
    September 8, 2009 1:47 PM
    Dewey, so all black people’s decisions are based on race. You’re an idiot. So every time a black QB is favored over a white QB, let’s automatically assume it has something to do with race. You can always be counted on to make asinine statements, I’ll give you that.
    I never said anything that even REMOTELY resembles ANYTHING in that spastic, inflammatory, nonsensical knee-jerk response of yours…
    When the “schism” story first came out, there was talk that the Queens’ locker room split fell loosely down some racial lines…I wondered if that was a component in this story as well, that’s all.
    So stop being an over-sensitive, thin-skinned, self-righteous, PC windbag.
    YOUR comment is ass-end-nine.
    Grown adults CAN just talk about race without getting irate and calling names and bandying about labels, can’t they?
    Or, maybe you’re still just a “Kid” and can’t do that?

  17. Troy Aikman started his first season. America’s Team went 1-15 that year if I recall, and Aikman got his a** hammered and hammered and hammered. They hit him so hard and so often that there are impressions of him in the NEW turf.
    But he did OK.
    Still, it would be better to let Culpepper take the beating and let the new guy spend a year in the weight room getting ready to be hammered next year. There really is a “shell shock” in this game.
    Drew Bledsoe got blown up. Alex Smith, too. The Texans QB David Carr (w the Giants now, I think). That guy hears DE’s rushing him in his sleep. Messed him up. The attackers are so much bigger and faster these days, they’re like freaking trains busting into the backfield. If they don’t get blocked, and get a clean high-speed shot at the QB — bad pain.

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