Nate Washington practices Monday and Tuesday

Titans receiver Nate Washington, who jumped from Pittsburgh to Tennessee in the offseason, still might face his former team on Thursday night, despite a bad hamstring.

According to the official injury report issued by the league for the season-opening game, Washington practiced on a limited basis on Monday and Tuesday.

Elsewhere on the Tennesse side of the report, tight end Jared Cook practiced on a limited basis Monday with an ankle injury, but he didn’t practice on Tuesday.

Punter Craig Hentrich (back) and cornerback Ryan Mouton (ankle) fully participated in practice both days.

A final report will be issued Wednesday, with the traditional designation of probable, questionable, doubtful, or out.

9 responses to “Nate Washington practices Monday and Tuesday

  1. Why all this interest in Nate Washington? As the Steelers marginal third receiver he was soft and never made the tough catch. When he did actually catch the ball, he immediately hit the dirt to avoid getting hit. If I was a bettin’ man I’d wager he DOESN’T play Thursday.
    Good Luck

  2. Yep – ‘ol Nate is a nice guy, but nobody wearing black & gold Thursday night is losing any sleep over his playing status.
    Enjoy the millions Nate (and try not to get broken in two in the opener).

  3. @980110
    Actually, he tended to make the TOUGH catches. It was the EASY ones he could never seem to figure out.
    That having been said, I’m happy to be rid of him.

  4. What are you talking bout 980110? Crisco (aka NateNate) was notorious for making spectacular catches and dropping the easy ones.

  5. Nate washington makes it easy. We can double cover someone else and leave him wide open. He’ll drop those kinds of passes.

  6. I love how the Steeler fans used to root for Washington and talk at nauseum about all the tough catches he made and all the DBs he burned but rarely said much about him dropping those easy passes back when he was still on the Steelers.
    But now that he is on the Titans, let’s forget those same great catches he made but let’s remember all the ones he dropped.
    Homers… sure glad I’m not one myself.
    There’s an old saying:
    “It’s one thing to have people think you are an idiot, but it is quite another thing to open your mouth and prove those people were correct in thinking so”…

  7. Well if you Steeler fans are right then Nate came to the right place. We havent had a receiver wide open since Derrick Mason left 5 or 6 years ago. If he is going to play for us he is going to have to make tough catches and be one hell of a run blocker.

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