No StarCaps ruling yet

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit posts new rulings on its web site every day between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. CT.

Rulings for Tuesday, September 8, have been posted.   The list does not include the StarCaps case involving Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams and Saints defensive ends Charles Grant and Will Smith.

We’ve been monitoring the site for the past week, and typically the opinions come in one batch per day.  If that pattern holds, there won’t be a StarCaps ruling today.

And this means that the players whose four-game suspensions are hanging in the balance will play this week.

Frankly, it’s a bit surprising that the league has opted not to enforce the suspensions against Grant and Smith, given that there is no injunction or other court order keeping the NFL from acting against them.  We suppose, then, that there’s still a chance the league will decide to implement one or both of the Saints suspensions today, even without a ruling affirming the federal court decision dismissing the claims made by the two New Orleans players.

31 responses to “No StarCaps ruling yet

  1. The Goverment will side with the players
    The owners are not going to get anything out of Washington unless you own the Pitt team

  2. Goodell is a pussy on this one, he should impose the suspensions right away and just be done with it. He is looking like a coward, enforce the rules or get rid of the rules, one or the other.

  3. Jimmy:
    Way to show your ignorance YET AGAIN.
    He cannot unilaterally impose suspensions because it is in LITIGATION!
    Why do you want them suspended so bad for?
    Afraid the Pack can’t beat them if they both play?
    Hell, by that line of thinking Johnny Jolly should be suspended too, he’s accused of having enough pills in his vehicle to choke a horse. Gotta have that “drank”.
    I cannot believe you show up on this site on a daily basis, you are one of the top 3 inept posters.
    Don’t you get tired of looking like a fool?

  4. It is amazing that they can come to a decision on the gambling issue as quickly as they have yet have not made a decision on something as simple as they ingested it they should be suspended.

  5. The weather girls can’t hide behind a corrupt Mini-scrota judge forever…I hope this suspension comes through and bites ’em in their fat, cheating, cheeseburger-slurpin rumps right when the Queens need them most…
    I hope it comes right as the team reaches its annual highwater mark of dysfunction and drama, perfectly poised for its perennial late-season implosion, leading right up to the inevitable moment of maximum disappointment.
    Then again, I don’t want any (additional) excuses when the Queens’ trainwreck season ultimately derails.

  6. I think kevin and pat are in a different boat because they already have the approval of the local court. It’s really two different cases

  7. What do you mean if you were a fool?
    Let me confirm it for you.
    Trust me boy, you aren’t smart enough to be a Viking fan, Bears maybe.
    Poor Dewey, it must suck to be a fan of a team that finished 2nd to that annual implosion that was the Vikings season last year.
    Didn’t said team get blown out 34-14?
    Same said team that couldn’t beat the Texans to make the playoffs?
    Great you have Jayne at QB, he can’t play defense though…..Chirp all you want about Jay.
    Orton didn’t lose you games last year, it was your defense. Nothing of significance added on D and expect different results, seem like bear fan logic to me.
    Jimmy, do yourself a favor, stop posting. You are a laughingstock to everyone on this site.

  8. this from a Viking fan that went 1-5 against the Packers and now is trying to get by with one of our used up, over the hill QB’s.
    If you are a true Viking fan, buy a ticket, I hear some are still for sale.

  9. How’ it going to feel when that old, used up QB beats your team?
    Really, IF A BIG IF he leads them to a super bowl win?
    I bet your head would explode.
    This from a Packer fan that is 0-1 in the playoffs against the Vikes. DerDerDEr.
    Go buy some Packer stock, I hear it’s trading at $0.00 a share.
    Biggest fricking idiots on the planet, buy worthless stuck and claim ownership.
    The funniest part is thinking you have a say in what the team does…too fricking funny

  10. Ragnar,
    By your own proclomation “Erin Rodgers” couldn’t close out games and was a huge reason why the pack went 6-10 last year. Yet, you just said above that Orton didn’t lose Bears games last year, teh defense did. Please explain.

  11. And it is possible to not add players and get better. Through hard work during the offseason where champions are built. You don’t piece over priced free agents in like a video game or a fantasy football draft and magically become better. the tried and true method of improvement is from within both individually and teamwise. In sports or not in sports. Studying, weight training, going to college, learning all things that make a individual better. If a NFL roster does that over a offseason then you dont have to add players like Madden Football franchise mode or a fantasy draft.

  12. Ragnar,
    Also please explain why you cite “Erin’s” 6-10 record but dont put the same emphasis on Orton and actually blame their defense for losing games.

  13. Hydra:
    They added 1 offseason piece. An important one.
    The most important one on the team. Is he overpriced? Probably. Are you really going to sit there with a straight face and say if you were the Vikings, you’d rather have Tjax or Sage over Favre? Fot the 1000th time. They don’t need Favre circa 1996. They need someone that the defense must respect. They didn’t have that with the other 2 guys, or last year. Sometimes it’s not about stats. Favre just needs to keep the defenses honest and take 8 men out of the box.
    Your fantasy football arguement is tired and weak. GB didn’t add anybody last year and tumbled, Vikes add several players(FA) and rise 2 games, that should debunk your myth that you can only improve 1 way. That held true before FA , not anymore. Look to your last SB win for the hard truth on that(White, Rison, Jackson, etc.)
    As to Orton and Karen:
    There were at least 3 games that the Bears had the game in hand and the defense blew it, Falcons game for 1 was lost on 2 plays with something like 11 seconds left, how is that Ortons fault? On third and 5 they couldn’t stop a Titans team, to get off the field.
    2 minutes left at Tampa- couldn’t lead a touchdown drive.
    Tenn: Int in end zone and fumble deep in own territory swings score 17 points in opposite direction.
    Gets crosby in range of 52! yards, could only drive them to the 35 yard line?
    Vikes win!
    Carolina: throws int with 1:09 left to seal win for panthers
    Jags: Karen throws int with 46 seconds left.
    Directly responsible for at least 5 Packer losses.
    He can’t finish a game….yet.
    Any more questions? Go to
    Don’t get me wrong your D was responsible for thie own share of losses too.

  14. Your information is so incorrect! Hypocricy is spewing out of your fingers! No one mentioned Favre. I don’t understand where that came from. He is irrelevant to that team in my opinion. Football is the ultimate team sport. To blame one player for not winning a close game when they are so many other variables that go into winning and losing NFL football games is ignorant. there is so much that goes into “final drives” that you cannot pin it on one player. They may have had protection problems, route issues, penalties etc. Rodgers will be the first to tell you when he makes a mistake. The kid has the “it” factor. You have no idea who is at fault on a particular interception. Neither do I. No Qb is going to call out his wideouts for running the wrong route. This isnt fantasy football and I dont think you are seeing that. You improve as a individual and you can get better. This isnt a video game. these are humans. The names you mentiooned…I embarrased for your ignorance.
    White-successful free agent signing..the first one of the unrestricted era
    Jackson- Was a trade
    Rison- Late season waiver pick up when the team was decimated at wideout. Otherwise he would not have been claimed and he wasnt retained the following year.
    Stop calling players womens names for God’s sake.

  15. No Hydra, NO ONE blames favre for the loss to the Giants…..NO ONE.
    Hypocrisy, thy name is Hydra.
    My point with the players is, you didn’t draft and develop them all, no one does.
    You obviously are blinded as to Rogers, just as you were when Favre was there, he could do no wrong, now he’s not there, especially because he’s on the Vikes, and he’s a worthless pos.
    You Packer fans are so transparent.
    Bottom line, he had at LEAST 5 winnable games and could not get it done ONCE.
    No one else threw those picks, Karen did.
    If you can’t direct an offense closer than the 35 yard line, whose fault is that? The RT?
    Youre the one that doesn’t understand this isn’t fantasy football.
    Karen outperformed Ben R. by leaps and bounds.
    Ben’s “stats” won him a SB at like the 19th rated passer in the NFL. Karen was like 6th and they finished 6-10.
    The difference? Ben can finish games off.
    BTW, I mentioned Favre in the 1st post, because they didn’t go out and “madden” up thier team this year, just Favre.
    I don’t think that is so hard to get.
    Put any slant on it you want, He has pretty stats, but at the end of the day, he just doesn’t have “it”.
    He’s played all of one year, lets see if it continues before you anoint him the 2nd coming, alright?

  16. please explain your lack of knowledge when it came to your Keith Jackson and Andre Rison remarks.
    I see why you get picked apart on this website. You pull many things right out of your cinnamon swirl.

  17. Leave it to you to focus on FA/trade out of the whole post.
    Bottom line 13 starters on that team of 96 were not developed by the packers.
    You say building from within is the tried and true method, eveidently not for your packers, not in 96 anyway.
    Hydra, you are useless, and frankly, your fascination with everything I post, while flattering, kinda scares me.
    By the way, I’ll thank you to not even think about my cinnamon swirl.
    The reason I get picked apart is because i don’t buy into the Packers are great every year party line.
    Coming of 6-10 and predicting 12 wins is ludicrous.
    That right there is a Packer fan in a nutshell. Morons, damn near every last one of you.

  18. Don’t take predictions so seriously. They mean nothing. That being said expectations are for this team to win 11 or 12 games. If Charles Woodson says this team is good enough to be playing in Miami in February then dammit I’m going to believe him. He’s actually on the football team. If Chad Clifton says this is the best team he’s been on then dammit I’m going to believe him. If other players have stated that the one goal is Miami then dammit that’s going to be knowledgable packer fans expectaions for this team. You say ludicrous. Would you say that to Woodson or Clifton? To their face? Doubtful. No one on that football team cares what us have to say about their teammates or their chances because in reality we don’t know jack shit. We don’t have the first clue what goes on. One needs to be careful who they believe and who they source. “Idiots” on this site know nothing. But when lofty goals and expectations come from the horses mouth, then you take notice. As far as how to build a team it is a matter of opinion. The great ones have built from within. The 96 team you reference had a few journeymen that were plugged in after injuries to starters that were their own. Name one team that patched a bunch of vets together and won anything.

    17 of the 22 “starters” were developed by Green Bay. I think you would agree favre was essentially a 1st rd pick and Brown didnt laste one camp in Minnesota so he was developed in Green Bay as well.
    I use the word starters loosely because depending upon what package a offense or defense starts the game with would determine the starters. But in their base packages 17 of 22. That teams core was built in Green Bay with some help from average vets with marginal salaries and help from one successful UFA signing.

  20. Interpret it how you will Hydra, 13 players were starting in that Super Bowl, got thier starts on other teams.
    So, by your line of thinking, i just read an article on the Vikings that favre and other players said thier stated goal was to win the Championship, and that they think they have the talent to do it, Favre has said so, along with Winfield and Allen.
    Then Dammit I’m supposed to believe it!
    Every team thinks that, or else, why play?
    If I had said this about the Vikes, before you said it about GB, I’d have been laughed off this site.
    Why is that? I’m supposed to be delusional when the Vikes are obviously talented?
    But a Packer fan can say it and it’s gospel and met with nothing but agreement.
    This is why I hate the Packers with a bitter bitter hate. Every freaking year, 12 wins no matter if they sucked ass, and added nothing but to Draft picks that can’t stay healthy.
    It’s sickening to listen to.

  21. Of course you believe it if it comes from a credible source such as the QB or HC . Jackasses on this site know nothing. You say Green Bay is heading for dispair. How do you know? you know shit. But the guys on the team say this may be the best team they have played on. Whom to believe? Siteclown or NFl team member?? Hmmm
    Interpret the 96 team the way you want. You have a nice little spin on it. 17 of the 22 core starters were developed in Green Bay. because favre sat in Atlanta and Brown got cut in Minnesota doesnt mean they werent home grown packers. The Super Bowl? They had some journeymen start that one game and still won it all. Imagine if they were healthy!!!
    Still missing ONE team of patched vets that has won anything.

  22. Yes everyteams goal is to win it all be we both know for many that is unrealistic. Not every team says Miami or bust like Woodson did.

  23. No HC in thier right mind would say that and you know it. that puts nothing but a bullseye on thier back.
    Just because Woodson said miami or bust does not make it so. This IS the same thing as any assclown on here saying it. Plenty of posters call us Vikings fans “paper champs” this is essentially the same thing, he may think they look good in PRESEASON, but wouldn’t you think he’s a little biased? Didn’t Favre say the same thing about a Packer team a few years back? Ho’d that work out? I know it wasn’t a super bowl win.
    You siad about “homegrown packers”, Drafted and developed by the team, so I’ll give you 1/2 credit, even tho you don’t deserve it.
    They won that Super Bowl because Ismail had the game of his life, what was it 227 return yards? That’s unheard of.
    I keep forgetting though that everything Packer is good, no matter what, truth be damned.
    I’m not saying despair per se, just not the quick turnaround you are predicting. I see 9 wins tops.
    And Chicago around the same. minnesota by 2 games. I hate predicting, But it really will be a 3 team race, injuries playing a major factor as always.
    It could go anyway out of those 3, In a perfect world, all 3 make the playoffs. Homer that i am, I just see the Vikngs as the most talented team across the board out of the 3.
    We will see starting sunday.
    P.S. Get your mind off my cinnamon swirl!!

  24. OOps, Howard is correct.
    Keep drinking the kool-aid. I’m sure there are guys on each and every team, you are correct in saying that some teams have no chance, at least on perceived contenders saying the very same thing that 2packers have.
    Shouldn’t hat hold weight with thier fans too? Your logic is flawed.
    What are they going to say? We suck ass?
    They should be keeping thier mouth shut and let thier playing do the talking.
    What kind of idiot is talking about the Super bowl in the Preseason?
    If this is what it takes to calm your nerves about the season, so be it. But Jesus, alot can and will happen in the next 20 weeks.
    You keep telling yourself that it’s the packer organization that makes these players. it’s in black and white that they came from other teams. You can’t “teach talent”. Brett was lights out when he gets his chance for Majik, yet the Pack developed that? Please! You are a homer of the highest order. Your vies on some things are very childish. Get your tickets for Miami, Woodson says we’re going! Don’t hold your breath there Junior.

  25. You get so angry. Brent wasnt very good his first two years sir. Woodson said it was the expectation not a prediciton.

  26. Who is angry?
    I’m pretty sure it’s the one dropping the F-bombs.
    The Hydra is an insecure jagoff, with feelings of superiority.
    Keep spinning what he said, I watched and heard the soundbite.
    The Hydra is anything but objective.

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